Best Workout Planning Apps

Best Workout Planning Apps 2023

Best Workout Planning Apps 2023 – Haven’t you gone back to the gym yet or do you simply prefer to train at home in your spare time or at the weekend? I understand you, even when I can I always find the time to unplug from the daily routine and dedicate myself to training. After all , mens sana in corpore sano right?

Training constantly is a way to keep fit, to regain psycho-physical balance and also to feel better about ourselves. If you too are looking for a practical and quick way to get back in shape but for various reasons you cannot rely on a professional, I strongly advise you to continue reading this article.

In the past, I’ve already shown you some fitness apps , but in the next few paragraphs, I’ll tell you about the Best Workout Planning Apps  that are perfect for following at home or anywhere you want. Ready? Come on, rely on your smartphone and you’ll feel like you’re back in the gym in the blink of an eye. As you know, training cards are the basis for constant, well-structured physical activity, above all performed correctly.

Test the applications I am about to suggest and find your dimension of comfort and physical well-being with the training schedules created specifically for you and for your level. What are you waiting for? Track your workouts and have fun!

Best Workout Planning Apps


The first of the ‘fantastic four’ applications that I want to offer you to create a daily training plan, a useful and ideal tool if you aim to create a daily routine aimed at well-being and body care, is called GymJoy.

It is a valid application available on Android and iOS devices , perfect for those who are looking for a quick and simple method to have a personalized training schedule just a click away. With this app you will know perfectly which part of the body to train day after day and you won’t have to worry about inventing workouts that can harm you rather than benefit you.

GymJoy is a real training diary , easy and above all comfortable to follow. The software I’m telling you about manages your gym routine as if it were a personal trainer. It is, in fact, an app to create gym cards , but not only.

Integrated pre-packaged training plans for men and women, achieve different goals depending on your needs (weight loss, leg and butt work, mass gain, etc.), training programs suitable for both beginners and more experienced .

Create your free training plan with GymJoy and have fun following the fitness and bodybuilding exercises proposed by the instructors. The app has a large database of exercises for both men and women. Download it now from the App Store or Google Play and start training!

Gym Life

The second application that I suggest you try if you’re looking for a simple but above all effective method to keep track of your workouts and always have a detailed exercise sheet at hand (or rather your smartphone), is Gym Life. Have you ever heard of it?

It is a valid application that can be downloaded on Android and iOS mobile devices that allows you to follow a well-defined and smartly annotated daily training regimen directly on your smartphone. Goodbye to various leaflets and confusing agendas!

Gym Life allows you to create your personalized gym card in just a few steps, you can manage your training sessions comfortably at home and constantly view your monthly and weekly training diary .

If you’re looking for a platform that literally builds a workout calendar for you to perform, this app is definitely for you. Gym Life is certainly among the best apps dedicated to the world of fitness. With a very simple and intuitive interface , it finally allows you to get rid of the classic paper card.

Try more than 400 exercises, plan and organize your schedules, check your stats and look closely at how your training is affecting your muscles, monitor your training load every week, test bodyweight and weight workouts, download workout schedules custom made by professionals and track your weight. All this in one simple app. Fantastic right?

GymRun Workout Diary and Fitness Tracker

Another round, another run. Another application that I think might be right for you is GymRun Workout Diary and Fitness Tracker . With this valid software available on Android mobile devices you can create your personal training plan.

Intuitive, simple, and above all customizable in just a few clicks . The app has an expandable exercise database and allows you to create a real list of your favorite exercises and select the muscle groups filter.

The app monitors everything and offers you training schedules created ad hoc according to your requests and your levels. Evaluate the various types of workouts for the body parts you want to train every day and create your own daily exercise routine.

Do you love to train your abs? Or do you prefer to focus your energies on your leg muscles to make them more toned and stronger? Try GymRun now to start your personalized workout. You’ll have everything you need just a tap away!

Exercises at home

Another interesting app that allows you to establish a daily training plan and also allows you to perform exercises in total autonomy without having to go to the gym every time, is Workout at Home . This app, of which we find both a version for Android and iOS devices , allows us to train completely independently.

Once the application has been downloaded and installed on our smartphone, we will have access to daily training programs that will allow us to train all the main muscle groups of our body. Through training for a few minutes a day , you will be able to keep fit and face the next swimsuit test in the best possible way.

The app is very useful because it contains a series of exercises that will allow you to tone your chest, legs, arms, abs and any other muscle in your body. All exercises can be done bodyweight, so you don’t need any equipment. This way you won’t even need to create a training card, as the app itself will tell you what to do every day.


As you will have understood by reading this guide, training at home is really very simple if you know how to rely on the right application. If you want to integrate what you do in the fitness room or more simply you never have time to go to the gym and you want to train in your living room, the applications I have pointed out to you in this article will surely be right for you.

No more flying sheets of paper and notes of exercises to be performed written in the notes of the mobile phone, keep track of your workouts in a smart way thanks to special applications. Choose the one that you think can suit your needs and your pace among those I have indicated to you or, alternatively, test them all.

I hope this article has been helpful and given you the information you were looking for. For any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you! Come on, what are you waiting for? Get your mat ready and start training!

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