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10 Best Yoga Apps for Beginners in 2023

10 Best Yoga Apps 2023 – Yoga has now become an indispensable ritual for many of us, for a whole series of good reasons! Indeed, including the practice of Yoga in our daily routine offers numerous benefits, both mentally and physically. Several recent studies show that yoga can relieve stress , prevent joint pain and improve flexibility, balance, and concentration.

Are you just at the beginning of your Yoga practice journey? Or are you a yogi – longtime yogini? In both cases this article is for you! With the Yoga Apps that we have selected among the best around today, you will be able to practice Yoga in an even simpler and more intuitive way, making your life easier and discovering something new every day.

If you’ve already done your research to find the right Yoga App for you, but haven’t found what you were looking for (indeed, the exponential number of options available can be a bit confusing), then take a cue from our selection! Instead of wasting your time and risking stumbling upon a crappy product, check out the following list of the top 10 most popular Yoga apps, downloadable on iOS and Android devices ! Our selection of Yoga apps is based on different rankings, reviews featuring thousands of positive ratings and ease of use!

Not only quality, but also savings; all the Yoga apps in our selection can be downloaded for free (only once the free trial period has ended, it may be necessary to purchase a subscription! Rates vary from a few euros per month up to a maximum of around 50-60 euros per month). year, with unlimited access).

To quickly find the right Yoga app for your needs, keep reading and discover this year’s best Yoga apps. High quality content, reliability, stellar reviews from users who have already put them to the test, in short, these apps have everything you were looking for for your ommm.

Yoga app Alternatives

If you prefer to do your Yoga classes at home, without having to download any App, we recommend you to test the free YouTube channels for fitness ! In addition to those entirely dedicated to yoga, you will also find YouTubers who are experts in fat burning workouts, spinning and indoor cycling (discover the best spin-bike and exercise bike models in our buying guides).

10 Best Yoga Apps for Beginners 2023

1. Down Dog

This very nice and practical app offers you the possibility to take a professional Yoga course from the comfort of your home! With Down Dog you will be spoiled for choice! In fact , you can choose from 7 different Yoga instructors to find the one that inspires you the most. Through Down Dog you can customize your lessons simply by choosing the most suitable level of difficulty for you among: Intro, Expert, Short Training, Quick Flow, Restorative and many others.

With Down Dog you will also have the possibility to choose the duration of your training, setting it from a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 110 minutes. Usable for free, some additional Down Dog options are paid, (the monthly subscription is €8.99, while the annual subscription is €59.99, both with unlimited access).

Down Dog for Android

Down Dog for iOS

2. Daily yoga

Yoga enthusiasts – beginners and advanced – will find hundreds of programs suitable for all ages on this very popular application . Through instructions that will follow you step by step, Daily Yoga will guide your every movement, teaching you to master even the most demanding and difficult poses, such as full splits and balance exercises, with maximum confidence.

This handy application consists of over 50 workout plans ideal for helping you stay in shape with Yoga, as well as a large and vibrant community and regularly updated content , to increase your motivation!

Daily Yoga for Android

daily yoga

3. Pocket yoga

This app offers you many ways to learn Yoga, characterized by 3 duration times, 3 difficulty levels and different practices. All of this, of course, translates into a particularly pleasant customizable experience . You’ll also be able to add your favorite soundtrack and track your workouts and goals, (including the amount of calories burned).

Each pose is proposed through clear and well-crafted images, in order to execute the exact position without making mistakes. To help you further, Pocket Yoga offers you voice instructions which – during the execution of your exercises – will allow you to follow the correct breathing. Plus, with the points option, you’ll be able to unlock new poses!

Pocket Yoga for Android

Pocket Yoga for iOS

4. LoYoga

Do you want a qualified Yoga instructor to follow you personally, creating a tailor-made lesson for you? LoYoga teachers offer specific classes to lose weight , improve back flexibility and train all muscles of the body, for individuals, parents (yes, there are also Yoga classes for children), and for couples.

LoYoga is the first application that allows you to get in direct contact with individual teachers, with no subscription to pay ! Only personalized lessons are paid.

Through an intuitive interface you can choose between dynamic or static yoga, particular styles, pregnancy yoga, yoga for children and much more. Choose where to take the class, find the teacher you like best among those available and start your private Yoga class!

LoYoga for Android

LoYoga for iOS

5. Gaia

Gaia presents itself as a vast collection of videos dedicated to Yoga, enriched by as many informative contents that will allow you to access any type of Yoga technique or meditative practice. In addition to teaching you Yoga positions for beginners and experts , Gaia proves to be a really useful resource for understanding the philosophy connected to meditative practices, not always taken into consideration in the practice of “Western” Yoga. In short, this application allows you to learn Yoga through a global approach .

Gaia for Android

Gaia TV for iOS

6. Alo Moves

This Yoga application features as many as 1,500 classes continuously updated weekly. Not only Yoga and meditation but also other types of activities like Pilates or HIIT . Do you want to build strength, improve your balance or become more flexible? Alo Moves provides you with all the information you need to progress on your wellness journey.

With Alo Moves you will be able to improve your practice through Yoga lessons held by internationally recognized instructors – such as Briohny Smyth, Dylan Werner, Meghan Currie and many others. If you prefer to rely only on the best instructors, with this App you will have them all at your fingertips!

Through this application, your Yoga practice will be able to count on new weekly contents of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal Yoga and Meditation. In short, with Alo Moves your knowledge of Yoga will grow. Choose one of his high quality video lessons and enjoy a complete Yoga program.

