Best NES Emulators for PC

6 Best NES Emulators for PC

Best NES Emulators – Currently we can find a huge number of video games with almost realistic graphics, extremely long stories, multiplayer and many other things. But all this had a beginning and the most glorious era for many of us is the 8-bit era. That’s why we are leaving you the 6 best NES emulators for PC , to relive those happy childhood moments for many of us.

The Best NES emulators for PC, Linux and Mac

Currently we can download Steam games quickly and easily, we find everything: FPS, strategy, action, adventure, RPG, etc. The graphics vary, but neither are they similar to what we could find in old consoles like the NES, a classic of this fascinating world.

Whether you want to experience a little nostalgia or you just want to know and enjoy those games that adults spend hours talking about and fondly remembering, the best way to do it is with an emulator and our beloved computer.


Possibly the best NES emulator we’ll find for Windows. Compatible with all games released for the console. As soon as we open the program we will find an assistant who will ask us to import the game data, we can configure the command or the keyboard if we prefer.

It also has an automatic save system, so if we suddenly close the program, the game will be saved exactly where we left it. We can continue to enjoy it when we want to play it again.

Another interesting option is that we can record videos and then upload them to the Internet. Something very interesting is the possibility of using Netplay, to be able to play these NES games online.



Although its developers no longer update the program, it continues to work without any kind of problem. The best thing about this program is that it doesn’t require any kind of additional installation. Just launch the software, load the game and start playing.

An interesting option is to be able to show a border around the game, as if it were an old TV, which generates a very pleasant feeling of nostalgia. In this case Netplay is also supported to be able to play online with our friends.



One of the great acquaintances in the world of NES game emulation is undoubtedly RetroArch. It has a number of extremely interesting features that allow us to configure even the smallest detail.

The emulator is designed to give us a modern touch, with an interface very similar to that of the PlayStation 3. We can save the progress of the game at any time and load the saved game to continue from the same point where we left off. It has an extremely cool option to rewind the game in real time Tired of dying in the same place? You rewind it and try it another way.

Something remarkable is the ability to adjust the video quality , which allows us to enjoy these 8 -bit games in excellent quality. You may need to spend some time with it the first time you start the program, it has many options.



This emulator is very stable and offers a highly realistic gaming experience. You don’t need to configure anything to be able to enjoy any game. It also has an option to record screen and save it in avi format.

Up to two controllers can be plugged in to be able to play, and it has Game Genie support to be able to cheat or enable autoplay, although let’s say this takes away a lot of grace from the game itself.



With FCEUX we can play in full screen mode and with a gamepad, greatly improving our experience while using this emulator. Setting it up is something considerably quick and easy, if you’re not looking for too many options and just want to sit back and play, then this is the emulator you need.

Also for those who love to play multiplayer games then with this emulator you can play with your friends with the ability to merge different games by IP address.



We end this interesting list with a big one, Nestopia is a too simple emulator that can run any type of NES game in a simple, fast and practical way. With simple functions for all games.

What we like about this emulator is the support for Netplay , which opens the doors for us to be able to play online; it also has the ability to add cheats to games and an autosave feature.

The developer dropped support for the emulator in 2008. However, it was continued by another company under the name of Nestopia Undead Edition and you can now use it on Mac, Linux and Windows.


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