A Beginners' Guide to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

A Beginners’ Guide to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

A Beginners’ Guide to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business – How to use Pinterest for business effectively? It turns out that there are several strategies that you can try to support the business you are running. 

Pinterest has indeed been acting as a search engine with a visual concept. For example, you want to find out what a cool home decor idea would look like. It could also be when you want to know what the latest fashion trends are. Pinterest is a great choice for doing just that.

However, you can also use Pinterest to make your business grow, as long as you know how to implement the right strategy. According to a survey from Sprout Social, at least 55% of people access Pinterest to find photos of the latest products.

On Pinterest you can also find several features. One of them is Pinterest Ads. You can use this feature for your business promotion needs. 

Therefore, social media is not just for finding pictures. You can also use it to support the business you are running.

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

In order to make your business grow, here we will explain some ways to use Pinterest for business .

You can try to implement it so that the products you offer will have more enthusiasts.

1. Create a Marketing Strategy

The first way to use Pinterest for business is to develop the right strategy for your Pinterest marketing needs. It’s not much different when using other social media, you can start determining what kind of strategy you will apply later.

Don’t do marketing right away, while you don’t have a mature strategy yet. Therefore, you need to consider a few things below:

  • Setting Specific , Measurable , Attainable , Relevant , and Time-bound goals or SMART for short. Apart from getting followers, maybe you want to direct users to enter the website that you have. This has the potential to increase product sales
  • Pay attention to Pinterest users in general, including demographics regarding who has the greater potential to access the products you offer.
  • No less important, you also need to learn who Pinterest targets specifically are interested in your product. From here, you can more easily map out people who are really interested and buy the products you have.
  • Apart from that, you also need to consider what strategies your competitors are implementing on social media Pinterest.
  • Begin to create content according to your product into Pinterest.

2. Create Interesting Content

As we explained that Pinterest is a visual platform . So, you can use this media effectively in producing quality visual content. Of course the content that you create must be able to attract people’s interest to see and buy your product.

Data shows that at least 82% of users access Pinterest via smartphone . You need to present a 2:3 aspect ratio, so that later the image is not broken or cut off. You also need to consider the quality of the content you use.

The thing that is no less important, is to make the description as good and interesting as possible. The goal is that the description can improve SEO and encourage users to click on the link.

Apart from descriptions, the use of titles is also something that you should not ignore. Consider using a title that can reinforce the visual message you are trying to convey. 

You also need to embed the logo in this content. The goal is to provide clear information about your product. Customers also won’t get lost in choosing the product you offer even though there are other brands with the same content.

Making sure the links you include work are just as important. Make sure that the link you include is working and doesn’t lead to a ‘404’ message. Also, make sure that the link processes quickly, thereby providing the best experience for users.

The last thing is you have to be consistent. You need to do consistency in order to be able to reach a wider audience. 

3. Try a Different Pin Format

You can also use Pinterest for business by trying different pin formats. This social media is not just for sharing pictures or photos. You can take advantage of this platform to present videos.

A video that can encourage Pinterest users to shop for your product. Indeed, at least 80% of pinners find new products or brands through Pinterest. However, you have to be able to think about more than just promoting your product.

People who access Pinterest are usually looking for inspiration. At least 85% of people say they come to Pinterest because they want to start a new project. 

Don’t forget to consider posts that can provide inspiration and a fun shopping experience for your audience.

4. Implement Strategy Carefully

After going through the three things above, now you need to implement the strategy that you have carefully arranged. You should know that 97% of Pinterest searches are not branded. 

The content that you have may be able to reach pinners who are interested in the product or want to learn new things.

For example, you present content about Oreos by including pins that can provide inspiration for summer vacations. That means, you can present interesting content by explaining the benefits they can get through the products that you package in the content.

5. Optimize Pins for SEO

Pinterest is also a search engine. So, make sure that the business pin you have is easy to find in that search. Don’t forget to include keywords in the description.

No less important is that you must avoid duplicate content so that the quality of your Pinterest SEO products increases. If you do this, it will be easy for Pinterest users to find your product. The potential for appearing frequently on the Pinterest platform is also getting higher.

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6. Try Different Pinterest Ads

Furthermore, how to use Pinterest for business can also be by trying lots of Pinterest ads or Pinterest Ads. This platform allows advertisers to target ads according to keywords, location, interests, age, metrics, and several other categories.

Creating a more granular target audience allows advertisers to reach specific Pinterest groups, including:

  • People who have accessed your website.
  • People who have interacted with your Pins.
  • Users who are visible within the same content on Pinterest.

There are many types of Pinterest Ads. You can create ads in the form of videos, images, and other things that you package to make Pinterest users interested in the ads that you present.

7. Track Metrics

Implementing an effective Pinterest strategy must be data-driven. That means you need to measure, track, and analyze what Pinterest’s key metrics look like. 

You also need to understand the behavior of the audience to help you manage Pinterest social media, so that the content you have can work well.

Through tracking these metrics, you can find out which content is less interesting. This is where you can start evaluating, so that the content you have is even better. 

8. Promote Pinterest Profile

The last way to use Pinterest for business is to start promoting your Pinterest profile. Make sure that your followers from other social media know that you have an account on Pinterest.

You can link your Pinterest account via a website or other social media that you use for promotion. You can also link the Pinterest account link through the email marketing that you are doing. 

You do this so that more people know that you also offer products on Pinterest. A very easy way, because all you have to do is link your Pinterest profile link .

Already Know How to Use Pinterest for Business?

Thus the discussion on how to use Pinterest for business . In conclusion, Pinterest is a social media that is not just for looking for pictures. You can also use it for business needs.

Now you can start implementing the methods we have explained. So that the business that you are currently running can start to grow and be able to compete.

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