Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android

7 Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android

Best Baby Face Predictor Apps– Prediction of Baby Faces Online – Having a Tiny Baby is the dream of all couples who have officially entered into a husband and wife bond. You can say that babies are the bringers of happiness for newly married couples, both from the family side, in-laws will definitely be happy too with the arrival of the little angel.

With the rapid development of technology, several new ideas and ideas have emerged, as is the case with the Our Baby Face Predictor Apps, where the App presents baby photos that you will have later only by combining photos of you and your partner.

It can be said that even though you are not married you can see the face of the baby that you will have later. Very sophisticated, isn’t it in today’s technological era.

Why Say Our Baby Photo App?

So before you use the Our Baby Photo App,  you as a very romantic couple, of course, must know first, why is it said to be Our Baby Photo App?

  • Our Baby Face Predictor App is an application that allows you to give a picture of the baby you will have simply by combining your photos with the partner you have.
  • So it can be said that our Baby Face Predictor App as a solution to have baby portraits for those of you who are not married is amazing right?

That’s why it is said with our baby photo App, Indeed we cannot fully expect this so don’t make it a benchmark for what happens in the future, Make our Baby Face Predictor App as something for fun only.

ApplicationBaby Face Prediction
FeatureDivination of the child’s face with a partner
Way of workThe application combines the faces of the couple
AvailableAppstore and Google Playstore

Here are some of our Baby Face Predictor Apps that you can try:

Our Baby Face Predictor Apps Reference

To get to a more serious level, especially with what is called marriage, there are definitely many challenges that must be faced, both challenges from oneself and even to the family, which is one of the challenges that is enough to test adrenaline.

Therefore, the solution to this is to use the Our Baby Photo App so that you become more confident and enthusiastic about proposing, right?

So you can try the Our Baby Photo Application  below as an encouragement to live your days:


B612 is an application which allows you to freely express yourself with its camera features where B612 has many types of funny and cute filters for you to use. Not only that, B612 also provides a feature called baby face prediction.

Because of these features, B612 is one of the recommendations that you should try as our Baby Photo Application.  B612 will give you portraits of baby faces that you might have someday. Here’s how to use B612 as a prediction of a baby’s face :

  1. Please install the B612 application via Playstore
  2. Then please open the B612 Application
  3. Then give Access Permission to take photos and videos
  4. Open the camera found on the B612 application
  5. After that select the effect and click the HOT effect
  6. And please click back Baby Face Prediction
  7. Click start and enter your photo and your partner’s photo
  8. Then click ok to start the prediction
  9. Wait until the prediction process is complete
  10. And your baby photo will appear soon
  11. You can click on the gender of the baby girl or boy

Link to download the B612 baby face prediction application

Application NameB612
Download size145 Mb
Score 4.3
Link DownloadB612.App

You can use B612 as one of the predictions for your and your girlfriend’s baby faces, because B612 is very HD and realistic like the picture above. 

Baby Generator – Online baby face prediction

Having a little angel is the dream of all mothers around the world. With the presence of this little angel, it can add to the harmony of the household ties you have. For those of you who are not married, don’t worry, you can predict your baby from now on just by using our Baby Photo Application  namely Baby Generators.

So how do we know our baby through the Baby Generator ? See how below:

  1. Of course, first install Baby Generator via Playstore
  2. Then enter the application
  3. Please enter a photo of your father and mother
  4. Namely, it can be a photo of you and your partner
  5. Then please select the gender and age of the baby you want
  6. Then click the Love or Heart icon and wait until the process is complete
  7. And the baby photos that you will have later will be shown in as much detail as possible

Link to download the Baby Generator application

Application NameBaby Generator
Download size4.8 Mb
Score 4.6
Link DownloadBabyGenerator.App

Baby Predictor : Baby face prediction application

Baby Predictor is here as a reference and recommendation from our Baby Photo Application  Baby Predictor allows you to provide a portrait of your baby’s face someday, even though it seems quite far from what you expected, at least this Baby Predictor can be sheer fun.

Just by entering a photo of the father and mother of the partner you have, the Baby Predictor will automatically predict the results of the baby photos that you will have in the future. But as explained above, make this Our Baby Photo Application just fun and not be the scope if one day you have a baby that is exactly the same as the baby’s face that has been predicted

Advantages of the Baby Predictor Application

  1. Predict baby faces easily
  2. Can set vulnerable age
  3. Free application
  4. Has a variety of baby facial features
  5. Easily generate baby faces

Disadvantages of the Baby Predictor Application

  1. The prediction process is sometimes delayed
  2. Photos are sometimes unpredictable

Link to Download the Baby Predictor Application

Application NameBaby Predictor
Download size20 Mb
Score 4.3
Link DownloadBabyPredictor.App

Baby Maker Predicts Baby’s Face

What will our baby be like in the future ? Surely this question sometimes arises by itself from the minds that we have, where curiosity certainly always haunts your mind with your partner.

