Best 18 War Games on Android

Best 18 War Games on Android in 2023

Best 18 War Games on Android in 2023 – War games are one of the most popular types of games. Moreover, this type of game also has many variations. It can be themed World War 2, war against zombies , war between tribes, war against Aien, and many more.

Not surprisingly, war games are liked by games of various age ranges, from children to adults. So, in this Androbuntu article, I will provide recommendations for the 2 best war games that you can play on Android.

Best 18 War Games on Android in 2023

1. World War Heroes: WW2 Shooter

The first war game that I will recommend to you Androbuntu friends is made by Azure Interavtive Games Limited. The game with the title World War Heroes: WW2 Shooter has 7 different modes, namely hardcore, deathmatch, team deathmatch, bomb, team squad, team panzer, and custom mode.

With so many modes offered, you will never get bored playing this game . If you get bored in one mode, then you can play in another mode.


2. War Wings

This Android war game is quite unique, because we will fight using planes. So, there will be lots of actions and acrobatics that you can do besides just shooting enemies in the sky.

You can weave around avoiding enemy fire, so that you dive down to chase your opponent. War Wings has a 4v4 online mode, where you will fight against real players online from all over the world.

3. War Robots

The War Robots game made by PIXONIC is a futuristic war game that is very fun to play. We will not use cars, planes or conventional weapons to fight, but robots. By using sophisticated robots, we will fight against other robots. Of course, Androbuntu friends can equip the robot with additional weapons that are no less cool.


4. Brothers in Arms 3

The third series of Brothers in Arms game titles still displays the same war tensions as the previous series. Carrying the theme of World War 2, this game is quite realistic by displaying real weapons in the real world.

Apart from weapons , there are also several other war equipment that you can use such as tanks and planes. Brothers in Arms 3 is perfect for those of you who want to play games with a console-like sensation.


5. War Commander: Rogue Assault

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a war game with a hint of strategy. Your skill in strategizing is very important in this game if you want to win.

This game can be played online by fighting with players from around the world. Androbuntu friends who are poor at quota don’t need to be sad, because this game can also be played offline .


6. Art of War 3

The developer claims that Art of War is the first real time strategy game whose controls are fully optimized for mobile phones . Arti of War 3 is an online game with thousands of players from all over the planet.

So you won’t have any trouble getting opponents in this game . This game is also equipped with many single-player missions, so you can improve your playing skills before attacking real players.


7. Skywards War

Another of the best airplane-themed offline war games that you can play on Android, Skyward War. Skyward War carries a 3D view, so it will be very fun to play on Android devices. You can feel the sensation of using war planes in the air, and see the scenery below. Skyward War has a simple and easy to use control system.

8. Counter Shooter Mission War

Surely you already know the legendary game Counter Strike ? Well, there is one Android game that is similar in appearance and gameplay to CS, namely Coutner Shooter Mission War.

Just like in CS, in this army war game you can also use famous weapons such as AK47, MP5, P90, and many more. The size of this game is small, only 22MB. So it won’t drain your internet quota.


9. War Planet Online: Global Conquest

War Planet Online: Global Conquest is a shooting war game using heavy vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, jets and fighter planes. Apart from fighting, in this game you will also build your own base which other players can target at any time.

So besides focusing on attacking other players, you also have to focus on defending your own military base. You can upgrade all your items, from tanks, helicopters, jets, to bases.


10. March of Empires: War of Lords

March of Empire: War of Lords brings the atmosphere of ancient wars with thousands of troops between empires. The game system is also quite complex, you can choose to become a King, Tsar or Sultan.

You can train soldiers according to your own playing style. So later your army with other players’ soldiers will have different skills and fighting styles. So if you compete, it will be very exciting to see which one is the best and finally wins.


11. World War Polygon: WW2 Shooter

World War Polygon: WW2 Shooter offers the same game system as World War Heroes: WW2 Shooter. The difference is, here the appearance of the game is made of polygons so that it is more unique and lighter.

Until this article was published on Androbuntu, World War Polygon: WW2 Shooter is still unreleased, but can be downloaded on Google Play. For those of you who want the latest 2019 war game with a unique style, then you can try this game .


12. World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

In this game, you play the role of a war general. Your task is to train troops as best as possible, troops consist of tanks and also aircraft. Later your troops will fight with troops of other players from around the world. So, you have to really train your troops well in order to win the battle.


13. Gun War: Shooting Games

Looking for an offline war game to play on an Android tablet or cellphone. You should try Gun War: Shooting Games, because this is an online game designed to be played without the internet.

This game has 124 tasks divided into 6 types of games with tens of hours of playing time. Available in more than 15 languages, there are more than 50 weapons and more than 50 epic scenes in Gun War: Shooting Games.


14. Rivals at War: 2048

In the game Rivals at War: 2048, the war that you are fighting is no longer on earth, but on a wider scale, namely the galaxy. Of course your character will be equipped with super-sophisticated weapons and equipment.

Starting from high-tech iron armor, laser guns, and many more. There are several modes that you can play in this game , from fighting AI to real players in online mode .


15. War Dragons

Next is a game called War Dragons, which was selected as one of the Google Play editor’s choice games . The storyline is quite simple, where you will be tasked with training and caring for a dragon cub.

This dragon child will later accompany you during the war with the enemies you meet. War Dragons has received a lot of praise for its 3D appearance that looks real and natural.


16. Frontline Commando: WW2

This game made by Glue has a game pattern that is almost the same as other army war games . Where your job as a soldier is to defeat the enemy army. Frontline Commando: WW2 is also still themed around World War 2. This game is free to play, but you can buy certain items using real money.

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17. World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game

If you are a true gamer , then you will remember the battleship game . Now there is such a game but with a modern touch and 3D graphics, it’s called World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game.

This game is also equipped with a PVP mode against real players, making it even more exciting. World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game gets a rating of 4.5, very good for a game .


18. Vikings: War of Clans

The legend of the Vikings, which is famous all over the world, can now be played by Androbuntu friends in Vikings: War of Clans. Here you have to build a strong village and defend it from other village attacks.

Apart from that, you can also attack other villages to plunder their resources. Similar to Clash of Clans huh? But here the graph is made more real.



How cool is not the game? Please choose for yourself which one you want to download and play.

You can play the above war games for free. Some of them may implement an In App Purchase system, where you can buy items with real money.

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