Best Guitar Chord Apps

9 Best Guitar Chord Apps To Use in 2023

Best Guitar Chord Apps – Playing the guitar may be one of your hobbies, before playing the guitar, of course, you have to learn and know the keys. For those who like to play the guitar and are good at playing it, of course it is not difficult to memorize guitar chords.

But what about those who are still beginners and want to try playing the guitar for various reasons, of course. To come to a music school or tutoring could be one of the answers, but not everyone can do it. With various factors such as not having enough money or not having free time due to the busyness that you carry out every day.

Through this fact, now there are many things that make it easier for you to learn to play the guitar. One of them is with an application on Android, a variety of guitar chord applications that are widely used. In this article, I will discuss the 8 best guitar chord applications that Android friends can download on your Android phone.

Best Guitar Chord Apps

Guitar Chords And Tabs

The first application to be discussed is Guitar Chords And Tab, in this application you are given convenience. The convenience offered can be seen from the appearance of the application which is easy to understand and learn. The chords for the songs provided are very large, reaching thousands of songs from within and outside the country.

You can easily learn to play the guitar until you are proficient and can play various types of music with your guitar.


Smart Chords

In this application there are interlocking tools including scales , tuner , setlist , metronome, songbook and many others. This application is also very complete with a left hand feature, with chords that can also be played with other musical instruments besides the guitar. Like bass, ukulele, mandolin and so on. You can learn to play the guitar very easily.


Chords! Free

This application is one of the most widely used guitar chord applications, this is because the interface display is very easy to understand. In addition, this application is also made specifically for beginners who just want to learn to play the guitar and master guitar chords . There are cool features in this application, one of which is scaling the user’s ability to play the guitar.


Ultimate Guitar: Chords And Tabs

You can download this application for free on the Google Play Store , with offline features available and you can save your quota even though you are learning to play the guitar.

There are various features that make it easier for you who are left-handed to still be able to play the guitar. This is because there is a lefthand feature, so if you are left-handed you don’t need to worry about using this application.


Guitar Songs

Furthermore, no less interesting is an application called Guitar Songs, this application also offers various song chords . The songs provided are also quite a lot, equipped with complete features you can play comfortably. This application includes applications that have many supporting features such as a collection of guitar chords, song lyrics to the chords .


Guitar Tab Player

You want to be good at playing guitar and playing songs for someone special, but don’t know the key to the song? No need to worry, because in this application you will find it easy to understand the key to the song you are going to play. The songs offered also have various genres of music ranging from pop rock, reggae and so on.


Guitar tabs

The presence of this application adds a variety of applications specifically for playing songs using the guitar. In this application, you will be given guitar chords from various well-known singers both at home and abroad. This application is classified as a complete application, there is also a feature to save the chords of your favorite songs.


Chord Guitar Full Offline

As the name implies, you can still use this application even if it is offline. If you don’t have a quota, you can still play songs with your favorite guitar.

This application is also quite complete with a variety of good supporting features. You can also search for songs easily because there is a search feature using the alphabet.


Finally, those are the 8 best guitar chord applications that Android friends can use on your Android phone.

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