Best Photo to Cartoon Apps

9 Best Photo to Cartoon Apps For Android

Best Photo to Cartoon Apps – Have you ever heard of a photo editing application to become a cartoon? Yups, for you anime fans, this kind of application will be very useful. After yesterday we discussed unique Android applications on the Google Play Store, this time, techilu will present an Android application that converts photos into cartoons especially for all of you.

Best Photo to Cartoon Apps

For those of you who are interested in cartoons, caricatures and paintings. The application below is suitable to be one of the applications on your smartphone menu. Immediately, take a look at these cool applications below.


The first photo-to-cartoon editing application was Mo Mon Xiang Ji, or better known as MomentCam . This application made by a Chinese developer (Hightalk Software Corp) is very popular among Android and iOS users.

How to use it, you must first select some of the characters that have been provided in this application, then attach it to your face photo by combining your cartoon choices earlier. This MomentCam provides funny accessories like glasses, beards, hats etc. to decorate your precious photos. You can also change facial expressions through MomentCam so that the resulting photos are even more interesting. You can download this application on the Play Store for free. Good luck.

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PicsArt – Photo Studio, is the second list of popular photography applications that you must have on your smartphone. This application has a myriad of features including frames, stickers, filters, text, clip-art, cropping, water color, pencil, vintage, lomo, red eye, and many other cool features that are guaranteed to make your photo edits great.

PicsArt has a nice filter that will make you look like a cartoon character. You can also add vintage, lomo, and other effects to make your photos look cooler. Interested in trying this application? Free download on Play Store guys..

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Sketch Master

As the name suggests, the Sketch Guru cartoon photo editing application is a photo editing application that has a feature to turn photos into cartoon-shaped sketches. Various sketch features such as Gouache, PencilSketch, ColorPencil, WaterColor, HalfTone, SimpleSketch, CominB&W, BlackBoard, BlackBoardColor, Print, B&W, and PencilSketch2 are guaranteed to make your edits even better.

Another feature of this application is that it can change your photo edits to color and can only be black and white. Apart from that, you can also directly upload your edits to social media such as Instagram , Facebook, Twitter and others. It’s perfect for those of you who want to look trendy and definitely up to date. So, hurry up and download Sketch Guru for free on your PlayStore.

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Cartoon Camera

The next application is Cartoon Camera. As the name suggests, this application is a camera application that has the feature of editing photos that are shot into cartoons. This application provides more than 10 kinds of cartoon effects such as color drawing, sepia, dark strokes, and others. This application also provides several options to beautify your photos by using color sensitivity, saturation, brightness, and more.

By using this application, you can directly upload your edits to various social networking sites that you have, you know… so you can always exist more. Like other applications, you can freely access this application on the Play Store and of course, it’s free.

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This application will offer artistic and unique photo results, because unlike other cartoon editing applications, Prisma allows you to produce interesting effects on your photos.

This application is an application that is compatible with versions starting from v2.3 and above. And of course you don’t need to spend deeply because you can download this application on the Play Store and of course, it’s free..

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PaintLab – Photo Cartoon

The next photo editing application to become a cartoon is PaintLab – Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera. This application is arguably a good application because it is equipped with various filters that make it easy for you to apply them to your photos.

Another excellent feature is that you can also combine photos into one and can be used for HD selfies too. The features offered by this application will certainly make your cartoon photos look cool.

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The application developed by S. Skourlis is indeed very cool and suitable for you to try. This application can turn photos into funny caricatures and of course cool. You can use the filters and features in this application to change the shape of the head, nose, chin, lips, eyes and even a body that is drawn smaller.

This application is relatively easy to use, you don’t need to bother because this application has an easy-to-understand interface so you can freely turn your favorite photos into cool caricatures. Also suitable for those of you who want to start a business with caricatures, this application can be the right alternative. And you can download this application for free on your flagship Play Store.

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Sketch Camera

This application from Pixelab is also a camera application that can turn a shot photo into a cool cartoon. With the available features, of course you can freely polish your photos to be charming.

Other features, this application does not only provide cartoon effects, you know …, there are other effects such as sketches, pencil drawings, oil, watercolors, and others which are certainly easy to apply to your photos later. 

Even this application can also give manga effects too, you know… You only need to directly select the effect you like and then take a selfie or grufie or view photo, the effect you choose will appear immediately. Oh yes, because this application is a camera application, you can also make videos with cartoon effects that are practically available in this application.

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Sketch Me! – Sketch & Cartoon

This photo editing application to cartoon allows you to cartoonize your photos with the effects it has such as patel, cartoon, white line, pencil sketch, and others. You can try applying it to your selfie photos and uploading them to social media. Like other applications, you can try this application for free by downloading it on the Play Store. You can also read:

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Of the photo to cartoon apps, which one is your choice? or you have another choice, for me the best is the one with the highest rating. Which one is it? Please open it in Play Store yourself

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