Best iPad Drawing Apps for Beginners

11 Best iPad Drawing Apps for Beginners

Best iPad Drawing Apps – Making art is as simple as picking up your Apple tablet: here are the best apps for drawing on the iPad that the App Store has available in 2023.

Each of us has different methods and techniques when it comes to drawing. For this reason, choosing an iPad app to draw and paint is not as simple as starting a search on the store.

Below you will find the list of the best apps for drawing on iPad , free and paid. Each application in the list has the potential to become your favorite drawing app, read the technical characteristics carefully and let us know which one is your choice below!

Best iPad Drawing Apps

Notes for iPad

If you don’t have big expectations, you can use iPad Notes to draw. The application is already present on your Apple tablet, all you have to do is open it and press the pencil icon at the top. Now you can start making your doodles using the basic tools available.

  • to be taken into consideration for an “on the fly” drawing and basic editing;
  • novice artists will love it;
  • few tools;
  • compatible with Apple Pencil;
  • you can also draw perfect geometric shapes ;
  • already present on every iPad (if you have deleted it, you can download it again ).

Tayasui Sketches

If you are interested in tools such as tempera , watercolor or other, Tayasui Sketches is the app for drawing on the iPad for you. The application is really simple to use, so intuitive that even the initial tutorial will seem superfluous. Likewise, the interface is minimalist, with the possibility of excluding all the tools to leave room for creativity (zen mode).

All tools are hyper-realistic and editable . In particular, the acrylic, oil and watercolor tempera brushes give a truly believable effect. If you love to draw, paint or just sketch, your search could end here. Tayasui Sketches is one of the best drawing apps suitable for those who want to learn how to draw, as well as experienced artists.

In the free version you can use a large number of tools and features with only one limitation: you have only 2 levels. To unlock more extra tools and infinite levels you will have to upgrade to the pro version (about $5.99). The application supports Apple Pencil and graphics tablet, although it is just as easy to draw with your finger.

Each creation is collected in the app and the user can choose whether to share it (also in the Tayasui Sketches community), save it in Photoshop format or locally, in the iPad gallery.

Below we summarize the strengths and characteristics of Tayasui Sketches:

  • photo import;
  • different degrees of zoom;
  • simple interface;
  • different layer blending modes;
  • over 20 realistic brushes and tools;
  • Apple Pencil and graphics tablet support;
  • wide choice for sharing and exporting projects;
  • free and Pro version ($5.99), which adds tools, brushes and infinite layers.

Despite its simplicity, it remains one of the most complete, versatile and powerful drawing apps for the iPad . It can be the starting point for those who have not yet approached digital painting or the less cumbersome alternative for those who are already an expert. On the official website you will find further details, as well as some drawings made using the application ( community section ).

Procreate for iPad

Procreate could not be missing from our list of the best applications for drawing on the iPad .

Procreate is a very powerful graphics software for professional use . It offers tools and functions equal to the most popular PC drawing programs. It has an iPad version and an iPhone version (called “Procreate Pocket”).

The app has been designed to work perfectly on Apple’s 64-bit processors and for the Apple Pencil. It won the Apple Design Award and the title of Apple Store Essential.

Procreate allows you to create real works of the highest quality and resolution with the help of 190 customizable brushes and a wide range of advanced artistic tools . It is one of the favorite applications of most illustrators. If we had to make a comparison, it’s like Adobe Photoshop for photographers and graphic designers.

If you often share your artwork on social media, you’ll love the option to record video clips as you draw.

  • software for professional use with tons of tools;
  • 190 editable brushes, with the possibility of importing and creating them;
  • different degrees of zoom;
  • photo import;
  • ability to create animations;
  • you can export projects and manage formats and compatibility;
  • app also suitable for drawing tattoos or training with the art of calligraphy;
  • also ideal for creating comics, manga and webtoons ;
  • Procreate for iPad comes at a cost of $12.99. The Pocket version (for iPhone) at $5.99;

Right now, Procreate is the most complete drawing app you can download on your iPad. You can use it on iPad Pro as well as Mini and Air. More details about Procreate and its functions can be found on the official website. You can also view drawings made using this application through the Procreate Folio section .

Clip Studio Paint

Digital artists love Clip Studio Paint , and for a number of very good reasons. It’s packed with powerful features that help you create professional-looking artwork, all while offering a truly simple and intuitive drawing experience. Clip Studio is considered the best resource for professional illustrators , but also to help beginners take their first steps, thanks to the many tutorials and resources it offers.

  • great software for painting on iPad, especially for comic illustrations;
  • wide variety of brushes and tools to create different and very realistic effects;
  • library that gives you access to additional material and resources;
  • graphics tablet support;
  • the software is available by subscription starting from $4.49 per month.

