Best AI Art Generator Apps

10 Best AI Art Generator Apps in 2023

Best AI Art Generator Apps – The explosion of AI technology is the strongest development of information technology this year. In addition to automatic chat applications, AI Art Generator tools also attract the attention of many people. This article, a library of tips, will share free AI image creation applications , draw like real photos, real people on computers and phones.

Best AI Art Generator Apps

Currently, there are many applications and apps that introduce AI Art Generator support, but there are only a few really quality AI Art Generator Apps including:

Midjourney – AI image drawing software

It can be said that Midjourney is the best AI image creation application today. With Midjourney, you just need to enter text, can describe in detail about shape, color, scenery … and Midjourney will draw a picture exactly like that description. To use this AI Art Generator, users can access it through the Discord bot. 

Midjourney allows users to try the service for free, you are allowed to create 25 images corresponding to the above connected account. discord

Some commands to create images with text on Midjourney include:

  • /imagine : The command creates an image corresponding to the detailed description of the image you want to draw.
  • /help : Learn and provide information about the Midjourney bot.
  • /info : Provides information about your package, usage, queued and drawing images.
  • /subscribe : Command to subscribe to advanced packages on Midjourney, the most basic plan is 10$/month, allowing you to draw up to 200 images with AI.
  • /fast : Speed ​​up the bot after users upgrade to the paid version.
  • /public : Your images can be viewed on Midjourney.

Comments : Midjourney is the best quality, artistic and beautiful text-to-image application. This library of AI imaging tips ranks first.

Link to access Midjourney:

Canva – Application to draw images with text

Canva is the world’s largest photo, image and video download website. And not to be left out, Canva has just launched the feature to create a photo with text. Application to create images using AI on Canva, you follow these steps:

1 – Enter the following link to open the AI ​​drawing tool on Canva, then click the Use in design line:

2 – A notification window appears, you need to log in to canva to experience this feature. Can login with Google account, Facebook and Email address.

3 – Enter the idea of ​​​​the image you want to draw, choose a photo style (watercolor photo, retro photo, dreamy photo …), choose the aspect ratio and finally click the line Create your image, wait a few minutes. In seconds Canva renders stunning AI images.

Comments : Although Canva has just developed and launched a text drawing tool, the drawing images are of relatively high color and quality, the strength of the application is that you can use the image after drawing to create new drawings. project, design banner right on Canva.

Bing Image Creator – App to convert text to images

Bing Image Creator is an AI text-to-image conversion application developed by Microsoft in conjunction with DALLE and provided to users for free. You can ask AI to draw 3D photos, art photos, nature photos, pictures of a beautiful girl… with your own ideas.

First, you visit the website , then enter the idea of ​​​​the image you want to draw, click the line Join and be creative, wait a few seconds to see the final result.

Note: This AI image creation application only supports English language so the idea of ​​image description you need to write in English and it is recommended to use Microsoft Edge browser to convert text to image on Bing Image Creator . 

Comments : Bing Image Creator is in beta and the images are not of high artistic quality, or simply quite bad.

Microsoft Designer – AI drawing application

Microsoft also developed its own AI image creation application called Microsoft Designer. 

Users first access the application:

Enter your email address and click the line “Jone the Waitlist” to register to use the image creation feature on Microsoft Designer.

Next, choose the reason you want to create an image with AI and where you live, and submit. Microsoft will review and send you an email to confirm your registration request to use Microsoft Designer. 

Comments : Fast AI image creation time, high-resolution image quality, beautiful, professional photos and experiences that we have experienced.

Bing Chat Creative Mode App

Bing integrates many AI image creation applications on Edge browser, with 3 modes: Creative mode, Precise mode and Precise mode. To experience and try drawing pictures with text, you should choose Creative mode.

First open the Microsoft Edge browser, enter the following link to open the AI ​​painting feature: Bing AI – Search

Type an idea of ​​the image you want to draw, press enter and wait for the result.

Comment: Images created on Creative mode applications often have connection errors, images are not too high definition and not too beautiful.

Playground AI

Playground AI is an AI image creation application that applies many advanced algorithms such as DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion 2.0 along with Playground filters to get the exact aesthetic you want. Sign up for a free account that comes with 1000 images per day and a free commercial license. 

Comments : Playground AI is a photo creation application with high resolution, fast drawing time and high artistic image. We only rank Playground AI behind the Midjourney app.

Link to access Playground AI

Adobe Firefly application

Adobe Firefly is an AI image creation application recently developed by Adobe itself. This application is in beta and you can access it using the following link:

Click the Join the beta item to start the experience. Then select the Text to image feature to convert text into an image or the Text effects feature to create effects for the image. 

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Stable Diffusion App

Stable Diffusion is another AI forming app that users should try once. It can create high quality images of anything you can imagine in seconds. It is important that your ideas are complete, detailed and creative.



The next image-to-text application is the Nightcafe tool. When creating a new image, you can choose from a variety of themes such as stereoscopic, oil painting, blur, surrealism. Choose aspect ratio, resolution and some other settings. Nightcafe supports photos based on your choice in minutes. 

Application access link:

Starry AI

Starry AI helps users turn text into images of AI artwork just like the other apps on this list. The only difference is that it provides fine-grained control over several aspects that help the results fully show the idea you want.


Conclusion : These are the 10 best free, diverse and quality AI image creation applications in 2023.

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