Best CrossFit Apps for Beginner

8 Best CrossFit Apps for Beginners

8 Best CrossFit Apps for Beginners – CrossFit is a whole range of exercises aimed at training the whole body. It consists of three parts: cardio (for example, running or jumping rope), bodyweight exercises (squats, pull-ups, push-ups, etc.) and classes with various weights (kettlebell, dumbbells, barbell, etc.).

Many people are afraid to start doing crossfit, considering it a difficult sport. However, with the help of the applications below, you will understand that this is not at all the case.

8 Best CrossFit Apps for Beginners

CrossFit Games

An easy way to follow those who have already achieved success in the sport. And who knows, maybe you will one day be on this list. By the way, with its help you can find a gym near your home.

Download for iOS | Android (free)


In CrossFit, there is such a thing – WOD (Workout of the Day), which translates as “workout of the day.” And in this application you will find a huge number of such workouts.

Also, SugarWOD will help you not to miss a new workout (you just need to turn on notifications), keep a training log and even chat with other CrossFitters.

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Hero W.O.D.

Another crossfit workout app. Here you will find a large selection of workouts for all occasions – there is even a selection of exercises for those who are on the road right now.

You can save your favorite WODs or even compose your own personal workout. There is also a large selection of exercises that will help you quickly warm up before the main workout.

Download for iOS | Android (free, subscription included)

SmartWOD Workout Generator

It will help you choose interesting workouts based on the sports equipment that you currently have. For example, if you only have dumbbells at home now, the program will offer you to do lunges, swings, squats and other exercises with dumbbells.

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And this application will help improve the flexibility and mobility of your body. To begin with, you will have to pass a test – perform several exercises, the results of which will calculate how mobile you are. After that, you can choose the specific area of ​​the body that you would like to work on (for example, the back or legs).

You will have free access to a collection of over 240 exercises. Well, if suddenly this is not enough for you, just switch to the paid version.

Download for iOS | Android (free, subscription included)

The WOD Generator

A handy generator of random workouts. Simply select the category you want (e.g. Tabata, gymnastics, partner training, etc.) and the app will create a CrossFit workout for you.

So you will have something new every time, and not the same exercises. Well, if you really like some kind of training, you can save it to your favorites.

Download for iOS | Android (free, subscription included)

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Hero Timer

Another simple timer for different types of workouts. When you start the timer, you can rotate the screen to landscape orientation. There will also be a voice countdown at the end of each workout.

In the premium version, additional features are available (for example, the ability to create your own personal workouts).

Download for iOS | Android (free with in-app purchases)

WOD Roulette

And again a random WOD generator. Just press the GO button or shake your smartphone and the program will generate a CrossFit workout for you. The most liked workouts can be saved to your collection.

There are filters with which the generator can sort workouts by easy, medium or hard difficulty, select workouts only for training with a partner, and other parameters.

Download for iOS | Android (free with in-app purchases)

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