Best Pokemon Games

10 Best Pokemon Games to Play on PC in 2023

Best Pokemon Games – Pokemon is a media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri which has been quite successful in capturing the attention of game lovers around the world. Pokemon themselves sulk at monsters that have unique abilities.

Developers also often launch various game titles with Pokemon themes. So, if you are a Pokemon fan, then some of the PC Pokemon games that will be discussed this time can be fun recommendations to play at home. What are they? Here is the list.

Best Pokemon Games

1. Pokemon Masters

The first Pokemon PC game that you can try is titled Pokemon Masters. This game made by DeNA was first released at the end of 2019 ago. In this game the players will be taken to an artificial island called Pasio.

This game can bring players to experience fighting and recruiting leading Pokemon Trainers. Pokemon Masters itself is one of the most successful Pokemon-themed games on the market. Download the game here .

2. Pokemon X & Y

The next Pokemon game that you can also play on your PC is Pokemon X & Y. This game made by Game Freak is an RPG or role play game that allows players to go on exciting adventures in the world of Pokemon.

This game is equipped with several interesting features. One of them is character customization. In addition, the developer has upgraded several Pokemon into a new form called Mega Evolution.

The game also features Sylveon, a new evolution of Eevee. So, in this game you will be in a region called Kalos and face enemies from Team Flare. Who are you against the Flare team? Download the game here .

3. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Another exciting Pokemon PC game is Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon. This game is a remake of the game with the same title which was released in 2016. So, in this game the fans will be taken to a region called Alola.

In this game players and Pokemon will undergo a challenge called Trial. The players themselves will have an exciting adventure facing dark forces along the way on the island. Interesting right? Download the game here .

4. Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum

Next up is Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum. In this game the players will go on an adventure in a region called Sinnoh. This game features a lot of 4th generation Pokemon. Just like the previous games in the series, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum allows players to choose one of three Pokemon to start the adventure.

So, in this game the players will collect badges and try to knock out the Elite Four or the four ruling kings to be able to rank up to the Elite Trainer level. Download the game here .

5. Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (TCG)

The next Pokemon PC game that is also quite interesting is Pokemon TCG. At first, the game made by America, Dire Wolf Digital, was a browser -based game called Pokemon Trainer Challenge.

Pokemon TCG allows players to challenge other players from around the world to a game of cards, and win games to become the best Pokemon Trainer.

Even though it seems classic, this game, which was released in 2011, is one of the most interesting online card games. If you are one of those people who like playing cards, then this one game can be an exciting choice. Download the game here .

6. Slay The Spires

Slay The Spire is a game made by American studio MegaCrit which was officially released in 2019. This game is one of the other Pokemon games that is quite exciting and interesting. In this game, players will choose one of four trainer characters to adventure their way to the top of the tower and fight their way through enemies.

Players themselves will get cards with various Pokemon characters by winning battles against Bosses, as well as other available activities. Slay The Spire itself is a game that has received a lot of attention from the public. This is evidenced by the many awards won in 2019. Download the game here .

7. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Another Pokemon PC game with an RPG concept titled Pokemon Sword and Shield produced by Game Freak and released in 2019. This game is indeed interesting in terms of graphics and gameplay. In this game, players will play the character of a Pokemon trainer who will go on an adventure to become a Pokemon champion.

The main focus of this game itself is to overthrow the Pokemon league champion, Leon in a Pokemon tournament. In this game, players also have to face the enemy, namely Team Yell. Well, the region used in this game is Galar, which is based in England. Download the game here .

8. Pokemon Quest

So, next is Pokemon Quest. This game made by Game Freak was released in 2018. The game allows the player to form a Pokemon team and fight on Tumblecube Island in Pokemon Quest. In this game you are free to choose the region you want to use.

This Pokemon game does look a little different from other Pokemon games. The elements shown in this game are quite simple. Players will find it easier to go on an adventure exploring Tumblecube Island. The more the players themselves will be presented with a variety of unique Pokemon characters. Download the game here .

9. Pokemon’s Let’s Go, Pikachu!

Pokemon’s Let’s Go, Pikachu! is a Pokemon game with an RPG concept that was released in 2018 by Game Freak. This game itself is a remake of Pokemon Yellow which was released in 1988.

In this game players will find 151 species of Pokemon consisting of the first generation and the following generations along with their mega evolutions and Alola forms. In this game players can fight with various characters ranging from gym leaders, Pokemon League champions, and even non-players.

Well, this game itself is equipped with a multiplayer feature , which allows players to play with other players from various countries around the world. Download the game here .

10. Pokemon Mystery Dungeons

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a game with an RPG concept as well as a Roguelike. This game made by Chunsoft is mostly centered on exploring Dungeons. In this game the player will be faced with randomly generated battles. In this game the players will attack each other in turns.

This game itself allows players to escape from Dungeon. It’s just that this can be done in certain places or by using certain items. So, the players are also required to win so they don’t lose money and items.

Even though the game is quite interesting, the developer seems dissatisfied with this. This can be seen from their efforts to expand the features in this game, starting from adding a command system, giving different missions to each Dungeon, and upgrading weapons that are much more powerful. Download the game here .

So, those are 10 recommendations for Pokemon PC games that you should collect. The games mentioned above are quite exciting and not to be missed, especially by fans of the Pokemon game.

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