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15+ Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2023

15+ Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2023 – Apparently, there are several ways to increase Instagram followers that you can practice. Check out my Financial article below for a more complete explanation.


  • We can add followers on Instagram in various ways, both with the help of an application and without an application.
  • With increasing Instagram followers , it will open up opportunities to be able to get additional income.

Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2023

Having an Instagram account with lots of followers is very profitable. Because, from there someone can get income through partnerships. 

Currently, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms along with Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter. We can use this platform to connect with friends or family.

Due to the large number of users, the number of Instagram followers can bring profit to the owner. This is because accounts with many followers will reach a larger audience. 

Thus, if a company advertises with the help of these users, both parties will benefit from the partnership.

For business people, the number of Instagram followers is also an important point. Because , the number is often used as a benchmark for professionalism or its impact on society.

From there, many people are looking for ways to increase Instagram  followers .

The good news is, there are many ways to get lots of IG followers . So that you don’t get confused, this time my Finance has made a summary. Please read carefully, ok !

15+ Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram for Free

There are many reasons for a person or group to increase the number of followers . Generally, they want to be known or reach more people with similar interests.

In the following review, we will discuss how to increase Instagram followers .

#1 How to Increase Instagram Followers Without an Application

Check out how to increase Instagram followers without the following applications:

#1 Follow Unfollow

How to increase Instagram followers can be done on celebrity accounts or other large accounts .

Please follow them, then unfollow a few moments later. Repeat this method to make it more effective. We can apply this method to get a lot of IG followers on many or one large account.

You need to know, follow unfollow repetitions shouldn’t be too tight. Because, Instagram can detect your actions as foreign activity.

# 2 Not Doing Private Accounts

Public Instagram profiles make it easy for potential followers to peek at feeds . That way, they can consider following you. 

In addition, public account posts can appear on reels and explore , making it easier to reach viewers.

#3 Follow New Account

The next way to add IG followers is to follow a new account . Generally, new account owners tend to look for mutuals . 

If they pass on your timeline , don’t hesitate to follow them . You can be sure they will follow back.

You can also look for new accounts on public figures’ Instagram. To do this, visit the profile, then click the followers section .  New followers are at the top. Please follow the account you want.

#4 Use Relevant Hashtags

How to Use Hastags in Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are one of the important elements in posts . Entering the right hashtag will make it easier for people with similar interests to find your account.

How to increase Instagram followers on this one you should do with research. 

Research will help you find popular hashtags. The number of hashtags in each post should be no more than ten.

# 5 Pay attention to the time of posting

The next way to increase Instagram followers is to pay attention to the time of posting . Instagram prime time is Monday at 15.00 to 16.00.

To get the most out of it, you must consistently upload content at least three times a week. This method will maintain your existence on other users’ timelines .

#6 Take advantage of Relevant Location Tags

Currently, Instagram has a location feature that users can access without opening  posts like Google Maps . 

Entering a suitable location will make other users interested in your account.

This method of increasing Instagram followers has the potential so that groups of people with similar interests can find accounts.

#7 Write Interesting Captions

There are no special provisions regarding Instagram captions . But, what you can do is create a caption according to the uploaded content. 

For example, if you upload a commercial image of a monstera plant, then you need to explain its name, specifications, and price. End the caption with the hashtag .

It’s a good idea, you learn SEO, text editing , and language style yourself. These soft skills will help increase audience engagement .

# 8 Interact with Similar Accounts

Furthermore, how to increase our Instagram followers can be achieved through interaction with similar accounts . 

If you specialize in graphic design, then please follow designer and illustrator accounts.

If you have time, you can also leave comments on their posts . From there, accounts with similar interests will see your profile. 

# 9 Edit Content to Make it Interesting

Apart from studying the Instagram platform , you can also do how to add free IG followers by playing content elements . 

You can use image and video processing applications, for example Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, PicsArt, and so on.

If possible, use the same color tone for all content. This will keep your feed tidy and bring in lots of fans.

# 10 Be diligent in making Instastories

Apart from feeds , Instastory is also an effective way to increase Instagram  followers .

This type of upload will keep your account easy for other users to find. Instastory uploads should be tagged with a location and hashtag .

#11 Share Instagram Uploads to Other Social Media

Next, you can do a lot of IG followers by sharing posts on other social media , such as Facebook and Twitter. 

On Facebook, you can share in groups. Meanwhile on Twitter, you can share on base , community, or tweet yourself.

# 2 How to Increase Instagram Followers with Applications

Here’s how to increase Instagram followers with the help of additional applications or platforms :

#1 How to Increase Instagram Followers with Fame Boom Real Followers Free & Fast for Instagram

This application allows you to add followers by exchanging coins. 

To earn coins, you have to watch ads or add app recommendation hashtags to posts . This application is quite effective. Because you can exchange these coins directly with followers .

How to Increase Instagram Followers

#2 How to Increase Instagram Followers with Followers Insight

We can use Followers Insight as a way to increase Instagram  followers .

This application will display account information along with its insights . We can use this application to identify followers ‘ interest in posts .

# 3 How to Increase Instagram Followers with Followers – Unfollowers

We can use the Followers – Unfollowers application on Android. Unlike other follower -boosting applications , you will get organic followers here. 

That is, they both have similar interests. This application allows you to find out who has followed and unfollowed accounts.

#4 How to Increase Instagram Followers with Real Followers – Get Likes for Instagram

We can do how to increase Instagram followers with the next application with Real Followers – Get Likes for Instagram. 

This application works with a coin exchange system that can be purchased or from watching advertisements.

#5 How to Increase Instagram Followers with a Follower Analyzer

This application is quite magical as a way to add free IG  followers .

Because, besides being able to display your account insights , this application can also display other account insights .

This method will make it easier for you when learning large accounts. If your analysis is right, you will easily increase your followers .

#6 How to Increase Instagram Followers with GetFly Followers +

The GetFly Followers + application has the same system as Real Followers – Get Likes for Instagram, namely exchanging coins for followers . 

If you have more time to watch ads, this application can be a powerful way to add followers .

#7 How to Increase Instagram Followers with BoostFollowers

The last way to increase Instagram followers is with the help of BoostFollowers .

This application provides recommendations for the most popular relevant hashtags . This method increases the potential for finding posts in search.

Advantages of Having Lots of Instagram Followers

How to increase Instagram followers we can try to increase social media profiles. 

If successful, one can earn from there through partnerships. Many followers will have an impact on account exposure .

While adding Instagram followers , you also have to balance it by preparing the right financial budget. 

Don’t let all your time be consumed to add followers so that you put aside financial matters.

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