Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

8 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

8 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android – Unlike a PC or laptop, this screen recorder application for Android is usually easier to use. There are also many Android screen recorder applications specifically for recording games that you can try. Curious what these applications are? Check out the following reviews!

8 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

1. DU Recorder

One of the best android screen recorder applications, namely DU Recorder. You can use a variety of available language options. The quality of the videos recorded with this application is quite high. Ease of use makes many people use it.

The thing that is lacking in this application is that there is a watermark from the video recording results. The relatively large file size of the recording results also requires you to have a large storage memory as well. However, you can also overcome this by compressing the video .

With DU Recorder, you can also simultaneously edit videos on your Android after the screen recording process is complete. Giving effects, filters, music, and the like, can be done here.


2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

An application that has received the best App award certainly has many advantages that you can get. HD quality that can reach 1080p makes your videos interesting to watch. To use this application, make sure your smartphone is using at least Android version 4.4 or KitKat.

With an application size of no more than 20MB, of course it won’t take up too much of your cellphone’s memory. This application also supports a feature that is capable of editing existing recordings, making it possible for you not to need to go through additional video editing applications .

Not only recording the screen, Mobizen can also be an alternative screenshot application with floating buttons without having to bother pressing key combinations on your cellphone.


3. AZ Screen Recorder

This application has a very easy user interface. It is very light for smartphones and can also be installed by any type of smartphone. What’s fun again, this application is an Android screen recorder application without a watermark.

If you are one of those people who likes walkthrough games, this application is perfect for use. There is no need to use root, making it an advantage that you can get when you want to record games on Android .


4. XRecorder

If you like an attractive design, this application can be an option. This lightweight screen recorder application can be installed even though the smartphone has small RAM. The features in this application are unique because there is a shake/shake feature. This feature functions to control when to start recording and stop the recording being run.

Despite its many advantages, this application can be had for free and runs smoothly on an Android operating system with a minimum version of 5.0 or Lollipop. For operating systems below 5.0, you need to root your smartphone.


5. Super Screen Recorder

Various qualities can be obtained when using this application to record your Android screen display. Even in this application can do a GIF animation that is done directly. The addition of facecam features will be a fun thing.

Even though this application has many features, unfortunately to install this application it requires sufficient RAM. In addition, the recording results will also have a fairly large file size, so it takes up quite a bit of existing storage. The appearance of this application is also fairly standard when compared to other competitors.


6. Background Video Recorder

This application is the best Android screen recorder application. This is due to its ability to perform secret and scheduled recordings. Many languages ​​can be used when using this application. The feature of activating and deactivating the sound on the camera can also be done with this application.

This very easy to use application includes a recording shortcut with just one click on the widget. The size of this application is very light because it is only 5.4MB in size.


7. Screen Recorder – Record with Facecam And Audio

The rating of this application is quite a lot and it is capable of recording on all smartphone screens. Display results that look HD and also professional make people choose this application. to use this application you don’t need to root your cellphone. In addition, this application is also capable of recording with the face cam feature.

A wide selection of existing features makes it an advantage and does not need to use various other supporting applications. When using this application, make sure the available RAM has enough space so that recording can run smoothly.


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8. REC – Screen Recorder

To make recordings with a long duration, you can choose this application. The existence of various control options available makes the settings for how the results of the resulting screen recording can be adjusted as desired. So that the quality and size of the video file can be appropriate. 

Even though the appearance of this application is somewhat complicated, there are many features that you can enjoy. The size of this application is not even that big. There is no watermark from the results of this video which is also an advantage that you can get.

You can try the various screen recorder applications above directly by pressing the buttons provided. Especially for those of you who want to make a video in the form of a tutorial, or gaming video from both Android and PC.


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