How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work in 2023?

How exactly does Artificial Intelligence work ? The explanation regarding the definition of Artificial Intelligence or AI is very broad. There are those who associate AI with robot-like technology like sci-fi films . However, there are also those who think AI is an automated system.

Both of these answers do have a point if you look at AI from a certain point of view. So, to find out what and how Artificial Intelligence actually works , let’s look at the following explanation.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

As already mentioned, the definition of Artificial Intelligence  itself is actually very broad. AI itself is an artificial intelligence designed and developed by humans. Like intelligence in humans, AI is also able to think and act rationally. The most advanced AI technology even allows the system to move like a human.

With its intelligence, AI can do tasks smartly without having to get explicit orders. The existence of AI has been proven to be able to lighten human work, especially for types of work that are repetitive and have certain work patterns.

Types of Artificial Intellgence

Before discussing how artificial intelligence works , it’s good to know the types first. Artificial Intelligence that exists today actually has different types. Here are three types of Artificial Intelligence that are commonly used:


Artificial Narrow Intelligence or ANI is the most common type of AI used today. Called ” narrow ” because its function is limited. Because, ANI is only designed to be able to do one task only. Even though they can only do one task, it is certain that ANI’s work is of very good quality.

The application of ANI is very close to people’s lives. Even this type of AI can be applied in all sectors of life. From providing product recommendations to predicting the weather, ANI can do everything easily.


Next is Artificial General Intelligence or AGI. For now, AGI is still just a concept. This type of AI is described as a system that can work with a human equivalent cognitive level. This system includes language processing, image processing, to decision-making functions.

With the current technology and innovation, the creation of AGI is still very far away. This is because an AGI system requires at least thousands of ANI working side by side and integrated with each other. Even so, it does not mean that there has been no research progress towards it.


Finally, there is Artificial Super Intelligence or ASI. If the AGI system works on a cognitive level with humans, ASI can go beyond that. ASI can make decisions, think rationally, to create findings.

Just like AGI, currently ASI is still a rough concept. However, when humans are finally able to create AGI, the creation of ASI will no longer be a big problem. Because, when AGI was successfully created, scientists predicted that the technology would develop very rapidly.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

Now coming to the big question; actually how does Artificial Intelligence work ? AI systems are capable of operating by combining several large data sets. The data set is then processed with a certain algorithm to find a pattern in the data.

Every time AI processes data, the system will test and measure its own performance. From these measurements, then the system works to then bring up a new capability.

Unlike human labor, AI does not require rest. As a result, AI can do multiple tasks at once in a short time. At the same time, AI will also “learn” to improve their abilities. That way, AI can do any task they are taught.

Also keep in mind, to be able to operate fully, AI does not only rely on computer systems. On the contrary, AI is supported by very complex systems and components to work. The ultimate goal is to create a system that can mimic 100% human behavior, from actions to thinking skills to solving complex problems.

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How to Design Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is very complex. An AI system can consist of several technological sub-sections such as:


Neural networks are a number of small units that are interconnected to give AI machine learning capabilities. If compared, this unit is similar to the human nervous system.


The learning abilities obtained from the neural network are then processed to be able to gain new knowledge or abilities, even before the AI ​​is programmed to learn these abilities.


Deep learning is an improvement over machine learning . This unit harnesses the power of computers to study patterns in data. Image recognition and speech capabilities are the result of deep learning in AI.


Cognitive computing is a unit that allows AI to have a human-like cognitive system. The main use of this unit is to process human commands through the interpretation of speech and images.


The way Artificial Intelligence works is actually very complex and does not only rely on computer technology. To give birth to an artificial intelligence, there needs to be a very complex and complicated series of systems and components.

Even though it is very complex, it does not mean that AI is difficult to develop. On the contrary, opportunities for AI to develop will continue to open until eventually humans can create artificial intelligence that can even surpass humans themselves.

AI is very interesting to learn. By studying AI, you can design a system that makes everyday tasks easier. Come on , start learning how Artificial Intelligence works with Algorithms!

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