Board Games For Teenagers

Best Board Games For Teenagers (2024)

Best Board Games For Teenagers – Board games are still popular not only among children and adults who are passionate about this form of play, but also among teenagers. It is definitely worth getting interested in them, because they bring a lot of benefits. From temporarily distracting the child from the computer and smartphone, to effectively developing logical thinking and planning skills. However, the question remains: which board games for teenagers should you choose?

The offer of products of this type is really wide and extensive, so you do not have to worry about a limited selection. On the contrary. On the one hand, this situation is beneficial, but on the other hand it may cause some decision-making problems. Our guide will be helpful, where you will find many suggestions for sets for specific age groups . This will make it much easier for you to make the final decision.

Board Games For Teenagers – what features should they have?

First, however, it is worth considering what an ideal board game for a teenager should be. Which factors most influence its “usefulness” and attractiveness. Thanks to this knowledge, your choices will be informed.

  • For a teenager to enjoy spending time playing board games, they must be engaging. Quick games lasting a few minutes are great for parties, but kids need something completely different. So try to choose sets that require constant attention and are simply interesting.

  • It is not without reason that companies indicate the age group in their products. In this way, they inform who the board games are intended for. It is definitely worth paying attention to this type of information. This way you will avoid possible mistakes and will make it easier to choose the optimal set.

  • Games for teenagers should somehow relate to their interests. If your child is passionate about detective stories, for example, look for something on a similar topic. The market offer is so wide that this will not be a problem. Regardless of whether your child is interested in sports, astronomy, nature, fantasy or something else.

  • In addition to engaging gameplay, youth games can encourage players with attractive execution. Colorful, hand-painted cards, detailed figures , large boards, all kinds of additional elements. All this can make board games an interesting alternative to other forms of spending free time. Especially for sitting in front of the TV , computer and smartphone .

  • When comparing individual packages, do not forget to pay attention to the rules of the game . The idea is for the game to interest teenagers and not be too complicated. This may effectively discourage him from learning the rules. And most importantly, focus on having fun together. There are plenty of sets in stores designed for two players and even for entire families (family board games).

All kinds of popularity rankings, as well as opinions of other customers and professional reviews, will certainly be helpful in choosing. They provide a lot of information about the course of the game, the rules and the quality of individual elements. Thanks to this, you don’t have to choose anything blindly.

Board Games for Children over 13 years of age

Now that we have the basic rules for choosing board games, we can move on to presenting specific suggestions. We start with the 13+ age category. One thing is certain – it contains a lot of interesting products that will prove to be a real hit. Below are some of them.

  • Ravensburger Millionaires – Smart Edition. A game that transfers the rules of a popular game show to a board game. The box contains several hundred cards with questions and answers, as well as boards for up to two players. The whole thing is simple, but in this way you can effectively expand your knowledge on various topics.

  • Taboo. If you are interested in cool games for teenagers that you can play in a group, this is a perfect choice. Players are divided into teams – one of them has to present the slogan presented on the board, and the rest have to guess it. Thesaurus words, gestures and even sounds come to the rescue. The team that collects the most points wins.

  • Wilga Escape Room – Escape From Alcatraz. A cooperative game that involves finding a way to escape from one of the most secure prisons in the world. To be successful, it is necessary to solve various puzzles and use the mechanics planned by the creators.

  • Get on the Train series. Board games for teenagers often provide hours of fun, and this set is a prime example. It contains a large map, trains and cards. The players’ task is to arrange railway connections on the indicated routes. This requires good planning and often making difficult decisions. Interestingly, the series consists of games containing various maps – the world, North America, or Europe. So nothing stops you from regularly expanding your collection.

  • The Lost Island of Arnak. An extensive adventure game in which players take on the role of researchers searching a desert island. During the expedition, they must struggle with many dangers and try to discover the secret of the explored land. The whole thing is extremely interesting and well made. A single game can last up to several hours. Importantly, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it alone or with a maximum of 3 other players.

Board Games for Teenagers from 14 years old

We move on to discover interesting youth games in the 14+ age category. In this case, the catalog is equally wide and diverse, so it is best to compare at least several sets before making a final decision. For example those mentioned below.

  • Undercover officers. To start with, a product that often appears in rankings such as “the best games for teenagers”, although it can also be safely classified as a family board game. Provides fun in a duo or group, developing deduction skills. It involves developing puzzles and discovering other players’ secrets. Thanks to the different modes, you can play the board game multiple times. There is no room for boredom here. It is worth noting that the Secret Duet edition, intended for two people, is also available in stores.

  • The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth. An extremely extensive set, one of those games that can absorb endless hours. Regardless of whether it is just the first game or another one. At the same time, it is a real treat for all lovers of the world created by Tolkien. This is an adventure game that can be played by up to 5 people (single-player mode is available). As the name suggests, it involves wandering through Middle-earth and dealing with many dangers. Including the monsters that inhabit this land.

  • Empire Dune. Games for teenagers are often prepared under licenses from famous films and books. This is also the case this time, because the presented set tells the story of the universe created by writer Frank Herbert. The game takes place on the desert planet Arrakis, the only source of valuable melange for which various factions fight. The participants of the game must prepare and implement a strategy that will allow them to take over this world and, consequently, to extract the raw material. You can spend a lot of time playing this beautifully made game. Especially since it encourages you to come back.

  • Talisman Legendary Tales. A fascinating story about legendary talismans whose takeover by evil forces threatens the entire world. The players’ task, of course, is to prevent this from happening. The set is very extensive and well-made. You can play alone or in a group of up to six people. The board game itself has won many awards, which in itself encourages you to check it out.

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Board Games for 16-year-olds

If you are interested in top board games for people aged 16 and over, you must be prepared for an extremely wide product offer. You will find plenty of more and less complex games that can be easily adapted to various interests. In addition, there is a wide choice in terms of duration, maximum number of players, and the way the game is played. Below we present several sets that are currently very popular on the market.

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Tyrants of the Underdark. Something for lovers of the classic D&D system, as well as role-playing games that allow you to play the role of various heroes. The plot tells about the world of the Underdark, where the leaders of the Menzoberranzan families compete for power. This is a strategic card game for up to 4 people.

  • Fallout. A must-have for all lovers of the extremely rich Fallout universe. This is a game about a post-apocalyptic world that was almost completely destroyed as a result of the nuclear war between China and the United States. After many years spent in bunkers, the first people come to the surface to rebuild civilization and ensure the survival of the human species. Players can join them and try to survive in an extremely hostile environment. Interestingly, the board game can be expanded with expansions available on the market (e.g. “New California”). 

  • Dixit. A beautifully made card game that involves guessing various associations by selecting the cards that best match them. The set contains many colorful illustrations that are real works of art. The whole thing is great for developing your imagination and allowing you to have a great time.

As you can see, there are various board games available in stores. The best of them is the one that, on the one hand, suits the players’ interests, and on the other hand, is so engaging and interesting that it encourages people to come back.

To find such a product, be sure to pay attention to specific board game genres. Producers prepare, among others, educational, economic, adventure, logical, card, strategic and family sets. After determining the topic, it will be much easier for you to buy the most interesting board games for teenagers.

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