Best Android Cleaner Apps

10 Best Android Cleaner Apps for 2023

Best Android Cleaner Apps – On all smartphones, “garbage” accumulates from time to time – unnecessary files, unused programs, a cache of remote applications, and much more. All this clogs the memory of the device and affects the speed of its operation. Cleaning will help fix the situation.

Let’s analyze popular applications for cleaning devices with Android OS. Consider the functionality and features of different options so that you can choose the best one.

What is dangerous “garbage” on a smartphone

A large number of files on the device directly affects the speed of its operation. After all, the more information, the more the RAM is loaded – the RAM of the gadget.

That is why, when a large amount of “garbage” accumulates on a smartphone, it starts to work worse.

Here are some problems that may arise due to the clogging of the device with unnecessary files:

  • After rebooting, the smartphone starts to boot much longer;
  • In heavy applications, and especially in games, freezes are observed every now and then;
  • The battery drains noticeably faster;
  • The device heats up even with medium load;
  • The response of sites in a web browser is very slow.

Such problems can arise if there are a lot of unused applications on the device, the browser history and cache are not cleared, and folders and files left after removing unnecessary programs are stored in the gadget’s memory.

Best Android Cleaner Apps

If desired, all unnecessary can be removed manually, but it is long and inconvenient. Therefore, special mobile applications have been developed to clean up Android.

Clean Master

Clean Master is the most popular Android app for clearing cache and junk. By the number of downloads and installations, it leaves competitors far behind.

Such popularity is due to the convenience of the application.

It quickly calculates the size of the system cache, residual files and obsolete system data, and then allows you to delete everything you don’t need with one click.

Clean Master has many interesting additional features:

  • The anti-virus works in the “online” mode and automatically scans the system for suspicious files;
  • Acceleration allows you to increase the speed in games up to 30%;
  • Battery Saver prolongs battery life by disabling unnecessary programs and optimizing applications;
  • Cooling allows you to find processes that provoke overheating of the gadget, and turn them off;
  • The application manager creates backup copies of programs and removes unnecessary ones;
  • The autorun manager disables the automatic loading of certain programs and speeds up the device after a restart;
  • Applock puts passwords on photos, messages, contacts and other apps that you want to hide from other people.

The application has two versions: regular and lite (Lite).


This is a mobile analogue of the well-known computer program designed to clean up the PC and remove unnecessary programs.

The CCleaner application contains all the most necessary tools to help clean your device and optimize system performance.

The program quickly analyzes the device’s memory, determines the system load and sorts all files by type.

Here is the functionality offered by CCleaner:

  • Clearing browser history, application cache, clipboard, and deleting residual files;
  • Clearing the call log and SMS – individually, all at once, by date of appearance or by specific contacts;
  • Quick removal of unwanted applications;
  • Monitor CPU resources, RAM, disk space and battery level.

In the standard version, all actions must be performed independently. After switching to the Pro version, cache cleaning and performance optimization can be scheduled.

360 Security

This is a popular Chinese application that is present not only on mobile devices, but also on PC.

Initially, it is positioned as an antivirus, but also includes special sections for clearing the cache and speeding up the device.

The app comes with a lot of handy features:

  • Clearing the cache in one click allows you to get rid of all unnecessary data in applications;
  • Cleaning up “junk” removes all residual files, empty folders, file copies and obsolete APKs;
  • Antivirus works in real time and instantly detects any threat;
  • The acceleration function improves the performance of the phone, eliminates freezes in heavy applications;
  • The power saving option helps to save up to 40% of the device charge by optimizing its operation;
  • Scheduled cleaning removes unnecessary files automatically, according to a predetermined schedule;
  • Heat assessment allows you to understand which applications or files are causing the device to overheat, and then optimize or disable them;
  • Remote Smartphone Finder helps you find your device if it has been lost or stolen.

Distinctive features of 360 Security are versatility and easy management. The application is available in two versions: regular and “light”.

GO Speed

This application is primarily designed to increase the performance and speed of your device. According to the manufacturer, GO Speed ​​can speed up any smartphone or tablet by 60% of normal values.

Here are the features of the program:

  • Check download, upload and ping speed;
  • Internet connection speed testing with real-time graph;
  • The data monitor allows you to manage files on the device: copy, move, delete;
  • Saving records of speed tests, which can later be easily transferred to other devices;
  • Fast cleaning of cache and applications, as well as power consumption settings;
  • Creating backup copies of data for recovery;
  • Ignore list for files that do not need to be scanned;
  • Acceleration of applications and mobile games up to 60%.

Distinctive features of the program are a stylish appearance and a convenient widget that allows you to control the main functions of the application right on your desktop.

Power Clean

This is a lightweight, convenient and at the same time extremely versatile application for a smartphone or tablet.

Here are the features it has:

  • Clear device memory. The application removes the application cache, junk files and more.
  • Speed ​​up your smartphone. The program disables unnecessary applications, suspends Internet access for files that do not need it, optimizes resources and helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Application manager. In this section, you can delete, copy, backup and clean up all programs.
  • applock. The function allows you to block access to any applications – contacts, instant messengers, games and more. You won’t be able to open the program without entering the password.
  • Autorun settings. Here you can choose which applications will be launched automatically after turning on the device, and which should be activated manually.