Even though you and the partner you love have not yet headed for marriage and have curiosity about the baby’s face that you will have one day? You can use Baby Maker Predicts as a recommendation for Our Baby Photo App.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Baby Maker Predicts Baby’s Face :

Advantages of the Baby Maker Predicts Baby’s Face Application

  1. Easily detect and predict baby faces
  2. Can set the age of the baby to be predicted
  3. There are various face shapes
  4. Can be used offline and free
  5. Full HD quality and graphics look real
  6. It has been used by more than 10 million users

Disadvantages of the Baby Maker Predicts Baby’s Face Application

  1. Photos are sometimes unpredictable if they are not clear
  2. Offline features sometimes can’t be used

Link Download Aplikasi Baby Maker Predicts Baby’s Face

Application NameBaby Maker Predicts Baby’s Face
Download size24 Mb
Score 4.1
Link DownloadBabyMaker.App

BabyLab – Snow predicts baby faces

Babylab is here as Our Baby Photo Application  which can satisfy your curiosity about the baby’s face that you will have in the future. By using Babylab you will be presented with photos of the baby that you will have, whether it’s a baby girl or baby boy.

How to use BabyLab – Baby Maker :

  1. First, make sure you have installed the BabyLab – Baby Maker application
  2. Then enter the application and enter a photo of your father and mother
  3. You can use your photos with the partner you have
  4. Then click the Love button and wait for the prediction process to finish
  5. When finished you can set the predicted age range of the baby

Link Download Aplikasi BabyLab – Baby Maker

Application NameBabyLab – Baby Maker
Download size23 Mb
Score 4.3
Link DownloadBabyLab.App

Totsei – Baby Photo Editor

There are so many Our Baby Photo Applications  that you can try as a reference for the baby’s face that you will have someday with the partner you will marry, of course Totsei is here to complete your curiosity, such as knowing the baby’s face that you want to predict.

Not only predicting baby photos , Totsei also offers some of their best photo collages for you to make the best baby displays and costumes in your opinion, so you can be creative after predicting the baby faces you will have one day.

Pros of Totsei App – Baby Photo Editor

  1. There are various baby photo collages available
  2. There are various unique and cute stickers available
  3. There is a baby face prediction feature available
  4. There is a baby wrap feature available
  5. There are baby face templates available

Disadvantages of Totsei App – Baby Photo Editor

  1. Must subscribe premium
  2. The prediction feature sometimes cannot be used

Totsei Application Download Link – Baby Photo Editor

Application NameTotsei – Baby Photo Editor
Download size66 Mb
Score 4.5
Link DownloadTotsei.App

BabyGen – The application combines the faces of couples

For the latest references and recommendations from our Baby Photo Application,  you can use Baby Gen as an alternative way to predict the baby’s face from the process of scanning your and your partner’s faces, the Baby Gen Application will easily provide a portrait of the baby you have using the AI ​​feature that super smart just by combining photos of you and your partner.

The prediction method is also quite easy, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Enter the Baby Gen application after installing via Playstore
  2. Enter a photo of you and your partner
  3. In the father and mother column
  4. Then please filter the gender and age of the baby you want
  5. Then click the Heart Button and wait for the process
  6. After that, you and your partner’s baby faces will be clearly seen

BabyGen Application Download link

Application NameBabyGen
Download size20 Mb
Score 4.1
Link DownloadBabyGen.App

Tips for Using Our Baby Photo App to Succeed

So, if you have chosen one of our Baby Photo Applications  that you think is good and suitable for you to use, of course there are some tips that you should know so that the prediction of the resulting baby’s face can be perfect according to what you want.

Here are tips for using the baby face prediction application:

  • Be sure to use a selfie photo portrait
  • Photos should not be blurred
  • Use HD quality on photos
  • Photos cannot be left or right
  • Make sure the photo fits in the middle
  • Make sure the photo doesn’t have filter
  • Position your photo portrait perfectly
  • Don’t use photos from screenshots

Other Online Baby Face Prediction Apps

  1. Mom or Dad Face App – Baby loo
  2. Baby Generator – A Baby Maker
  3. Baby Maker: Baby Generator App
  4. babyAC – AI predicts your baby
  5. Future Baby Face – Baby Maker


Those are some references and recommendations for our baby photo Apps  that you can use as a tool to predict your baby from the faces of each partner you have, so you can use our baby photo Apps as mere entertainment and temporary pleasure.

Don’t believe too much in the prediction results given by our Baby Photo Apps  because we won’t know how things will go in the future, so it’s best to use them only for reference and for the pleasure of you and your partner.

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