Tips for Use Pinterest Video for Business

7 Tips for Use Pinterest Video for Business

7 Tips for Use Pinterest Video for Business – Social media is indeed an interesting place to do promotions. One of the social media that you can use is Pinterest. Apart from being identical to pictures, Pinterest also has video features that you can rely on. Then, what are the tips for using Pinterest videos for business promotion ?

Pinterest itself is actually a form of social media that is quite unique. For its users, this is an online pinboard that you can use to collect the pictures or videos you like. Thus, helping you to organize all the multimedia content that you like.

Why Pinterest Videos are Great for Promotion

At first glance, the interactions that occur on this social media platform are only likes , comments , and re-pinning content between one user and another. Then how can Pinterest become one of the important social media for promotional needs?

There are actually 2 reasons why you can rely on this social media. The first reason, a pin on Pinterest can reach more people than a tweet on a tweeter . In addition, pinned content can also increase page visits and pageviews.

These two reasons prove that Pinterest is an effective platform when promoting a business. 

Tips for Use Pinterest Video for Business

In order to benefit from the Pinterest platform , you need to follow these tips on using Pinterest videos for promotions :

1. Using Pinterest for Business

The first step you can take as a tip for using Pinterest videos for promotion is to use a Pinterest for business account . This method is considered more effective than using a personal account.

If you use this method, then you can connect your Pinterest account with the blog or website that you have. So, it will make it easier for you to do repins , see the number of clicks you get, and also see the number of saves on each of your content. 

This method is also a step that you can take to do branding on your website . Don’t forget to put information about the website link in the Pinterest bio column to make the most of this method!

2. Utilize Tools from Pinterest

One of the advantages that you can get by using a business account is being able to take advantage of various beneficial tools from Pinterest. Basically, these tools will function similarly to analytics tools .

When it comes to tips on using Pinterest videos for promotion, this method is quite effective for bringing in traffic , especially for websites . You can also optimize this method further by using SEO optimization on the website .

Some other Pinterest tools that are also quite interesting for you to use, include:

  • Marketing Blog: This feature will help you by providing various kinds of marketing tips using Pinterest.
  • Video Library: This feature can help you find out how to get lots of clicks, optimize campaigns , and more.

3. Don’t Forget Video Description

When making a promotional video, maybe you will focus on the content in it. When posted , most people just write a little explanation in the description. This is the wrong way.

As a tip for using Pinterest videos for promotions, maximizing the description column is very important. This is an easy way to explain to your audience about the video you’re making.

There are several ways you can fill in the description column in order to increase interaction and maximize content. These methods include:

  • Create a description that will help the audience quickly understand the video.
  • Provide as much detailed information as possible, even if using short sentences. Make sure the information can tell the audience what the video is about. In addition, make sure that the information is sufficient to attract the attention of the audience.
  • Use related words and use positive sentences to attract the audience. This is similar to using SEO rules.
  • If possible, don’t forget to use CTA (Call to Action).

When writing a description, it’s actually not much different from writing a meta description in SEO rules. You have a limited number of characters that you can maximize to be able to make writing quite interesting.

4. Use keywords

Keywords do play an important role in understanding what the audience wants and how creators provide what they want.

Included in the Pinterest video that you want to optimize for promotional needs, then using the appropriate keywords is also a must. In this condition, using keywords is a way to make your content easier for other Pinterest users to find.

You can use your own keywords in the description column. This method is also useful for explaining more quickly about the videos you upload.

5. Pay attention to video quality

In order to maximize the promotional video that you make, don’t forget about the quality of the video. Because the better the quality, of course, it will attract the attention of many people.

There are several things you need to pay attention to in order to create quality Pinterest video content as a promotional tool, as follows:

  • The size of the Pinterest video you are using.
  • Choose the appropriate video format for the content, vertical or horizontal.
  • Lighting and color tones .
  • Content quality.

6. Adapt to the Audience

The important thing about any promotional content is, of course, adapting to the audience. After all, the audience will be the main target of all the promotional content that you will create. If the audience is interested, then the content you create will certainly be successful.

Therefore, the most important tips for using Pinterest videos for promotions are getting engagement. Either way, this interaction will produce the exposure you need. The more exposure you get, the higher the probability that the content will be successful.

In order to adjust to the audience, there are many ways you can do it. Starting from conducting content surveys to seeing how the reaction is to the content you create.

Another way is to look at existing content from other brands with almost the same niche as you or a similar target audience. So, you can see what content is popular and which is not.

7. Implementing the Right Content Strategy

Tips for using Pinterest videos for other promotions that you can use are to use the right content strategy to determine the content you will create.

The use of a content strategy will indeed be closely related to how the audience you will deal with. Apart from that, this strategy is also related to how your business image can be well received and appropriate by the audience.

Because of the complexity of this strategy, it is very possible that using the same strategy may not necessarily get the same results. Even if you use it for two types of businesses with the same target market.

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Benefits of Using Pinterest for Promotion

Of the many tips on using Pinterest videos for promotion above, there are quite a few ways you can do it.

So how effective is promotion through the Pinterest platform actually?

At least, for marketing needs , there are several benefits that you can get by doing it on Pinterest, namely:

  • Increase website traffic : This is related to interesting Pinterest video content , it will make the audience look for the source of the website too.
  • Increase the number of sales: The higher the amount of website traffic , the higher the possibility of increasing your business sales figures.
  • Creating community: In the business world, community is an advantage. You can also get this method easily when promoting on Pinterest. Because Pinterest is a fairly easy platform to build communication between brands and audiences

Interested in Using Pinterest Videos for Promotion?

So, those are the tips for using Pinterest videos for promotion. Pinterest does offer a lot of convenience.

Apart from that, using Pinterest videos for promotion is also quite profitable because of the interactions that you can easily get with your audience.

Of course, the Pinterest platform is perfect for you to make an effective business promotion platform.

So, are you interested in trying it?

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