Best Spam Call Blocker Apps

11 Best Spam Call Blocker Apps [2023]

Best Spam Call Blocker Apps – In order not to find out on your own who is calling, it is enough to install a special application “Antispam calls” on your phone. It will automatically check the number against the bases and block the unwanted call. This will protect you from communicating with scammers and spammers.

Some applications may additionally block promotional SMS. That will prevent memory littering. In this article, a selection of the best programs for blocking unwanted calls, identifying numbers and adding to the black list.

Best Spam Call Blocker Apps

Applications work with databases of numbers, which include all kinds of unwanted subscribers (spammers, collectors, polls, scammers, robo-calls, intrusive advertising, etc.). At the call stage, the caller is identified, the type of threat is identified, and the call can be blocked.

Call Filter

Action options for numbers.

Settings menu.

Adding to the black list.

Call filter app.

Lightweight anti-spam with a simple interface. By downloading the database of numbers to the phone, it works without an Internet connection. Identifies the numbers of scammers, spammers and subscribers that users have marked as unwanted.

If the application is allowed access to contacts, then it can display names from the “phone book” in the call list. And also do not block all calls from your contacts.

For each call, it is possible to set or remove a block, view subscriber feedback and call history, add to the black list, etc.
Black and white lists.
Works without internet.
The Internet will be required to update the database and view reviews.
Without advertising.



The application will check the caller against the databases and tell you what the call is. It uses databases to which advertisers, scammers, spammers and unwanted subscribers are added.

Identifies unknown numbers. Displays the caller id, location and category of the call (unsolicited or approved).

TrueCaller has additional features, such as a messenger for communication, a short selfie video to greet friends, synchronization with Google Drive, etc.
Filters calls and sms. You can configure blocking options (by name, number series, etc.).
Sorts incoming SMS messages into necessary and spam.
Support for working with two SIM cards.


Google Phone

List of calls and options for actions with numbers.

Application settings.

Enabling AON.

Google phone for number identification and anti-spam.
Dialer application from Google with caller ID and anti-spam, which can easily replace standard calling software. Install “Google phone” and make it the default calling program.

In the settings, you can enable and disable caller ID functions, spam call detection and many other features. The program has blocking unknown numbers, as well as self-adding subscribers to the black list.

In some countries, for example, in the USA, the function of identifying the company and the purpose of the call is available. As well as receiving a written transcript of messages from voice mail.


Stop Calling Me

Call blocker according to various rules (base, schedule, lists, prefixes, attributes, and others). You can apply separate settings for different SIM cards.

It can check the number against the database of unwanted subscribers and, if there are bad reviews, block calls from it.

You can create sets of rules for blocking calls and enable them at the same time or separately.
Works with two SIM cards.
Black and white lists.
Filter hidden, international, unknown numbers.
If the call signal has time to pass before blocking, then in the settings you need to activate the item: “Mute the sound during the check.”



When calling, it displays the caller’s rating, the number of complaints and other tags with information that helps to decide whether to block or answer the call.

Allows you to add subscribers to the black list, as well as block calls according to your criteria.

Block intruders and intrusive advertising calls. The application can filter unwanted spam messages.



A program for identifying numbers, obtaining information about the caller and blocking unwanted calls. Weeds out scammers, robotic call centers, advertising services, bank calls and so on.

Provides detailed call analytics.
Determines numbers by bases.
Spam call blocking.
Blacklist with advanced features.
Answering machine for recording calls.
Wear OS smart watch support.
To identify numbers and get information about the caller, you need to set CallApp as the default calling application.


Yandex: Caller ID

Call type information.

Choice of blocking for various calls.

Application settings.

Yandex caller ID and call blocking.

Caller ID and call blocker. Basically determines the phone numbers of organizations included in the directories. It also checks calls against the bases of unwanted numbers compiled on the basis of subscribers’ reviews.

You can add new spammer numbers and specify a response, if calls from them are not detected yet.

When calling and in the call log, notes are made: “possibly an advertisement for financial services”; “possibly unwanted call” and so on.
For owners of the Plus subscription, Alice (voice assistant) can answer calls and send a transcript of the conversation to the messenger.


Kaspersky Who Calls

The application will help you find out who is calling your number. Immediately determines the subscriber’s bases and the type of call (spam, polls, bank advertising, scammers, automatic call center, etc.). Unfortunately, the free version will require access to the Internet to obtain information.

Even if the call is missed, the information and reputation of the subscriber will be displayed on it.

Who Calls has protection against malicious sms. Will warn you if the links in the message lead to a fake site.
You can check an unknown number even if you are making the call.


Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

Blacklist application for Android phones. The subscriber independently configures filters for blocking. For example, block all unknown numbers, hidden numbers, or by prefix. Drop the call or mute the sound.

There is a blocking of SMS messages, which can be configured for unknown numbers, the content of words and phrases, and so on.
Silence function. The user specifies a time frame during which any calls are blocked.
Keeps a log where you can see the history of calls.
To work properly, you need to make the default calling application. At the same time, users complain that the function of answering calls is poorly implemented.


Antispam Call Blocker

Functional application with advanced settings to block unknown calls. In addition to blocking by standard filters, there are blocking of toll-free (1800), paid and virtual numbers.

Black and white lists.
Blocking of unknown, hidden, foreign and numbers containing the specified combinations of digits.
Action options: Silent mode and switching to voicemail; call rejection; call response.
Schedule to block all calls.
Call permission function only for contacts from the phone book.


Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

QR code
Black list
Developer: Vlad Lee
Price: Free
Android 10 and later.

An excellent application for working with black and white lists of subscribers. You can block calls and sms. And also set up a schedule to block all calls and messages.

The blocking works without any sounds, so as not to distract the user from rest and business.
Numbers can be added to the list yourself, from contacts and from recent calls.


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