Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it? – And as for the level of English… unfortunately, too. When we have to write, and also in English, the difficulty multiplies.

You probably already know the free version of Grammarly , your real-time English proofreader, which you can use both on your computer and in a mobile version.

However, the free versions do not always cover our needs. Above all, if we need professional English to write articles, write a doctoral thesis or use it at work.

That’s where things change, my friend .

We discover the paid version of Grammarly, which will help you take your writing in English to another level.

Is it worth having Grammarly Premium?

” Effective communication is the key to making things happen.”

This could well be a Mr. Wonderful phrase. But not. It is the value proposition that Grammarly Premium presents on its website.

This is like everything. If English is important to your business and you want to transform your writing, Grammarly Premium is a winning investment.

Its benefits are highly favorable and recommended if you are a blogger , writer or student and need to write correctly and regularly in English.

Grammarly Premium Features

An express friendly reminder .

The free version of Grammarly will bring you value if you are just looking to check your spelling and grammar as you type. Something basic and simple.

However, if you upgrade to the pro version , everything changes. And a lot.

Here are some of its main advantages:

1. Make yourself understood with clear sentences in English

Grammarly detects and corrects in real time any possible error you make when writing your texts in English.

The paid version will help you to make your written communication in English professional, formal and secure .

Grammarly Example

*Example taken from the Grammarly website

2. Your trusted proofreader in English

Grammarly Premium ensures you a correct level of English even in the most imperceptible details. In fact, it can catch escaping errors in a normal spell check.

In addition, it helps you choose the most appropriate words , adjusts the intended tone of your communication and gives clarity to your translations .

Now more than ever you are going to work safely, reliably and calmly on your writings in English.

With the Grammarly Premium guarantee .

*Example taken from the Grammarly website

3. Your plagiarism checker

The paid version of Grammarly has a plagiarism checker that will save you time and will guarantee that the writing of your texts in English is unique and original.

Writers, students or teachers trust Grammarly with their work to ensure that it is correctly translated and free of plagiarism.

Correction of texts in English

Estimate for correction of texts in English

Opinions on the paid version of Grammarly

Opinions count, a lot. And Grammarly knows it.

For this reason, he cares and is busy understanding the needs and benefits of those who download his life- saving app .

Currently more than 20 million people use the application. Almost nothing!

Grammarly routinely surveys its customers and ensures that people who use the Premium version report better results.

  • 70% of Grammarly users feel more confident when writing their texts.
  • 76% of Grammarly users find typing more comfortable .
  • 85% of Grammarly users feel more confident writing in English.

Hat-trick for the paid version of Grammarly , whose goal is to direct your basic or intermediate level of written English to excellence.

How much is Grammarly Premium?

Very good, very beautiful and wonderful everything.

But now, the important thing. How much do you have to pay to have the Premium version of Grammarly?

Grammarly Premium works with a monthly or yearly subscription . If you choose to subscribe for the whole year, the monthly cost would be $11.66. If, on the other hand, you opt for the month-to-month plan, the amount is $25.95.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

For sporadic use, probably not. But if you write in English on a daily basis in an academic or professional environment, there is no doubt that Grammarly will save you a lot of time and enrich your texts .

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