If you want to realize the full potential of this application, visit the official site .


Unlike other applications in the list, Autocad SketchBook is a totally free iPad drawing app. No hidden costs or in-app purchases to unlock extra features.

The application provides a large number of basic tools ready to use, such as pencils, airbrushes and markers and some of the  most requested advanced tools , such as the lasso or magic wand selection, rulers, axes of symmetry.

The intent of SketchBook is to offer interior designers, architects and artists a valuable tool for annotating, drawing and getting inspiration on the go .

SketchBook allows you to draw and work on multiple layers, even choosing the blending mode. Full support for Apple Pencil (even 2nd generation). Excellent app for those who want to draw on a tablet but don’t intend to spend money.

  • large selection of basic (customizable) and advanced tools;
  • clean and simple interface;
  • great tool for students, artists, and industry professionals;
  • Sketch Book is totally free (no in app purchases).

Although the application was born as an alternative to paper drawing blocks,  it is more complete and balanced than many other digital drawing apps.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator: Graphic Art , formerly known as Adobe Illustrator  , is a powerful tool for creating freehand vector designs right from your iPad.

The application was born with the idea of ​​allowing the user to create his drawings and to refine the details in Illustrator, thanks to editable vectors.

More info on Adobe Illustrator: Graphic Art can be found on the official website .


Perhaps the drawing applications mentioned above are too complex for you and you just need something simpler, like paper, pen and color.

If that’s the case, you should give INKredible a try . No advanced tools, artistic strokes or amazing effects, this application only speaks the language of simplicity.

The stroke will follow your every slightest movement, returning a natural effect, like on paper.

  • simple and intuitive app;
  • realistic effect of pen on paper;
  • suitable for those who are more interested in calligraphy than in drawing and painting;
  • INKredible is free to use (offers in app purchases).

Zen Brush 2

If your soul is zen, the drawing app for you is Zen Brush 2 ! The application reproduces the oriental style in brushes and inks.

Its strong point is its essentiality: only one brush available in 3 modes, two colors and three degrees of intensity.

With attention to every detail, it is possible to choose between different design supports that aim to reproduce the classic Japanese papers or fabrics.

  • simple app that reproduces the effect of writing and drawing with brushes;
  • supports Apple Pencil;
  • the app costs $2.99 Here the download link .

Further details and drawing examples can be found on the official website of the application .

There is also Zen Brush 3 which, in essence, just adds more color.

Art Rage

If you’re new to drawing digitally, ArtRage might be a great choice for you.

It’s a paid drawing app ($2.99) focused on faithfully reproducing traditional drawing techniques . It perfectly simulates the movement of the brush on the canvas, as well as the effect of the pencil or charcoal on rough paper.

Guaranteed Apple Pencil support and the ability to share your creations in different formats, even directly in Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

  • app suitable for those who prefer traditional techniques;
  • supports Apple Pencil;
  • great file sharing and export tools;
  • ArtRage costs $2.99. Here the download link .

The app is also available for iPhone.

Adobe Fresco

To bring to life a single platform for drawing, painting and creating, Adobe shut down Sketch and Draw in 2022 and merged everything into Adobe Fresco .

Adobe Fresco is a free digital drawing and painting app on iPad, built specifically for iPad with Apple Pencil, and designed for artists who draw professionally or paint for passion .

Anyone familiar with Adobe software will have no major problems using Fresco. The free version offers 85 live, pixel and vector brushes, and includes 2GB of storage space. Also regarding the levels there do not seem to be limitations.

The premium edition is not required, unless you need hundreds of brushes and additional storage on Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • professional tools in a simple interface;
  • 3 different brushes (live, pixel and vector);
  • ability to create animations;
  • in the free version , only 2GB of storage;
  • the premium subscription is quite expensive (about $9.99/month).

More information about Adobe Fresco can be found on the official Adobe website and in the frequently asked questions section .

Art Set 4

If you’re looking for realism, Art Set 4 is the app you need to download to your iPad. Hyper-realistic modes of drawing include oil paint, watercolors, crayons, felt-tip pens, crayons, and others.

With 3D Paint , you can etch a thick layer of paint and use custom color blending. The app also keeps track of where the canvas is “wet” or “dry.” Are you looking for metallic colors? Art Tools 4 has them.

All this in the free app version.

The paid version adds more features, but most of the users can very well stop at the free version, full of tools and tools.

  • full of features and tools;
  • supports Apple Pencil;
  • you can download Art Set 4 for free and unlock extra tools via in-app purchase.


Whether you have an iPad “Standard”, Mini, Air or a Pro, don’t wait any longer and start bringing your ideas to life now with digital creations made with one of the best drawing apps above.

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