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5 Benefits of Online Selling for Your Business

Benefits of Online Selling for your Business – One of the reasons for the proliferation of online businesses is because selling online is far more profitable than selling offline. In the previous article we discussed the disadvantages of online shopping, and on this occasion we will get to know more about why selling online is more profitable because they are still related.

Currently, the level of consumer demand for retail goods is higher in online shopping than offline shopping. This is of course due to the convenience offered by online shopping, with just one hand, no need to bother looking for the item you want, you can pay in installments, plus the average price is cheaper, although not too significant.

Because this increase in customer base will of course have an impact on increasing revenue in all lines of the online business industry. The high demand equals the high level of income. Online shopping has a huge influence in contributing to the economy. Therefore, there are also many entrepreneurs who are now starting to focus on selling online and getting lots of benefits from it.

Benefits of Online Selling for Your Business

Is online selling is more profitable? There are several reasons as the admin will explain below.

No need to rent a shop/physical shop

By selling online, you don’t really need to rent an expensive shop or open a physical store. From home, you can start selling online . However, the drawback is that you cannot reach certain market segments that prefer to shop offline.

Even so, by not needing to rent a shop, you can save your budget and can focus more on advertising or other marketing strategies to increase your sales.

This is actually only suitable for small, MSME traders. Because, when your business gets bigger, you need to rent a warehouse to manage stock, orders, and so on. There’s no way you can manage your products and stock in one house full of your belongings. What will exist later will actually narrow it down and you will have trouble, in the end the performance or efficiency in packing goods will decrease, unless your house is so big that it can be used as a warehouse.

Online marketing is more cost effective

Digital marketing for your online store is actually much more economical than when you spend on offline marketing strategies through billboard channels, flyers, etc. That’s it, you can also measure the metrics easily compared to offline marketing.

To market products online, especially in marketplaces through an internal advertising system on each platform, you can expect to spend a smaller budget than advertising offline. A low bidding system and optimal metrics can help you get orders even though your online store is just hatching .

The most important thing is how to acquire massive customers with a low advertising budget. This is certainly very possible to do by selling online.

Reach a very broad target market

This is an important point and the main reason for some sellers why they prefer to sell online. Just imagine, by uploading products, even if you sell in Jakarta, you can reach many buyers from outside Jakarta, from other big cities like Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar, Samarinda, etc.

This is actually the focus of Tokopedia founder, William Tanuwijaya, because he sees a problem where people from his hometown in North Sumatra have to pay more expensive product costs compared to people who are in Jakarta where the producers come from. Social and economic inequality like this if it continues to be allowed will get more massive.

That is the use of eCommerce platforms or marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, and others. To equalize prices and avoid inequality or disparities.

Of course for online sellers, something like this is a very interesting opportunity. In fact, there have been many success stories of MSMEs from Jogja, Solo and other small cities because they have succeeded in reaching their target market to upper middle class buyers in big cities.

Convenience and flexibility

Selling online has become much easier because of the convenience it offers. With just a few steps, your products and online store are ready to sell to consumers. You can set descriptions, choose interesting photos to display, to see sales statistics and insights that can be taken.

There is also no need to record it manually because everything has been provided by each eCommerce platform . What’s more, the flexibility when you want to make a withdrawal or withdraw a sales balance in a matter of minutes has entered your ATM.

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