Alo Moves for iOS

7. Yoga for weight loss

This Yoga app for weight loss offers daily workouts for beginners to do in peace at home. All you need is 7 to 20 minutes of Yoga exercises a day to burn 200 calories! By downloading the Yoga app to lose weight you will get access to daily Yoga workouts, totally free , which will help you get the desired results. Through the exercises consisting of Asana Yoga poses you will be able to lose weight, as they allow you to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

In addition to the classic Yoga exercises, through this App you can put into practice different workouts created by professional instructors, aimed at slimming the arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs. Choose your level of difficulty among those available (beginner, expert and advanced), and start losing weight in a healthy way!

Yoga for weight loss for android

8. Yoga for beginners

The Yoga for Beginners app is great for anyone starting Yoga for the first time, regardless of their starting fitness level. This app provides voice-guided workouts that can be easily customized. The internal library is full of exercises ; finding the ones that suit you best will be pretty easy! With the help of Yoga for Beginners you will be able to keep an eye on your goals and your overall health, while you reach your goals, both in terms of Yoga practice and the level of resistance and muscle flexibility .

Yoga for Beginners for Android

Yoga for Beginners for iOS

9. Yoga Workout – Daily Yoga

This free app offers a wide range of high quality 3D videos, so you can fully understand how to master all Yoga poses, from basic to more complex ones. Yoga Workout Daily helps you perfect your Yoga practice and stay fit, offering workouts that are as challenging as they are rewarding.

Through this application with an intuitive interface and pleasant graphics, you can customize your Yoga practice path and your exercises, keeping track of your statistics and your goals, as you progress through new workouts.

Yoga Workouts for Android

10. Yoga Workout Plan

Yoga Workout Plan is a complete guide of Yoga exercises for beginners, packed with tutorials suitable for both men and women of all ages . In just 30 days you will learn basic Asana exercises and Yoga poses with detailed instructions that will help you stay fit. Designed by professional Yoga and fitness trainers, this Yoga training application will allow you to practice this fascinating discipline every day, without the need for any equipment.

With pleasant and relaxing background music you will learn to clear your mind and enjoy the benefits of Yoga, even with practice it works offline. In fact, Yoga Workout Plan works even when you don’t have WiFi or internet connection! By setting reminders for your Yoga sessions you will not miss a single one of your daily workouts!

Yoga Workout Plan for Android

The benefits of Yoga

You may not know it, but the benefits offered by Yoga are so many! More than you can imagine. In fact we are talking about physical and mental benefits, which people of all ages can take advantage of, including children and the elderly. Here’s what they are:

Physical benefits of Yoga

  • Increases bone density : a 10-year study , created by Top Geriatric Rehabilitation in 2016, shows that in just 12 minutes of Yoga a day it is possible to achieve an improvement in bone density. This is why Yoga is also recommended for those suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Increases muscle toning : by reactivating the circulation, and therefore improving the supply of oxygen to the tissues, Yoga tones the muscles, making them more toned and supple.
  • Muscular strength and balance : Yoga poses often require intense effort to keep the body still in position and in balance. They therefore not only improve muscle strength , but also train balance .
  • Reduces fat mass : some Yoga positions increase metabolism, helping to reduce fat mass and eliminate excess fluids.
  • Increases tissue oxygenation : through Yoga, tissues are oxygenated thanks to the reactivation of deep and superficial venous blood circulation.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure : in particular, some positions of Asana Yoga can have a positive effect on blood circulation.
  • Improves posture : Those who practice yoga regularly strengthen the muscles that support the spine.
  • Improves digestion : the activity carried out during Yoga exercises helps reactivate the parasympathetic system . Furthermore, some Yoga positions regulate peristalsis, consequently helping the intestine to find the right regularity.

Mental benefits of Yoga

  • Improves mood : Yoga is able to act on the psychosomatic axis, promoting relaxation not only of the body but also of the mind.
  • Helps keep anxious states under control : by relieving tension and eliminating stress, yoga is a real panacea for those who suffer from anxiety.
  • Helps manage anger better : thanks to breathing control, Yoga helps us deal with anger, wrath and all those negative emotions that make us feel bad.
  • Reduces the incidence of depressive states : Yoga stimulates the production of Serotonin – also known as the hormone of happiness as it supports the humoral balance of our central nervous system.
  • Helps improve the quality of sleep : by naturally increasing the level of serotonin, Yoga also increases the levels of melatonin in our body , the hormone that regulates the quality and duration of our sleep. This regulates sleep-wake rhythms.
  • Helps improve self-esteem : if we consider the multiple benefits offered by Yoga, it’s not difficult to imagine how this millennial practice can also help improve the self-esteem of people who practice it regularly.

Does Yoga Have Contraindications?

For all those who do not have health problems, Yoga has no contraindications . Obviously, those suffering from musculoskeletal pathologies – before embarking on a Yoga program – must seek medical advice .

The risks associated with the practice of Yoga are usually linked to “do-it-yourself” approaches or home lessons, in which there is no guidance from a teacher capable of correcting any errors and offering precise indications and advice, also based on the characteristics physiques of individuals. By choosing the best Yoga Apps you will be able to access valuable information and – in some cases – direct contact with the teachers.

As in all disciplines, even during the practice of Yoga accidents can occur. These are often caused by wanting to overdo it! When practicing Yoga it is essential to proceed gradually , avoiding trying to do advanced positions if you have little experience. Remember to listen to your body and not to push yourself beyond your limits, Yoga is not a test of strength, but a beautiful “tool” at the service of our well-being.

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