Best AI tools for students

7 Best AI Tools For Students in 2023

Best AI tools for Students – ChatGPT is perhaps the most popular AI (Artificial Intelligence) based platform today. In fact, ChatGPT is not the only AI tool that can be accessed for free.

Currently, many large companies have adopted this advanced technology to provide services that can make your job easier.

For example, AI tools that can help create presentation slides, generate images automatically, complete Excel formulas, build resumes, and help with coding.

This article will cover some of the most interesting and free AI tools available.

Best AI tools for Students

1. Nvidia Broadcast

Nvidia Broadcast is an application that can turn a simple room into a studio-like appearance. This application can turn standard web cameras and microphones into premium-class sophisticated devices with the help of AI.

This application is intended for content creators or broadcasters, and therefore is equipped with various features that can support ‘content’ activities. In early 2023, Nvidia launched a new feature that can make it seem as if the user is looking at the camera.

This feature is specifically designed for content creators who want to record themselves. But on the other hand they also need to read notes or scripts, and without looking directly at the camera. Even with this feature it can also be used when live streaming or conducting online meetings.

2. Kick resume

As the name implies,  Kickresume is an application that functions as an automatic CV or resume generator with the help of AI. With this application, you only need to enter your personal data and you can immediately check the results by clicking preview.

With this application, you don’t need to spend time composing words, because the AI ​​technology in this application will arrange the words to look professional and attractive to HRD. Don’t worry, Kickresume will customize your resume or CV, according to the profession you are pursuing. Kickresume provides more than 35 professional resume and CV templates, designed by a team of professional typographers and experienced recruiters.

Its use is also very easy, you can download this application via Google Play or the App Store, and immediately create a resume via your cellphone. The resume results will be stored safely in the cloud, and then you can access them from other devices.

3. Looka

Looka is a website that is intended to build a brand image, including a feature for creating an online logo. If you want to create a logo, you need to enter a brand name, then select the industry you are involved in as well as several logos and colors that reflect the brand, then Looka will display a logo that matches the criteria you provide.

After choosing your favorite logo, you can make additional customizations if necessary. When it’s finished, you can share it via social media, or download the finished result. However, you need a premium account if you want to download it directly.

4. Cleanup Pictures

Cleanup Pictures  is an online editing website that will be very useful for those of you who like to take photos or selfies in public places. The main feature that makes this website so special is the ability to remove objects from photos without leaving a trace.

To use it, you only need to enter the photo you want to edit, edit it the way you want, then export and you’re done. The editing process here means that you only need to choose which object you want to delete, then the rest will be done by AI within 30 seconds.

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5. AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a contemporary drawing tool that uses machine learning or Artificial Intelligence to turn messy sketches or doodles that you make into new, better-looking drawings.

AutoDraw will identify what you are trying to create using its suggestive AI feature. You can also edit images such as adjusting the size, changing certain shapes, and editing color choices easily.

To access this platform, you don’t need to download anything because AutoDraw is available on the website online, and can be accessed via any device such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and others.

6. Boomy

Boomy is a service site for making music, as well as selling music made by anyone personally. CEO Boomy said that this platform is intended to support musicians to be more creative and can prepare their song recordings more easily.

Why is it easier? because Boomy is equipped with AI technology that will automatically produce tones, according to what you want. Boomy is considered better than similar tools, such as features on OpenAI or Google’s Magenta. This is because Boomy is unlike those platforms which generate tunes based on songs already written by other people.

Apart from being enjoyed by yourself, you can also release songs that have been made in the global market. Boomy will distribute your music to 40+ platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Apple Music and other streaming services around the world. You can also benefit from the music you make, where Boomy will pay royalties to its users.

7. Simplified

Simplified is a single app that can create, collaborate, and scale marketing jobs. In this one platform you can do everything related to marketing such as design, copywriting, making videos, collaborating, and publishing to social media.

According to one of its users, this platform offers a lot of options and is very user-friendly. While other programs can’t design, write copy, schedule content, and provide the right hashtags, Simplified can do it all at an affordable price. Even more interesting, Simplified provides free pricing for individual users. 

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