Best English Vocabulary Apps

5 Best English Vocabulary Apps

Best English Vocabulary Apps – Did you know that there are three main skills in learning English? There are three skills that you must master in order to be fluent in English, namely speaking, listening, and writing. As pillars for learning these things, there are vocabulary and grammar. Both are very important as a first step to learning English.

The ability to communicate in English is very important in this increasingly modern era. Of course you understand that English is an international language. This means you can communicate with anyone in the world using English.

Not only through lessons, learning English can also be done with other media such as video games. By playing games, you can learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation simultaneously. Some games that have chat features, such as Minecraft, allow you to play with anyone on an international scale. 

Playing multiplayer games can also improve English skills by directly practicing how to speak a foreign language. Usually, if you play on an international server, you will meet people from other countries.

But apart from that, you can use the help of an application to learn English, especially to learn vocabulary. Here is a list of the 5 best apps for learning vocabulary:

Best English Vocabulary Apps

Your understanding of vocabulary in communicating is very important to make the impression you will make. Rich vocabulary allows you to express yourself more clearly and confidently.

The vocabulary application below can help you expand your mastery of any language, thereby building your self-confidence and increasing your position among your peers.

1. Vocab1

Vocab1 is one of the most comprehensive vocabulary apps available, which looks stunning and brings newcomers at the same time with the very low size and intensity of the app. On offer is an impressive word count and a comprehensive total of 142,647 words.

Vocab1 uses an extensive database of over half a million words to teach you about the different contexts in which those words can be used. In fact, learning new words in appropriate contexts is one of the advantages of Vocab1 over others.

But there are lots of other features, such as 649 expert lists and a feature for you to create your own list of favorite words. Each of these lists concentrates on words that are commonly used in a very specific field, such as engineering, medicine or education. There are also specific word lists for the SAT, GRE, and TOEFL.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Vocab1 uses flashcards, interactive games and tests to teach you more easily.

Vocab1 also offers extensive support to users, there is even an online forum where users can communicate with each other. This is certainly one of the best vocabulary apps out there for students who are serious about learning English.

Vocab1 Website

2. WordUp

Helping you to expand your English vocabulary is the task of the WordUp application. Geeks Ltd, the award-winning software company and owner of WordUp came up with their product that is unique in many ways.

Learners can remember new words if they experience their use in real-life situations. Thousands of short video clips from TV shows and movies are used to show the use of certain words in various contexts. That way, you could say WorUp is one of the best English apps that uses a unique approach.

WordUp Download for Playstore

WordUp Download for App Store

3. Vocabulary

This app is one of the best vocabulary apps for iPhone in 2021. This app will help you strengthen and expand your vocabulary to improve your English skills.

The Vocabulary will also provide personalized quizzes and you will have the option to choose the quiz source, type and number of questions.

Vocabulary Download For Playstore

Vocabulary download for App store

4. Quizlet

Quizlet, one of the top 50 websites in the US and with over 50 million users is much more than just a vocabulary app. Quizlet is an enormous collection of study guides and flashcard sets aimed at helping students prepare for a wide variety of subject-related tests, including the SAT and GRE.

Flashcards, games and quizzes are the pillars on which this app is built. However, students can choose between seven highly creative learning models based on their individual interests.

Quizlet Download for Playstore

Quizlet Download for App store

5. Memrise

With over 42 million users, Memrise is one of the most popular but also the best vocabulary apps for learning English, mainly because it can offer thousands of language courses to learn most European, Middle Eastern, and Eastern languages.

Nevertheless, most critics agree that Memrise is best suited for beginners or individuals looking to expand their vocabulary in a language they already know. Memrise leans heavily on mnemonic principles, at least in courses designed by Memrise itself.

Memrise Download for Playstore

Memrise Download for App Store

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