How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account in 2023 (Step-by-Step)

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account in 2023 (Step-by-Step) – How to Delete WhatsApp and everything that is involved in doing so, we explain how to delete your account on this platform and what risk you have once you permanently delete your WhatsApp Account.

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account?

How to delete WhatsApp Account from your cell phone is very simple. To do so, the application must be accessed directly, so it cannot be deleted from a computer.

If you want to delete your account, what you should do is the following:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the settings.
  3. Select the word account.
  4. Then click on “Delete my account”.
  5. Then you will have to enter the phone number that is associated with your account. (including your country code).
  6. To finish, press the “Delete my account” button.

How to delete Whatsapp Account Without Phone

What can you do if you don’t have your phone at hand? If your cell phone was stolen or your device has been lost, you probably want to delete your WhatsApp account . You can suspend your account temporarily by sending an email to the application support. For it:

  1. Write an email to [email protected] 
  2. The subject of the email should say: “Stolen/lost phone: Please deactivate my account.”
  3. In the part of the message, place your full phone number following the international format.
  4. This modality does not delete the account immediately, but it does keep it inactive. After 30 days have elapsed and the account has not been reactivated, WhatsApp will delete it completely.

If your cell phone has been stolen, you can delete your WhatsApp account without any problem, just by contacting the platform’s technical support.

Risks you assume when deleting WhatsApp

Before looking for how to permanently delete WhatsApp , it is important that you take into account the consequences caused by carrying out this process. The first risk that is assumed is the loss of all data stored in the application, for example:

  • Profile picture.
  • Images published in the states.
  • You will be removed from groups.
  • You will lose the history of the chats.
  • All media files received through the app will be deleted.
  • The payment method registered by the WhatsApp servers will be deleted.
  • The content of the chats stored in backup copies will be completely deleted.
  • Your phone number and personal data will be unlinked from the application.
  • Your number will be free for a new WhatsApp registration.
  • You will lose all the personal information you shared with platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, the WhatsApp documentation collects the information that may remain in the company’s databases for legal reasons, violation of terms of use or damage prevention. However, the data will be anonymized.

Delete WhatsApp Account: is it immediate?

When you Delete WhatsApp, you expect the process to be quick, but is the information deleted immediately? This is not usually the case, the platform can keep the data for at least 90 days after starting the process. What does this imply? The conversations are encrypted, therefore they cannot be read by anyone else. This platform uses other data such as connection time, frequency, and settings.

It is not interested in what you write or talk, rather, it focuses on knowing the model of the phone, its operating system, the battery charge level, time zone, IP address, among others.

WhatsApp shares this information with other group companies such as Facebook and Instagram, this is done with the aim of better promoting their ads and services.

By deleting your WhatsApp account, the information will be held by the platform for at least 90 days once you decide to cancel your account.

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