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11 Best Torrent Alternatives that Work in 2023 (100% Safe)

15 Best Torrent Alternatives that Work in 2023 (100% Safe) – It is true that there are currently many options for consuming multimedia content, among them are streaming channels, which are mostly paid subscriptions, such as HBO, Disney, Netflix, among others; But, there are still people who prefer to download movies, series and others the old way: through torrent links , which they get almost the same results, when it comes to quality.

One of the pages count with more users worldwide and is one of the longest in terms of time BitTorrent , which has many movies, series, music and even free computer games for all users.

In standard or high definition format you can choose that first movie or the last episode of your favorite series, so BitTorrent is a great choice for movie lovers; however, it may happen that this page is not available for any reason, so below we will show you the 15 Best Torrent Alternatives :

Best Torrent Alternatives


As its name suggests, this page specializes in offering you television (television) content, including: series, programs, and more for free. However, you will also find a variety in movies of all categories both old and new.

Another advantage that EZTV offers is that it is quite safe for users when they download torrents, and what does this page is currently getting more and more followers, so the popularity is increasing .

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This page is a great option in case the BestTorrent page doesn’t work at the moment, because you will find their website visually appealing with many movies of all genres, and the possibility to download them with excellent video quality .

Undoubtedly, this alternative cannot be missing from your list, because in addition to movies you can download the current series, helping you with the powerful search engine that is there. This website is for torrent downloads only. , so you won’t be able to view content online.

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isohunt has enjoyed good popularity around the world for more than 15 years in operation and it was also a goal of justice to incur copyright on some of its contents in different countries.

Here you will find, as well as films and series; anime (in the original version), software, computer games and other audio-visual materials downloaded under the BitTorrent format. Prepare the popcorn to enjoy the best content!

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Torrent Hounds

Another page that is an alternative to BitTorrent is TorrentHounds, which has had to change its domain several times due to problems with the copyright of many of the files it has available, however, this has not been a problem so it is still in vogue .

Here you will find movies, music, documentaries, series, video games and other multimedia files that are quite good and easy to download. In case this page is not available, some people choose to use a VPN to access it and thus be able to download torrents without any inconvenience.

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Kickass torrent

This is a page in English that offers numerous links to movies, music, games, series and more, so you can download torrents whenever you want. One of the downsides is that the ads that appear when you click on a link can be a bit intrusive But nothing that can’t be fixed with a little patience.

Despite the fact that this website has also gone through legal problems, it is able to get away with it and there are thousands and even millions of users who regularly use this page every day To make your downloads without any problem .

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As a final alternative, we recommend VivaTorrents, since this page is the one mentioned to search and find movies in English or with subtitles in very good quality . On the one hand, the advantage of this website is that there are not many pop-up ads, and on the other, the disadvantage is that a lot of its content is copyrighted.

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This is the page in specialized in providing users with films, series and rare features, that is, those films that are not so typical but are still quite good, so if you are looking for the latest releases, it is better for you to look for another option.

BitYouth is characterized by a simple to understand interface and easy to navigate through the different categories it offers to find the title you are looking for. What’s more, you can filter your search by the year of the movie or by the scores given by other users to the various movies.

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Another of the most used speaking pages to download movies and TV shows in hd 720p, 1080p and format , EliteTorrent is without a doubt that, strangely enough, the courts have persecuted for violating the Copyright rules, but as however it is still active and people are using the domain regularly.

This website is said to be a copy, but in the same way, it is still good because of the great variety of titles and options it offers, among which games, music and documentaries also stand out. One of the disadvantages is that it does not offer much content in 3D and 4K format .

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DVDR movies

An alternative to the Best Torrent is the DVDR Movies torrent download page, which, there is not so much variety in movies and series taking other similar pages as references , but in the same way, the content is of high quality and worth download it.

If you are one of those people who are annoyed by the pop-up ads that torrent download pages bring, we will let you know that this page does have them, but they are not as annoying and intrusive as the others , so your experience will be quite reasonable on this page.

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Another great option doesn’t work is PepeCine, a page that offers several movies and series in English and many subtitles, which you can watch directly online No need to download torrents.

PepeCine is becoming quite popular and users are increasing; and we will also tell you, to access its different content, You must first register on the site with an email, preferably temporarily .

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It is a very famous Swedish web page in the world, in which much of its content is in English, but this does not prevent you from finding the best titles of movies, music, games and series of all kinds to download .

In the mythical ThePirateBay you can easily find more than 3 million files with the video quality description, and one of the most attractive advantages is that these files are verified to provide better security In addition, there its interface is quite simple and easy to use.

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Is There Any Risk or Disadvantage to Downloading Content in Best Torrent?

The BitTorrent website, like many other pages recommended in this article, works through torrent downloads and not direct downloads to the computer, which means that there is a small chance that while downloading some file or movie link or other, the computer is infected with some malware or spyware Take the main file with you.

Our recommendation is to keep your computer with an anti-virus good enough to detect and protect you from possible malware on the web , although you should know that there are some viruses that are immune to many anti-viruses that can be installed easily on your operating system.

How to download and use the best torrent.

It is very easy to download in the best torrent , so below we will describe the steps to follow so that you can download that movie or series and enjoy it with your family:

Step #1.- Download BitTorrent or uTorrent

First of all, you must download and install the program BitTorrent or uTorrent on your computer , which are programs that will allow you to download the torrent links that you will find on the various pages that we recommend afterwards. We recommend uTorrent over BitTorrent, since it is lighter, does not slow down the computer and is easy to use.

Step #2.- Go to the BitTorrent website

Then, you must enter the web page and there select the title of the movie or you can put this name in the search engine located at the top right and then on the button “Search” .

Step #3.- Choose the option you want

After that, the results of your search will appear, where you will have to choose the one you want from the options, depending on the resolution or the format and you click on “Download “.

Step #4.- Add the link to the BitTorrent or uTorrent program

Then, a new screen will open where you have to click on the word “Here” to copy and paste the link in the BitTorrent or uTorrent program previously downloaded to your computer. 

Step #5.- Start the download in BitTorrent or uTorrent

Finally, by pasting the link in the specific tab, the download starts and when it is finished, you can search for the movie or series among your computer files .

Features that make Best Torrent the Most Visited Site to Download Movies?

Among the most prominent features are the following which are the most visited by its users to download movies:

  • A wide range of files more than 57.000 titles .
  • categories are organized for a better experience.
  • The web interface is quite attractive and easy to understand and drive.
  • No subscription is required to access all content.
  • Security is high, so malware downloads are free.
  • There are no pop-ups and very few ads .
  • The media content is high quality with different options when downloading.

What you get in the best torrent.

In you can find unlimited classic and current movies, TV series and interesting documentaries , all these in different formats of good enough video quality and also in high definition; also you can find these videos with subtitles or in different foreign languages.

In addition, you will find more than 2.000 games for computers and tablets, music of all genres and many funny video clips , making another great choice for downloading exclusive content.

Comparison: Which is Better DivxTotal or BetterTorrent?

Frankly, the two pages DivxTotal and BestTorrent have almost the same amount of multimedia content and the number of monthly users is quite similar : 24.5 million and 24.9 million, respectively.

In this way we can say that both websites work well and provide a good service in their category, however, DivxTotal does not offer coverage of its series and movies on the front page. Both are very good options, we recommend that you go into each of them, and decide which of the two you feel most comfortable with.

Thank you so much for reading this far! We hope this article on the 15 Best Alternatives to Torrent . Stay with this, your favorite blog and get more interesting information until next time! .

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