How to Control TV With Alexa

How to Control TV With Alexa?

How to Control TV With Alexa – The television was a revolutionary invention in the advancement of technology , throughout history it evolved until it reached the Smart TVs that we know. Which can be connected to Wifi and allows us to browse the web, in addition to being able to watch entertainment on your TV such as HBO Max , Netflix Twitch, among others.

How to Control TV With Alexa

Thanks to these advances, these televisions can be connected to accessories such as the Amazon Echo, thus making it respond to our orders or instructions that are assigned to it through voice, because it works with a personal assistant called ‘Alexa’. If you want to know which televisions are compatible and learn how to use the Amazon Echo, you came to the right place, because we will teach you below.

What kinds of TVs work with the Amazon Echo?

On the market there is a wide variety of televisions that you can use normally or that have more functions, so you may wonder , out of so many televisions, which one can I use the Amazon Echo on? So we will indicate below the type of TV that is compatible.

Fire TV

Fire TV

The Fire Tv is an Amazon device which takes a common television into a Smart TV  , making it possible to watch series, movies, browse the web and even watch live television. It is a very useful tool to complement your home and is compatible with the Alexa speaker, which will make it easy for you to ask the weather report or the news using only voice commands.

Its installation is relatively simple, it only consists of connecting the device to your television with your HDMI cable , then you plug the Amazon Echo into the electrical current, turn on your TV and set it to HDMI mode and that’s it. The last thing you are going to adjust to your liking is to configure the language that you will have to see content on your TV.

Smart TV

We know a Smart TV as the models of televisions with access to the web, since they have the possibility to interact with the Internet and use installed applications designed for the televisions. Current models have voice control tools, gestures and the process for it to connect with devices like “Alexa” , which is a relatively simple procedure. Simply search for ‘Amazon Alexa’ in the application store on the TV and install it, another option you have is to use the Amazon Fire TV that comes with Alexa already included in the equipment.

How to make Amazon Echo work with TV?

To get our Amazon Echo ‘Alexa’ to work on our TV, we have to follow the 2 exposed options that we have explained to you, if you have a Smart TV go directly to the apps catalog and download Amazon Alexa where you must configure following the steps that you It will indicate the app and that’s it.

If you do not have a Smart TV, you can buy a Fire TV (which can be used if your Smart TV does not have the Alexa app) and install it for use. It should be noted that there are other options, but the ones we have explained to you are among the most effective.

Connection to the same WI-FI network

By having your Smart TV connected to a specific WIFI network , we will have to check if our Alexa app is connected to the same network, for this, we must perform the following steps:

  • First open the Alexa app.
  • You must go to ‘Devices’.
  • Then to where it says ‘Echo and Alexa’.
  • Select your device.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and enter ‘Follow connections’ (wireless)
  • Then WIFI network and choose the one that your TV also uses.

What is the best way to connect Alexa with Smart TV?

The best way to connect Alexa to your Smart TV is by downloading its application and then configuring it, which you can do by following these steps on your television:

  • Find the Alexa app on your TV  and download it.
  • Then you must scan with your phone a QR code that will appear on the TV.
  • On the phone you will have to log in with the Amazon account and accept the terms and conditions
  • Approve the pairing and voila you can properly connect Alexa.

How to know if the TV is compatible with Alexa?

To find out if your TV is compatible with Alexa you must enter the application catalog and find if Amazon Alexa is in it, if it is, it means that it will be compatible and you can configure it without any inconvenience, otherwise you will have to purchase a TV Fire to be able to use it and have not only this option, but many more that the device offers us, which makes acquiring a Fire TV an advantage.

How to know if the TV is compatible with Alexa?

What features are available with voice command?

By having Alexa on your TV you will automatically have a virtual assistant, this means that you will be able to request a wide variety of functions with your voice, such as turning the TV volume up or down, turning it on or off, searching a specific app for the content you want, download and install applications on your smart TV , schedule shutdown, request information about the weather, watch sports or news and all the functions you used to perform with your remote control.

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