Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10

10 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10 in 2023 – Free & Paid

Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10 in 2023 – Need a PC screen recorder app? For example, when you want to use it for streaming games or making video tutorials. Now there are lots of applications to choose from, you don’t even need to root.

This laptop screen recorder application can record in full HD quality. Are you curious about the recommendations for free and best PC/laptop, screen recorder applications? 

Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10

There are several free PC screen recorder applications that you can try. For those who need to record presentations or games, this screen recorder application is specifically designed to record an activity carried out on the PC screen.

Here are some free PC screen recorder applications that you can try, including:

1. Open Broadcaster Software

A PC screen recorder application without a watermark is often called OBS, without a watermark so that the results of the video recording do not have text that interferes with the display as also stated on the My Choices.ID page .

This application is open source and also multiplatform so it can be installed on PCs with various operating systems, from Windows, Linux, to Mac. Even the results of the screen recording can be shared directly on online sharing sites, such as Youtube and Facebook .

Even though the appearance of this application is fairly simple, the features it has are very complete. The ability to record via webcam can also be done in this application.

Download Open Broadcaster Software

2. Action

A screen recorder application that can record in real time with good resolution, namely Action. You can use an essential feature that exists to record video as well as sound.

HD quality in this application can reach 1080p with MP4 and AVI formats. However, of course the video size will be bigger. 

Not only that, the additional screenshot feature on the screen is also one of the advantages of this application. To run this application, make sure to use a PC with a minimum of 1GB of RAM so that it can run smoothly.

Download Action – Game Recorder

3. TinyTake

Another application that you can try to record screen displays on a PC is tinyTake. Although this application is free, it has many features. The option to record the entire existing screen as well as certain areas and cut parts of the video are the advantages of this application.

The zoom in and out feature as well as annotations can be an option when doing screen recording. Despite the advantages mentioned above, unfortunately you can only record up to 5 minutes for the free version of the application. But if you use the paid version, recording can be up to 120 minutes.

Download TinyTake

4. WM Capture

The convenience of screen recording in certain sections and selecting the schedule recording feature is the advantage of this application. This feature makes it easy to determine when you will start recording the screen. Of course, this doesn’t bother you with having to press the record button.

There are lots of formats that can be saved when using this application, so you don’t need an additional video converting application . Even the minimum requirements for a computer that can use this application are fairly light, with only 512 MB of memory.

Even though the application operation is easy, unfortunately this application cannot support live streaming yet. Unfortunately, to enjoy the features of the WM Capture application, you have to buy the product first.

Beli WMCapture

5. Sharex application without watermark

If many applications must display a watermark every time they record a screen, this is a different case with this PC screen recorder application without a watermark.

Various recording methods that can be done as well as annotation features are the strengths of this application. The absence of a recording time limit makes you even more comfortable when using the Sharex application.

Despite the many advantages, the interesting thing about this application is that it is ad-free even though it can be obtained for free. However, for those of you who want to record from a game emulator , this application is not suitable for use.

Download Sharex – Screen Capture

6. Debut Video Capture

Another recommended screen recorder application is the video capture debut. An application developed by NCH Software has very extraordinary features. The ability to choose full screen recording or certain parts as well as resolution settings are its strengths.

When using this application, you can also do a screen recording and also a webcam that is done simultaneously. Lots of formats that can be saved with this application. But unfortunately this application cannot export videos directly to social media.

You can also adjust the video format you want to produce, including the type of encoder and video quality. So, afterwards there is no need to use additional video compression applications to adjust the file size.

Download Debut – Video Capture Software

7. Ezvid Video Maker

The best screen recorder application for the Windows operating system that you can try is Ezvid Video Maker. This application can easily add a title or a description to the video. When starting a recording this application can automatically save the existing file.

The interesting thing about this application is that when you record, it can be uploaded directly to a platform like YouTube. However, the drawback of this application is the absence of a shortcut for this application.

Download Ezvid for Windows

8. NVIDIA Shadow Play application

You can try this application, which can be used to record backwards for about 20 minutes. With the high quality that can be produced, this application is in great demand by people. Ease of use is also the reason why you need to try it.

Various video format results can be supported by this application, such as GIF, MP4, AVI, and others that you can play directly through the video player application . The existence of features such as adding filters is also an advantage of this Shadow Play application.

Download NVIDIA Shadow Play

9. Ice Cream Screen Recorder PC

If you are doing a webinar, this application is suitable for recording what is on your PC display. Not only that, a video call display or playing the best games can be easily recorded using this application.

The use of this application can be easily used. So, it’s no wonder that this application is the prima donna of most people. The ability to record audio and video simultaneously is also an easy thing to get.

If you use this application, there are buttons like stop, record, or pause to manage recording. But if not, you can also use a video cutter app to get rid of unwanted parts of the recording.

Download Ice Cream Screen Recorder

10. Windows 10 Game Bar

A default application from Windows 10 has the advantage of being able to produce a video with smoother results. In fact, not only that, the resulting size of this application is not too big. For this screen recorder application, unfortunately, it can only be used on the Windows 10 version. This is because the existing system has many required specifications.

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