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10 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2023

10 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2023 – Gmail is an email service that has its own application or email client . It is available for both mobile devices and desktop PCs thanks to its web application, and it comes packed with features: two-step authentication, antispam filters, suggestions to write faster, and much more.

It is clear that Google mail has many good things , but there are others that certain people do not quite “fit”. Personally, I am one of those who think that replying to chain emails from the mobile version of Gmail is a little torture, but hey, some people love it! We have not come here to judge anyone.

10 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2023

If you are already a little tired of Google mail, here are some of the best alternatives to Gmail that we can currently find on the market.


ProtonMail is one of the best alternatives to Gmail that we have right now: it’s free and open source, and it also has really strong end-to-end encryption . ProtonMail is clearly oriented towards privacy, and that is why it allows us to create an email account without having to provide our personal data.

ProtonMail has a web version for browsers and an app for Android/iOS just like Gmail. In its free version it allows you to have a mailbox with 1GB of space.

Visit ProtonMail official website


If you already use other Microsoft products, you will be happy to know that your email client has been free to use for a long time, both in its web version and the app for Android and iOS (to use the Outlook version for PC you will still have to buy the Office suite, mind you).

One of the advantages of Outlook is that it is very complete and integrates perfectly with other tools such as OneDrive, thus increasing your email storage space. It also has a colorful calendar, email categories, Skype integration and 15GB of storage for your mailbox, which is no small feat.

Visit the web version of Outlook


If you want to run away from the big software companies, Tutanota is an email client that might interest you. It is a free and open source application that is available on all platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS), and in the case of Android it can only be downloaded from F-Droid, which is perfect to avoid other Google services such as the Play Store.

Tutanota offers a free 1GB email account, end-to-end encryption, two-step authentication, encrypted calendar and encrypted servers located in Germany (which has one of the strictest data protection laws, protected by the GPRD).

Visit the official website of Tutanota is a mail service that offers several interesting things. On the one hand, we have 65GB of storage space for mail , attachments of up to 30MB (which is a little more than what most offer) and the possibility of creating emails with completely personalized domains (such as [email protected] or similar) for free.

On the other hand, it also includes a two-step verification system, an antivirus scanner, a spam filter, an office suite, and a function called “Mail Collector” with which we can manage multiple email accounts from a single mailbox. centralized.’s email client is available via the web, and also has a dedicated app for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Visit the official website of

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is one of the best alternatives to Gmail for personal use. Zoho became famous for its password manager, but it has a lot of other cool stuff, like an end-to-end encrypted mailbox with support for S/MIME, SSL, or TLS.

It also has two-step authentication, a calendar, and a small note-taking utility. In its free version, Zoho offers 5GB of storage and attachments of up to 25GB, a good number if we consider other similar services.

Visit the official website of Zoho Mail

GMX (Global Mail Exchange)

GMX is a secure mail service created in 1997 in Germany. The service is privacy-oriented: it uses TLS/SSL encryption just like Gmail, and protects against keyword scanning by preventing user data from being used for advertising.

GMX users can create up to 10 GMX email accounts, with 65GB of email space and a maximum size of 50MB for attachments . The only drawback that we can put is that to this day it still does not offer two-factor authentication.

Visit the official GMX website

yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail is the definitive alternative to Gmail if what you are looking for is space to store your mail. Yahoo accounts have a size of 1TB , or what is the same, 1,000GB of space. If you are a person who handles a lot of emails and attachments, this is a service that you definitely have to consider.

Yahoo allows you to create aliases, has an app for Android and iOS, a calendar and attachments of up to 25MB in weight. Of course, keep in mind that all these advantages are free but in return you will have to see some advertisement in your mail (which you can eliminate by contracting the paid version of Yahoo Mail Plus).

Create a Yahoo Mail account

iCloud Mail from Apple

If you have an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac this is the most obvious alternative to Gmail . You just need to create an Apple email account (if you don’t already have one), and then you can add other email accounts to be able to manage them all from the same place.

The good thing about Apple Mail is that it is a free service for owners of a company device, so you can always try it out and see if it meets your needs. oh! and it also has a web version that you can use to check email from your browser.

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FastMail is one of the best paid mail alternatives. Their most basic plan starts at $3 a month, and in exchange we get a more than decent service: 2GB of storage and a privacy-oriented service that protects you against trackers and spam.

It also has a web app, mobile app, masked emails, folder and label creation, custom themes, and more.

The basic service is already quite complete, but if you want to go one step further, you also have the standard plan that expands the space up to 30GB and offers you your own domain, as well as the possibility of sending scheduled emails.

Visit the official website of FastMail

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Disroot is a free, private and secure platform. It is available via the web, desktop client and Android app (available via F-Droid ). In addition to offering a free mail service with 1GB of space.

The interesting thing about Disroot is that it is a decentralized service, and in addition to mail they also offer other applications such as cloud storage, a discussion forum, XMMP chat, a collaborative document editor and more.

Disroot is a collaborative project located in Amsterdam that is maintained by volunteers and through donations from the community. If we are interested in trying it we can register from this link .

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