Best Football Games for Android

10 Best Football Games for Android in 2023

Best Football Games for Android in 2023 – Team sports are full of competition and we can feel that in soccer. Seeing this, many developers have brought up a sport that brings together 22 players on a gridiron to become a soccer game on Android until 2023.

Many games with the theme of football are scattered. The variations are quite diverse. There are those who take angles from the side of managers, players, or others. The availability of this many might make you confused to determine the best football game to play.

Best Football Games for Android

So, in this article, we have summarized the 10 best Android Football games for 2023. If you are a fan of games with this theme and are looking for the most suitable game , then please take a look at the list we have made below for your consideration.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile has been very popular among Android football game lovers until 2023 because it presents a complete soccer game. This game from EA also provides special updates to welcome the 2022 World Cup event, which allows you to enjoy matches between national teams of the world.

You can also form a team that you can concoct from the best European and American players. You can recruit players from famous leagues, from the English Premier League , Spanish La Liga , German Bundesliga , French Ligue 1 , Italian Serie A , and many more.

Interestingly, you can compete with other players from around the world to compete with football skills by participating in tournaments and leagues that are held online . If you win in the tournament, you are entitled to prizes that can be used to develop your team.

Mode: Online

Genre: Sports

Size: 122MB++

Download FIFA Mobile

eFootball 2023

Pro Evolution Soccer aka PES is the best and very popular Android football game franchise , now that name no longer exists due to the rebranding to eFootball a few years ago. In 2023 eFootball is also updating for a new season that football game lovers can play.

The graphics of eFootball are quite good with additional details that make the appearance more real, such as journalists, photographers, drinking bottles on the sidelines, the shadow of the stadium roof, and other details. The animation of the players is not stiff even though there are deficiencies in the flat facial expressions.

Players are also given the freedom to determine the playing style and formation they want to use. As a football-themed game , eFootball is still one of the best on Android to date.

Mode: Online

Genre: Sports

Size: 3.30GB

Download eFootball 2023

Soccer Manager 2023

Returning to the simulation genre , there is the Soccer Manager 2023 game . This game that allows you to feel the dynamics of being a soccer coach comes with a large selection of professional players with a FIFPRO license.

Apart from players, there is also diversity in the choice of clubs, available up to 900 clubs from 35 countries. Like other similar games , you can build your own dream team and lead them to win various prestigious tournaments. You can use winning prizes or other income to buy additional players in an effort to make the team stronger.

You can also monitor team play on the gridiron through pretty slick 3D graphics. Soccer Manager 2023 can be an alternative choice for this type of game to train a soccer team. Moreover , this game is one of the best soccer manager simulation games every year.

Mode: Online

Genre: Simulation

Size: 624MB

Download Soccer Manager 2023

Dream League Soccer 2023

Dream League Soccer is the best Android Football game that is not inferior to popular soccer games like FIFA and eFootball. The game processing the 11 vs 11 round skin that is presented in this game is made close to the original. This is a differentiator from FIFA and PES which often give side-quests .

You will be given the opportunity to take advantage of the resources of more than 4000 world-class players provided here to build your dream team. Of course the team that you form can compete in various world-class soccer competitions. 

On the visual side, this game is presented with three-dimensional (3D) graphics that make this game feel very realistic. And until this year, DLS has regularly issued updates every season and has become one of the most popular Android football games .

Mode: Online

Genre: Sports

Size: 612MB

Download Dream League Soccer

Total Football

The next best football-themed Android game for 2023 is Total Football . The game holds a FIFPro license for 60,000 world-class players. Here you can compete your skills on the gridiron against other players from all over the world online .

Graphically, this game is good enough with the precise 3D display it carries. As a result, you can be more comfortable developing your own team, recruit star players, and achieve victory in various matches.

As for game control, this game has a mechanism that is not much different from other similar games . So you won’t have too much trouble adapting the first time you play. 

Mode: Online

Genre: Sports

Size: 1.77GB

Download Total Football

Football League 2023

Football League 2023 provides a soccer playing experience with good graphics and a fairly intelligent game AI. There are more than 100 national teams from various countries of the world and also 330 clubs that you can choose from with cross-continental championships.

You can form a team with the best players that you judge according to your needs. You can monitor every aspect of team performance, so you can determine the most optimal formation and tactics to bring your team to win matches.

This game that can be played offline also provides responsive controls with fairly good and dynamic visualization of player movements. Although visually it cannot be compared to games as popular as FIFA or eFootball , this game can still be your alternative option.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Sports

Size: 69MB

Download Football League 2023

Football Master 2

Game Football Master 2-Soccer Star is the best Android football game that carries the football manager simulation genre . As a result, instead of controlling players on the field, this game focuses on the challenges of being a football team coach in concocting strategy.

At first glance, this game is similar to other football manager type games , but there is a difference in terms of visualization. When your team is fighting, the game view will be 3D and make it easier for you to observe the tempo of the game.

Apart from that, the interesting thing about this game is that you have to make various tactical changes dynamically. The reason is you will be faced with the course of the match that may not be in accordance with initial expectations.

Mode: Online

Genre: Sports

Size: 889MB

Download Football Master 2

Future Football Manager

Future Football Manager is one of the most interesting football team manager simulation games for Android. Here, you will manage one of the clubs both on and off the field, and make it the best.

This game is quite different from other soccer management games . In the initial menu, you can already see the difference from the rise of popular songs, which makes navigation very enjoyable. Apart from that, you will also be treated to a number of cinematic sequences .

Another distinctive feature of this game lies in the way the matches are played. During the match, you can determine the moves of the players by drawing them on the screen with your finger. So your actions and decisions during the match also have a big impact on the final result.

Mode: Online

Genre: Sports

Size: 3.90GB

Download Future Football Manager

Ultimate Draft Soccer

The best 2023 football-themed Android game that we recommend next is Ultimate Draft Soccer . This game will give you the opportunity to play in matches with a duration of about 2 minutes each match. This duration is suitable for those of you who prefer fast games and don’t want to spend too long in front of your cellphone .

You can form a team by selecting players based on their original references thanks to the official license from FIFPRO. You can judge each player from the unique statistics and attributes that are embedded in each player according to their abilities and characteristics.

Outside of football, you can also enjoy other fun, such as choosing a mascot for the team, whether it’s a cheetah, elephant, or something else that suits the characteristics of the team. 

Mode: Online

Genre: Sports

Size: 558MB

Download Ultimate Draft Soccer

Pro Kick Soccer

One of the most interesting parts of the sport of football is the free kick part. Digging into the accuracy of the direction and power of the kick is a challenge in itself when executing the kick. Well, this game called Pro Kick Soccer understands this and focuses its gameplay on free kicks.

You can explore the best way to do a free kick from outside the penalty box by playing the Free Kicks mode . You can also try the Penalties mode to try your luck when facing one on one with the goal keeper in the penalty box.

In addition to unguarded kicks, there are Attack and Defend modes to test the effectiveness of attacking and defending when playing ball. The visuals of this game are made fun and light so that it is suitable to be played as a casual game .

Mode: Offline

Genre: Sports

Size: 48MB

Download Pro Kick Soccer

You can play the ten best 2023 Android football games above in 2023. The large selection of soccer games can make you find the most suitable entertainment to fill your spare time .

To make it clearer, also watch the following videos of the 10 best Android football games for 2023

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