Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

15 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games in 2023

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games – With the development of the crypto market , making various ways to earn crypto is increasingly in demand by the public. One of them is by playing Bitcoin games . Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are competing to get it.

For those of you who want to get Bitcoin through games , there are various games that you can play. For your reference, here are 15 fun crypto- producing games to make more money!

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

Bitcoin Blast

From the name alone it is clear that this game offers Bitcoin as a reward . Bitcoin Blast is a match 3 puzzle game model . The result of playing this game is called Bling Point. Later, you can exchange Bling Points for Bitcoin if the value reaches 1000.

If the value of 1000 points is exchanged for Bitcoin, then the coins obtained are approximately 0.0000010 BTC. It’s a small amount, so this game is suitable for those of you who just fill their free time with bonuses to get Bitcoin.


Looking for an addicting Bitcoin game to play? The answer fell on Ailen Run. To be able to generate Bitcoin from playing Alien Run, you need to complete the levels in the game . The levels themselves are divided into normal, hard, easy , and random levels . The more often you complete the daily mission , the more Bitcoin you collect, Pins.  

Bitcoin Pop

This next Bitcoin game is a bubble shooter type of game . So to play it you need to pop bubbles that are in the same color variant. Once you have accumulated a lot of points, you can exchange them for Bitcoin. However, because there are ads in this game , you have to get used to having ads appear quite often. 

Axie Infinity

Raising virtual animals is the concept of this game with interesting characters. The thing to do to get income from Axie Infinity is to take care of the virtual animals that you have, and collect them as much as possible.

Later you can get crypto income from selling the virtual animals that you care for. To be able to play this game , you must have an initial capital of around $ 810.

Bitcoin FoodFight

While filling your free time, why not try playing this crypto earning game ? In playing the Food Fight game , you have to throw the knife at the food. Bling points collected from playing this knife throwing game , you can later exchange it for Bitcoin . 

Blockchain Games

In order to get profits in the form of Bitcoin from the Blockchain game , you need to arrange blocks. Pass the levels contained in this game and collect the Bitcoins, Pins. Because this game is a free game , the Bitcoin generated from this game is also of little value. However, for those of you who really just want to fill your free time with the game play to earn , Blockchain game is worth trying.

Money Whales

This crypto- generating game is played by combining 2 whale characters. By combining them, later you can get a different whale level. The higher the whale level you have, the greater your chance to benefit in the form of crypto currency .

Morning Moon Village

Is there a crypto- producing game with the concept of farming? Morning Moon Village is one of them, Pins. The way to play this 3D game is to take care of the plantation that you have so that it can provide crops. The more plantations you have, the more chances you have to make a profit.

Pig flaps

This game with the character Foo, the winged pig, has the same game concept as flappy bird . What you have to do in this game is direct Foo to collect Bitcoins that are scattered in the forest area. There are levels in Flap pig game. The higher the level, the level of difficulty will be higher.


This crypto earning game developed by NEFTiPEDia is a game with a racing concept. The racing game is not with cars or motorbikes, but dragons. You need to train your dragon character so that his skills are higher to win the game . When you win matches, you will get crypto coins .


Binemon is a game that carries the concept of virtual pets and RPGs. To play this game you need to collect items , eggs and characters. The available in- game battle modes range from PvE, Guild Wars, Tournament, to PvP.

Bitcoin Solitaire

You can find solitaire games in the play to earn mode via Bitcoin solitaire. This game , which also collaborates with the Bling platform , will give you Bitcoin for free. Drag and drop your cards to get some cash in your free time, Pins!

Heroes & Empires

Want to play RPG games , while earning income in the form of crytpocurrency ? This game has many characters with different abilities. Even though playing Heroes & Empires requires strategy, this game is easy for beginners to play. 


Cat lovers will definitely like this one game . CryptoKitties is a game with a virtual cat concept. Each kitten character in the game has its own characteristics and uniqueness which fall into 12 cattributes categories . The more unique cat character you have, the more expensive it is.

Bitcoin Blocks

Match game is one type of game that is light but not boring. For those of you who are looking for an alternative match game with Bitcoin rewards , you can choose the Bitcoin blocks game . The visuals of this game look interesting, with the blocks representing Bitcoin chips . So it can also be your motivation to collect as many points as possible.

The 15 crypto- producing games above can be your choice in filling your free time and collecting cryptocurrency . From the list of Bitcoin games mentioned above, which one are you ready to play? 

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