how to become a dropshipper

How to Become a Dropshipper in 2023: Step By Step Guide

How to Become a Dropshipper – Every year the development of e-commerce in the World continues to increase. One of the online businesses that you can do is to become a successful dropshipper.

What is dropshipping? For those of you who actively follow online business developments, you are no longer familiar with this term. Dropshipping is an online business scheme that is very easy to start and run. Anyone can become a dropshipper, as people who do dropshipping business are called.

The benefits provided by this business scheme are numerous if business people can fully understand the correct dropshipping business procedures. If you are looking for this business information, let’s see all the explanations below.

What Is Dropshipping?

The simple definition of a dropshipping business is selling various kinds of products without having to stock these items. Why did it happen? The concept of this business will later consist of 3 roles, namely suppliers, retailers, and customers who have their respective roles in this business ecosystem. Then what is the business scheme that you must understand in order to become a successful dropshipper? The dropshipping business scheme will involve the 3 roles earlier.

In this business there is a person, individual, company, or entity that acts as a supplier. Supplier is the party that owns the goods that are produced and want to be sold. To sell these goods, suppliers need services to market and offer their goods and this is where the role of a dropshipper or retailer comes into play.

Dropshippers will sell goods from suppliers on the condition that there is a commission distribution if the sale is successful. Usually a customer will not know if the process of buying goods is done through a dropship scheme. Because in this business it is indeed seen that a dropshipper acts as the owner of the goods which makes this point one of the advantages in the dropship business.

There are many more benefits that can be obtained through this business. In addition, you can also start without capital. So what are the things that hinder or make you unsure about trying this Dropship business?

Benefits and Advantages of Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping Business

To be even more convincing for those of you who want to try to take financial advantage and develop business skills. The following will explain what benefits can be obtained through a dropship business that can be done from anywhere without having to have capital or rent an office.

Dropship Without Capital

Starting a dropship business, he said, did not require capital? This question must often be asked by someone who wants to or is interested in trying this business. Regarding this question, it is absolutely true that the dropship business does not require capital to start.

However, that does not mean that this applies in general because there are several suppliers who offer dropship business schemes accompanied by capital in advance. But take it easy, the capital to be paid is not large and is quite comparable to the profits earned.

Earn Big Profits

The dropship business is indeed a prima donna in the eyes of today’s society. Besides being able to start without spending a penny of capital or if you don’t spend too much capital, this business also provides big profits for the perpetrators.

However, there are conditions that must be met first for someone who wants to run this business. The conditions are intention and have a great interest and ability to do business is very necessary in this business. This business is highly recommended for someone who also wants to practice their business skills.

Training Ability in Doing Business

As previously explained, this business is also very good for anyone who wants to hone their skills in the field of online business. Even though the actual implementation of this business is very easy and simple, it can even be done from home, but it still requires commitment and consistency in running it.

In this business a person is required to be able to communicate well with customers, the term is like a Customer Support. Another knowledge that can be obtained by a dropshipper is how to market products so that potential customers can reach them.

Products Sold Various

For a dropshipper in choosing a product that they will sell, there is an advantage, namely being free in determining the product to be sold. So, in this business, although they are free to choose the products being sold, they still pay attention to trends that are being liked by potential customers. Likewise, in determining the goods to be sold, the dropshipper likes them so that later in selling these goods they can be more committed and consistent.

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How to Become a Dropshipper in 2023


After listening to what the dropship business scheme is like and what the benefits are. Surely readers who have an interest in starting this business will be even more interested and curious about how to run this business. For more details. The following will explain tips as well as ways to become a successful and successful dropshipper.

Think about Dropshipping Business Ideas to do

Before starting the execution of the Dropship business that will be run later, a good dropshipper will map and create his business concept in detail. What will be sold? Who will be the business partner? Where will the goods be sold? How to market the product?

All of these questions must have been thought of by prospective dropshippers because this is important so that the business being run can run in a conceptual manner. For example, such as determining a product to be sold in a business later, there are success factors caused by determining a dropship product.

In determining this product, a dropshipper must do thorough research. What items are popular with the masses right now? To find out, there is software that can help a dropshipper determine goods, namely Google Trends, Ubersuggest Keyword Tool, product trends on online store sites, and many more.

Perform Competitor Analysis

After you have decided what to sell, now you need to find out for yourself who your business competitors will be, what they will sell, and how they will sell their products. There are many ways to do this and one way is to enter the name of one of the products you want to sell into Google and do a quick search to see which comes up on top.

The top ten results on Google or other search engines will give a good indication of competitors in a particular location, if selling products in a different location than where dropshipping is run.

In addition, dropshippers may also use third-party tools to collect data, use tools such as SEM Rush or Ahref to get information about search results in various locations around the world.

Search through Alexa or SimilarWeb to find potential competitors who may not appear high in general search results. This website will provide a summary of the websites searched for including their social media profiles, any advertising they do, audience and traffic information for their website, and a list of competitors for the same business.

Select Product Suppliers

After considering all the things regarding the future prospects of the dropship business that will be run, the first thing that must be done after that is to choose a good and competent product supplier. Suppliers are the main partners for a dropshipper, therefore there are things that must be known for a novice dropshipper in determining product suppliers.

Supplier partners must be disciplined in managing products so that delivery is scheduled on time. With too many competitors in the market, dropshippers have no room for let-up, and must always put their best foot forward. Customers will not think twice before switching to competitors if the delivery of goods takes a long time. That is why timeliness is one of the important determining factors when choosing a supplier.

Find a supplier who has an experienced and dynamic team. Experienced suppliers who have a dynamic and efficient team of sales representatives and executives tend to know all the needs of a dropshipping business. If the dropshipper is successful in working with such suppliers, you can say that the dropshipper already has a good platform to succeed.

Create a Dropship Online Store

In this era of all clicks, it is of course very important for a dropshipper to choose to sell their products through an internet platform. There are many platforms that can be used, namely websites, social media, and so on.

Seeing the trend of people who don’t want to be difficult in transacting goods, creating a website is the right choice, especially now that creating a website is very easy. A dropshipping only needs to have a domain name and web hosting capital, while website templates can be chosen from free and paid template providers.

Doing Interesting Promotions

As a business that is seen as promising, of course there are many dropshipper actors who show prospective dropshippers to have something different in their business compared to their competitors. This also applies in terms of marketing a product, as was said earlier if running a business trains business acumen.

Regarding promotions now, it’s very easy, namely through media, such as using social media, using websites, paid advertisements on search engines or websites, email marketing and much more, but even though it’s easy, the advertising content that will be created must also be of high quality.

This promotion is very important for a dropshipping business to improve the reputation of the brand. Good promotion will make it easier to reach potential customers and get them interested in buying the products offered.

Regarding a dropship promotion that is often carried out and gets quite a lot of engagement. Prospective dropshippers can maximize the tools on social media and the costs incurred for promotion are also not large, even if they are creative in managing them, no capital is spent.


So, those were some explanations about how to become a successful dropshipper without capital. It’s really interesting to discuss the development of the online business world now, which will always continue to experience development from time to time, as well as this dropship business.

With the tempting advantages and benefits offered by this business, of course, many people are interested in trying it, so for a beginner dropshipper, there will definitely be a little confusion with so many competitors. However, by being consistent and diligent in carrying out promotions you can definitely outperform many competitors.

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