Best Freelancing Websites for Students

6 Best Freelancing Websites for Students

6 Best Freelancing Websites for Students – To give some examples, they are often freelancers: translators, voice actors, developers, graphic designers and artists, social media managers, media creators and many more traditional figures such as advertisers, lawyers, architects or financial advisor.

In general, the various portals work in a similar way, offering a search engine that shows a list of candidates based on the required job. Comments and reviews are often also available which further help to find the resource that best suits our needs.

6 Best Freelancing Websites for Students


It is one of the most important and famous platforms for exchanging services and finding freelance professionals. The site is easy to use and widespread throughout the world and has been active in Italy for some time and therefore completely available in our language . Compared to competing solutions, it wins for the very large number of figures available and the offers for each individual figure. So you can easily find the enthusiast who maybe gives us a given task in economics (starting from really paltry figures like €5) or the super expert of the highest level.

Almost all platforms, as we have anticipated, offer a review system, but Fiverr’s is one of the most detailed : allowing each customer to evaluate things such as their general satisfaction, the quality of the service and delivery times. Thanks to this information it is easier to find the figure you are looking for.

Furthermore, on Fiverr it is also easy to register and, if you work well, even to stand out (the detailed comments help even the best professionals to emerge).

If you often use freelancers in your company, Fiverr Pro is the paid service that can drastically simplify your work . Thanks to the service, it will be easy to narrow down the search to the best professional figures for each category. The best ones are identified directly by the platform team who study their training and professional history.


2. Twago

If you are looking for digital professionals, or if you are a digital professional who wants to stand out, this excellent European Marketplace could be for you, even if you are not very fluent in languages, as it is full of Italian freelancers and clients.

Twago offers professionals the opportunity to stand out to potential clients by publishing their projects and ideas . The figures most present are programmers, designers, social media managers, translators, digital marketing experts and copywriters.

The portal works in a very simple way, just a few steps are enough to create your own account and be able to search among the various professional figures for the ones that best suit your needs. Content creators or simple bloggers know the importance of using copyright-free videos every time they upload a new video to YouTube or publish a new article on their blog. 


3. Upwork

We are facing another of the giants of the sector; unfortunately the site is completely in English but fortunately it is also easy to use. Already from the home page we are asked if we are looking for someone to do a specific job for us or if we are interested in offering a service.

Provided you know English, the site is simple to use and full of offers from professionals engaged mainly in the IT field all over the globe. Much appreciated is the convenient ” Job Success Score ” filter that allows you to sort professionals by the number of projects they have successfully completed .

The Upwork marketplace is highly appreciated by those who have to hire an expert because they take care of every step: from making contact via a special button that will open the chat , to the possibility of making video calls and passing files . Payments are also managed by the platform and are paid to the freelancer only after the client has declared the work completed. In this way, Upwork offers customers maximum security.


4. 99designs

If you’re looking for high-end designers at affordable prices , this is probably the site for you. It offers the possibility of commissioning a job from a single professional or starting a contest (a competition) open to the entire 99designs creative community, to then choose the project you like best.Advertising

The site’s freelance designers are often very experienced and are at your disposal to really create everything from simple logos and banners , to more complex projects such as branding , packaging and even websites .

The basic version of the service offers everyone a platform with secure payments, copyright protection and excellent certified designers . Also in this case, a Pro version is available which offers a “Success Manager” who takes care of the project and access to the personalized search of designers, to find the perfect resource for each individual project.


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5. Toptal

This service is aimed at those looking only for high-level freelancers . Toptotal prides itself on making a very tough selection of aspiring freelancers. The selection process is really demanding: it has 5 steps and can last up to 5 weeks, the platform boasts of accepting only 3% of applications for membership.

In fact, the service seems to be very confident in the portfolio of professionals it offers, so much so that there is a money-back guarantee; within the first two weeks of starting a project, if you are not satisfied, you can change the chosen professional without paying.Advertising

In short, a service that has a different approach than the others and is therefore interesting. Obviously, by selecting only professionals with a solid curriculum and extensive experience, the costs for services tend to be higher .


6. Guru

This is the most expensive platform compared to the others, a bit like Toptotal but more oriented towards creative skills . On Guru you can find particularly expert freelancers and the site has prices on average higher than those of competing portals but allows you to immediately see the costs and feedback from the various professionals offered.

Interesting and exclusive is the “work room” function that allows you to create a virtual room in which to aggregate multiple freelancers to dedicate them to a project.


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