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8 Best Fishing Apps for Android in 2023

Best Fishing Apps for Android – Knowing the cool places nearby is good, but knowing all the cool places in whatever region you plan to visit is even better! We have prepared for you a list of fishing apps that will become a great companion during your favorite activity. All applications from the selection are installed on phones and tablets on the iOS or Android platform.

Best Fishing Apps for Android


“Fishbrain” – to know where and what to catch Fishbrain is a diary app that helps you track your catch, mark fishing spots and keep an eye on other fishermen’s bites. Users have the opportunity to view not only the catches of other fishermen, but also what gear and bait they used. All functionality is conveniently implemented in the news feed: you can subscribe and follow both your friends and the best fishermen in your region. The application has a paid Pro version, which opens up advanced functionality with a choice of more fish and fishing spots. The application is not Russified, there is English. Pros: + convenient bite diary; + mark of fishing spots; + integration with the application of other fishermen. Minuses: – complex interface; – English only. Available for iOS and Android.

Fisherman’s Bay

Fisherman’s Bay – cool spots near you If you are more than a hobbyist, then Fisherman’s Points is for you. The application has collected and increased the functionality of Fishbrain, but there is practically no social component. The main advantage of the “points” is the presence of NOAA offline maps and a compass , which is very convenient for out-of-town fishing trips. In addition, there is all the necessary information on reservoirs: what is the best bait to use on a reservoir, the phases of the moon and the time of sunrise and sunset. Analyzing this data, the application also sets a bite rating – the higher the number, the more likely it is that the fish in the pond will bite.  Pros: + advanced functionality for marks; + offline maps; + extensive information on reservoirs; + bite rating. Minuses: – no news feed. Available for iOS and Android.

Fishing Forecast

Fishing Forecast – when you need expert help TipTop Fish is an application for fishing marks. Its main difference from competitors is a live feed. In it, each fisherman can enter data about the reservoir where he fished and about the fish he caught. All this is updated in real time. To weed out fishing points that are not of interest to you, simply select the places where you usually fish or where you plan to go. The application will immediately filter out useful notes from experienced fishermen on your waters. The application also has a paid subscription that expands the functionality. Open: biting by the moon, biting by the weather, adding a photo of fish, a fishing forum and viewing current news on reservoirs. However, you should not be afraid of a paid subscription – the price is quite democratic. Pros: + live tape with marks of fishermen; + notes of experienced fishermen; + useful subscription and fishing forum. Minuses: – long answers on the forums. Available for iOS and Android.

Angler’s Log

Angler’s Log — fishing social network Angler’s Log is a fishing app with no fees. It has a handy news feed, a fishing diary where you can store your catch and lure data, and integrated Google maps. Among other things, there is a convenient photo gallery where you can keep your catch as a keepsake with all the necessary marks. This is a handy feature, as it allows you to offload your smartphone’s gallery. The application is not Russified, there is English. Pros: + no subscriptions – the application is absolutely free; + news feed; + fishing diary; + built-in gallery. Minuses: – poor interface; – the application is not Russified; – weak toolkit built-in photo editor. Available for iOS and Android.

My Fishing World

My Fishing World – the entire range is always at hand Our Fishing World app is literally everything you need to get ready to go fishing. Here you can get dressed from head to toe, choose the right tackle, bait and accessories for fishing, and then order delivery. If you are not sure about choosing a particular product, then use the “blog” section to see detailed reviews. In addition, you can call and get additional advice on positions of interest from the specialists of our online store. Our team is constantly improving the application, so stay tuned and stay tuned for updates. Pros: + convenient shopping cart; + recommendations on interests; + blog with product reviews; + online consultation with specialists. Minuses: – sometimes there is a reset of the trash when the application is minimized (but we are working on it!) Available for Android 


WeFish – the weather and its impact on fish A very complex utility called “WeFish” is designed to predict fishing sessions in relation to the weather. The application not only displays absolutely all information about the weather (air / water temperature, atmospheric pressure, sunrise / sunset, etc.), but also, depending on the weather, performs analytics on the activity of various fish species. If you choose the location of your stay, the application itself shows what kind of fish are in the pond and what is the probability of a bite. The application is free and without subscriptions, and is also actively maintained by the developers. Pros: + advanced settings for professional fishermen; + extensive information about the place of fishing; + activity of fish species; + absolutely free application. Minuses: – difficult to understand the interface; – some information may be unnecessary. Available for Android.

Fisherman’s Navigator

Fisherman’s Navigator – Pocket Susanin In the ranks of the fishermen, this popular application is affectionately nicknamed “Susanin”. Yes, this is another useful angler’s diary, but with its own characteristics. First of all, Fisherman’s Navigator records the current route and saves it in the application, which is very convenient. So you can repeat your fishing path and leave notes about the fish caught and the baits used. All the data that you enter into the application can be reset to your friends via SMS, Email or shared on the social network Vkontakte. Pros: + intuitive interface; + nice design; + saving routes in real time. Minuses: – Poor integration with social networks. Available for iOS and Android.

Fish Deeper

Fish Deeper – smart fish finder Fish Deeper is a smart fish finder app. It has the usual tide charts, a lunar calendar and the ability to share photos on social networks. There is also a handy and functional fishing magazine. It is worth considering that the application has requirements in updating your device to the latest versions, so check compatibility before buying a fish finder. Deeper is not only an angler’s companion. First of all, this is an application for a smart fish finder, which is thrown directly into the pond and, according to the assurances of users, scans the terrain and fish with amazing accuracy.

The echo sounder itself is single-beam with a frequency of 120 kHz, which allows you to scan the bottom to a depth of 50 meters. The scanning angle is 40 degrees, so almost all information from the echo sounder is displayed on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. After scanning the bottom, you can save the results for later viewing on a desktop computer or laptop.  To conserve battery power, the sonar turns on when submerged in water and turns off when you leave it. Also in the assortment there is a replaceable cover for night fishing , with which the echo sounder will become more noticeable on the water at night. There are currently two versions of the application.

DSS is the former name of the application that prompts you to install the fish finder out of the box, but we recommend that you immediately install the updated one with enhanced functionality. Pros: +  functional application; + compact and working echo sounder; + Availability of echo sounder customization options. Minuses: – purposefulness of the application to work with the echo sounder. Suitable for iOS, Android.

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