10 Best Chrome Extensions for Copywriters

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Copywriters

Best Chrome Extensions for Copywriters – Google Chrome is a stable and powerful browser that also offers us a series of useful extensions for any type of web work. I have already shown you some of these dedicated to the world of graphics and others still perfect for web developers .

Today, however, I want to talk to you about the chrome extensions for Copywriters, also useful for those who deal with the production of texts on the web and creative writing in life, the so-called Copywriters to be clear. Using these tools, we will be able to improve the creative process and – in general – our workflow.

Best Chrome Extensions for Copywriters

I have decided to list 10 of them, showing the strengths and weaknesses of each of them. At the end of the article you will be able to choose which ones are really right for you. In fact, I remind you that it is inadvisable to fill the browser with extensions: therefore choose carefully.


The first extension I’m going to introduce you to is Perseo . This extension is useful because it allows you to deeply analyze every single web page. I’ll briefly explain how it works and – I’m sure – you won’t be able to do without it.

Just install it on Chrome and restart the browser. At this point you will notice a small padlock at the top right which shows the status code of the page. In this way you will know immediately if there are SEO problems and you can easily check for any 301/302 redirects .

Clicking on the Perseo icon will open a panel containing all the information on the page in question. From the page title, through the distribution of headings in the content, up to the meta description and schema.org, you will have a quick and complete overview of your pages.


Moz is one of the major authorities in the SEO field, which provides free real indices capable of measuring and predicting the “strength” and authority of a website. These parameters are therefore useful for immediately knowing the real probability of obtaining good positioning in the SERPs by the site itself.

In the past I have told you in depth about these metrics and I have shown you how to measure the domain authority of a website and how to increase it .

With this extension you will have the possibility to view these metrics at a glance starting from the Google SERPs. You will therefore be able to easily understand why one of your competitors is able to perform better on certain search keywords and put in place useful strategies to recover lost ground. To use this extension you need to log into the Moz site . Registration is free.


Knowing the Meta data of your web pages is important for positioning on search engines. To do this, you can use this extension called SEO META in 1 CLICK . As can be seen from the name, it allows you with a simple click to have access to all the meta data present within the active page in the browser.

Just click on the relevant extension icon to get a complete overview. Inside you will not only find meta titles and descriptions , but also further information such as the Alts and Titles of the images on the page, the aggregated data of the schema.org , the detected language of the content and much more. An extension that I find complete and extremely useful.

Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator

How many times have you had to fill in the empty spaces within a layout to show a draft to your client and thus obtain approval. Writing texts that are all the same is never a wise choice because they never faithfully reproduce what is obtained with a real text. The simplest thing to do is to use the classic “Lorem Ipsum” so famous in the press.

Even on the web we have the possibility to generate it. There are many ways to do it, but chrome offers us its extension which I find very useful. It’s called Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator and you can find it at this link . With this extension, you just need to select the length of the “lorem ipsum” you want to generate to get your fake filler text in seconds .

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic is another leading SEO analytics company globally. In the past I have already explained the importance of incoming links to your site when I told you about link building activity and ways to know the backlinks pointing to the pages of your website. With this extension installed on your browser you will have the possibility to analyze the backlinks of each web page.

The extension – through the Majestic.com API – is able to provide you with a detailed report on very important parameters for the correct indexing of your site such as Citation Flow and Trust Flow . It also allows you to always know the number of incoming links, have a history of their acquisition and maintenance over time and their quality. The extension is free to use with a Majestic account, but a subscription plan is required to unlock all advanced features.

SEO quake

Another extension that I find very useful and that I absolutely want to introduce you to is SEOquake . SEOquake is a faithful companion in analyzing your web pages . You just need to activate it in your browser and click on the appropriate icon. In just a few clicks you will have detailed information on backlinks, elements present on the page, possible errors and everything you need to solve SEO problems.

The comparison option is also very useful, which allows you to insert the link of your website and that of a competitor to compare metrics on metrics and understand how to improve your indexing strategy in the SERPs. The extension is completely free and does not require any registration. You can find it at this link .

Chat GPT Advanced

Writer’s block? You’ve probably heard of OpenAI and its AI-powered chat . OpenAI, leveraging ChatGPT-3 helps you find idea and greatly improves the creative process. With this I don’t want to encourage you to have AI write articles, on the contrary it is in my opinion highly harmful and you should never do it. Rather you can use this service to broaden your ideas and the concepts you want to write about.

Chat OpenAI is based on an automated language model that has been trained on a huge amount of text data, as a result it is able to understand and answer questions accurately and consistently.

In this regard, this extension can be very useful, which helps you to formulate your questions even using texts taken from Google searches. So by improving the input you give to the program, you will be able to get more information about what you are looking for. Just install it and visit the Chat OpenAI official website. You will notice some additional calls to action that will allow you to optimize your search queries.

Ayima Page Insights

Another extension to always have a click away is Ayima Page Insights . This extension is simple to use and boasts great reviews on the Chrome Web Store.

Once installed, this small extension analyzes the page in real time and reports any technical problems or common errors, divided into three categories: errors, warnings and information. If there are any errors, the extension will provide guidance on how to fix them .

The function that allows you to connect the Google Search Console to get more precise and complete data is interesting. The extension performs “client-side” checks and the data is not sent to external services so it is extremely secure.

SEO Search Simulator

Did you know that the same Google search can provide different results in SERPs depending on the location or language in which it is searched? Fortunately there is an extension that is right for us and that allows us to easily simulate Google searches from anywhere in the globe and in any language. It’s called SEO Search Simulator and you can install it through this link .

With this extension you can easily monitor the positioning of your website or the rankings of your fiercest competitors. SEO Search Simulator is a useful tool for SEO professionals who want to use a simplified solution for tracking their SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. I find it very useful and I often use it to test my projects. I invite you to try it.

Website broken link and 404 error checker

Have you ever heard of the 404 error? It is a certain status code that identifies pages that no longer exist . It often happens that you write an article and then realize after some time that an in-depth link is no longer available on the web. These errors can cause penalties so you should find them as soon as possible.

To do this, you can use premium tools such as SEMRush or SEOZoom but if you don’t have the budget to afford these advanced tools, you can fall back on this convenient and simple extension . Once installed, you can scan any page and, if there is an external link with status code 404, it will notify you and you can take prompt action to remove it.


To conclude, Google Chrome extensions for SEO and copywriters can be extremely useful for those who work in the online marketing sector, but also for those who simply have a blog for pleasure and would like to optimize its contents.

Chrome, through the community of developers, is able to offer you all the tools to optimize content for search engines , to check the readability and grammatical correctness of the text, to identify the most suitable keywords and to monitor the performance of your websites.

It is worth considering them and experimenting with the ones that may be more useful for your needs. If you know of other similar extensions, please let me know: I will be happy to add them to this list.

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