Best Alternatives to Google AdSense

8 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2023

Best Alternatives to Google AdSense – One way to get money from a blog or website is to register with Adsense. However, for several reasons, many people cannot use this method. One of the reasons is because it is always rejected. Then is there an alternatives to Google Adsense to still be able to get money from a website or blog?

Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

For many reasons, Google Adsense does have its own rules regarding submitting whether your website or blog can be monetized or not. This is what often causes many people to fail to be able to get money from websites or blogs.

This is also the reason many people are looking for Google Adsense alternatives. Basically, this alternative method is another way so that your website or blog can still make money even though it is not registered with Google Adsense. Then what are the Google Adsense alternatives, here are some recommendations that you can try

1. AdNow

Apart from Google Adsense, another way to get advertisements on a website or blog is to use an Adnow provider. In some ways, these providers are far more effective and efficient at serving ads. One of the reasons is the appearance of advertisements that can adjust the appearance of the website, starting from the font type , font color and size , to the form of the ad. In addition, the ad format will also adjust to the visitor’s platform, the size will be different if access is via a mobile or desktop device .

Another advantage of this advertising service provider is that the existing ads will appear integrated with the website or blog. The goal is to increase engagement from the blog or website itself. So, if you are looking for engagement then registering with AdNow is the right step. 

For filing issues. AdNow also doesn’t require complicated conditions. The most important thing is that the website or blog that you are about to register does not violate copyright and also does not carry out illegal activities such as spam, adware or malware.

When it comes to excellence, apart from the large number of users and the easy submission process. Another advantage of AdNow is that you can run it simultaneously with other advertising programs. With that, it means you can install AdNow together with AdSense or other advertising programs.

2. MediaNet

Another Google Adsense alternative that you can try is MediaNet. One of the advantages of this ad provider program is that Yahoo and Bing are behind it. As we already know, Yahoo and Bing are Google’s main competitors in the search engine sector. But besides that, another advantage of MediaNet is its advanced features in it. some of the features in MediaNet such as native ads , search menu, display video ads, and others.

Another thing that is also advantage of MediaNet is that you will get very responsive customer support . When you experience a problem, the customer support team will be ready to help you solve the problem you have.

For those of you who are interested in using MediaNet, the way to apply is also quite easy. Later, you only need to enter the shortcode, and the ad will appear automatically. The most important thing is that the ads that appear will be relevant to the blog or website content that you have. for example, if your website has a niche about technology, the ads that will appear will also be related to technology.

Another feature that is also superior to MediaNet as an alternative to Google Adsense is that it is very reliable. This is because MediaNet is run by very trusted companies, namely Yahoo and Bing. In addition, the issue of ad relevance is also the mainstay of this ad provider.

3. Propeller Ads

For those of you who are looking for other Google Adsense alternatives , then you can also try using Propeller Ads. This is also one of the advertising provider programs that currently has many users. One of the advantages of this ad provider program is that there are features that can penetrate AdBlock. With this feature, you don’t need to worry if a visitor uses AdBlock so that ads don’t appear.

Another thing that is also an advantage of this ad provider program is the ad filter feature. Later, visitors will only see ads that are relevant to them. besides that, this advertising program also ensures that all existing advertisements do not contain viruses. Even if there are spam ads that get away, then you don’t need to worry either. You only need to report it to the customer support , which is available 24 hours. Later, the support team from Propeller Ads will immediately delete these spam ads and replace them with safer ones.

This advertising service provider also has many types of advertising services. starting from push notifications, on click ads, widgets , and others. With so many types of ads, you can try them one by one and see which ones generate the most clicks for your website. if you are already interested in using the services of this advertising service provider, then the way to register is also quite easy. You only have to register and wait for the acceptance news. Once accepted, you can enter the code that you will receive into any page on the blog.

4. Infolinks

Another alternative that you can use besides Google AdSense is Infolinks. Currently, there are more than 100 thousand users who use the services of this advertising service provider. In addition, this advertising service provider has also worked with many big brands.

One of the advantages that you will get when using Infolinks is the many types of advertisements that you will get. You can choose ad types such as Infold, Intext, In Article, or In-Tag. Whatever type of ad you choose, it will not spoil the appearance of your website or blog. this is because Infolinks ads will blend perfectly with the content on your website.

Another advantage that you will also get when using Infolinks is that the ads that appear will be very relevant to visitors. For those of you who are interested in joining this program, the method is also quite easy. All you have to do is submit, after the submission is accepted, you will get a Javascript code that you will add to the HTML of your website or blog

5. RevContent

Another Google AdSense alternative that is also quite feasible for you to try is RevContent. This is one advertising provider that even dares to guarantee that their ads can increase engagement. You could say, apart from Google AdSense, RevContent is a premium advertising service provider.

unlike other advertising services which are quite easy to join, RevContent provides quite high requirements if you want to join. One of the requirements that you need to fulfill is that your blog or website must have 50 thousand visits every month. This means that this service provider is not very suitable for small websites or blogs.

However, if your website passes, you will get a lot of benefits and also experience the various superior features available from RevContent. One of the superior features available is the ability to manage your personal account which will help you optimize your ads so that the monetization process can be maximized. This feature is an excellent feature of RevContent that you won’t even find on Google AdSense.

6. Adsterra

Another Google AdSense alternative that can also be your choice is Adsterra. This is an advertising service provider that also offers many types of advertisements that you can use, from video ads, push notifications, banners, and others. all types of ads are equally good, and can run on all devices, both desktop and mobile.

Another advantage that you will also get is that all the advertisements here are guaranteed to be safe from hazards such as malware and the like. This is because Adsterra works with third parties to ensure that all advertisements are safe. However, if there are still dangerous ads that pass, then you can contact the Adsterra support team directly. Later this support team will immediately act and solve problems quickly,

7. PopAds

If you are still looking for other alternatives to AdSense, then you can also choose to use PopAds. In appearance, this ad provider is not much different from Adsterra. One of the advantages of this ad provider is that the ads are available in many forms, such as pop-ups, tab-ups, tap-unders, and others. Even one of the features in PopAds allows you to set how often ads will appear, this is to prevent visitors from getting bored because they see ads too often.

One of the other unique things that you can also get by using PopAds is that you can make withdrawals every day, as long as you can get a minimum of $ 5. This is of course quite unique, because as long as your minimum balance is met, you can withdraw the funds at any time you need.

8. Evadav

When compared to the names of the previous advertising provider programs, maybe you don’t know the name Evadav that well. This is reasonable, because Evadav is a new player in the world of advertising platforms. But even so, this platform is an Adsense alternative that you can try using.

One of the advantages of this platform is that you will still get commissions as long as visitors interact with existing advertisements. that means, not only when viewing, but when a visitor opens, closes, or clicks on the ad, you will get paid. the most important thing that you need to understand is that all the advertisements on Evadav are guaranteed to be safe. this is because all existing ads have gone through a rigorous selection.


Those are some Google AdSense alternatives that you can use. With this alternative, you don’t need to worry if your Adsense submissions to Google are always rejected. Later, you can use this alternative platform to keep making money from your website or blog.

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