One of the important features of the application is the presence of the “Basket”. All deleted files are placed in it, and in the future they can be restored if you made a mistake and deleted the wrong one.

The shopping cart is emptied manually by the user.

Super Cleaner

This language application is designed specifically to clean your device from unnecessary data.

Here’s what it can do:

  • Garbage cleaning. The app finds junk files, app and system cache, leftover files and folders, outdated APKs, apps and more.
  • Optimization and acceleration. The program increases the speed of the device, optimizes the work of applications, and also stops unnecessary programs. Thanks to this, the system memory of the gadget is cleared.
  • Battery saving. The application helps to determine which files are consuming battery power and optimizes or closes them.

When using “Super Cleaner”, the device works faster and more efficiently.

Unlike other analogues, this program does not have wide functionality and a large set of additional options. It is ideal if you only need the application to clean your smartphone from unnecessary files.

CM Security

This multifunctional application from the Clean Master team is designed to protect your smartphone and optimize it.

It includes a large set of features:

  • Scanning for viruses. The application checks installed applications, the file system and detects adware and spyware, as well as many other vulnerabilities in the device. It can work in manual mode and according to the schedule.
  • Removing “garbage”. The application clears the cache of the browser and applications, deletes empty folders and residual files, as well as many other unnecessary data.
  • Blocking malicious web pages. During web surfing, access to phishing sites and resources with viruses is limited.
  • “Black list”. The option allows you to block unwanted calls – both from spam numbers and from any other subscribers.
  • Phone speed up. This feature optimizes the operation of the device and improves its performance.
  • Smartphone search. The function shows the current location of the device and helps protect it from theft or loss.

In addition, CM Security features convenient controls and a nice design. This is one of the best applications in its field, which is confirmed by the huge number of downloads.

All-In-One Toolbox

This program was created specifically to optimize the performance of a mobile device. It offers a basic set of options:

  • Clearing memory from unnecessary files;
  • Scanning the directory for “garbage”;
  • Deleting the cache in applications and the browser;
  • File storage optimization and quick access;
  • Application management – delete, move, copy and backup;
  • Smartphone acceleration;
  • Setting a password for all personal files;
  • Prohibition on autorun of certain applications;
  • Creation of system backups.

With the help of plug-ins from Google Play, which are installed on top of the standard application, the functionality of All-In-One Toolbox can be significantly expanded. The program will start to find adware, malicious files and vulnerabilities in the system.

Systweak Android Cleaner

This Android app helps you clean and optimize your device.

The program has five windows with their own functions:

  • “RAM”. Here you can disable background processes, certain programs or services.
  • “Storage space” Here you can delete applications and any other files. Removal is possible singly or in groups. Grouping is performed by date, alphabet, storage location and file type.
  • “Battery”. This window helps you save battery power by disabling auto-sync and unnecessary programs, as well as optimizing applications.
  • “File cleaning”. It removes app cache, outdated APK versions, temporary and residual files, old OS versions, and more.
  • “Duplicate Files” Here you can find duplicate files and delete them to free up space on your device.

In addition, the application allows you to conveniently search and move any media files.

Avast Cleanup

This multifunctional application from Avast Corporation will help you not only clear your smartphone of unnecessary data, but also clean up your media files.

The main functions include the following:

  • Cleaning up unnecessary data. The application helps to remove junk, cache, residual, installation and temporary files, outdated APKs and many other useless data. Removing programs and files. With one touch, you can remove unnecessary applications and any large files, including multimedia.
  • Ignore list for files. This option will allow you not to display certain objects on the smartphone that you want to save in the list of deleted items.
  • Automatic move to the cloud. Files from a certain folder will be transferred to the storage on a schedule, freeing up space on the device.
  • Device performance optimization. You can monitor the level of charge and heating of the gadget, as well as suspend applications and processes running in the background. All this affects the speed of the device.
  • Sorting media files. All photos, videos and music are sorted by size, resolution, name and other parameters. This allows you to quickly find what you need and organize the data.
  • Energy saving. The program allows you to pre-create several work profiles, which are later turned on by pressing one button and save battery power.

The application also has handy widgets that allow you to clear memory at the touch of a button. In addition to the cleaning function, they can display the clock, weather, and more.

In addition, the program has a Premium version. In it, you can clean your smartphone automatically, as well as contact Avast technical support for any questions.


File cleanup apps are essential on every modern smartphone. They allow you to delete all unnecessary data in a timely manner, freeing up space and improving device performance.

The choice of a particular option depends on the preferences and wishes of the user. All 10 applications in today’s TOP definitely deserve attention.

In our opinion, the most interesting cleaning apps for Android are 360 ​​Security, Power Clean, and CM Security.

All of them offer impressive functionality: options for cleaning, speeding up the device, antivirus and much more. It is much more convenient in one program than separately.

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