Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners in 2023

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners – In this ranking we will list the best cryptocurrency apps currently on the market. There are different types of cryptocurrency trading apps. Some allow you to buy and sell different types of digital assets directly from their platform, while others give you access to a number of digital asset trading platforms that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your preferred platform. In both cases, the goal is to provide an intuitive interface that facilitates the selection, purchase and sale of digital currencies in a secure and convenient way.

When choosing a cryptocurrency app, it is important to consider several factors, here are the main ones:

  • Ease of use : You should be able to create an account easily, you can make deposits, buy and sell digital assets and withdraw your funds. The interface must be intuitive and easy to navigate, so as to allow the user to quickly access all the information they need without having to spend time learning how to use the application.
  • Security : Look for an app that has strong security protocols, such as two-factor authentication (2FA) or encryption techniques. This will help protect your digital assets from unauthorized access or theft by cybercriminals.
  • Reliability : This aspect plays a fundamental role in the decision making process. Look for reviews of the platform on independent sites like TrustPilot to get an idea of ​​its reliability. It is also important to take into consideration the nature of the platform, i.e. to guarantee your customers about the reliability of the broker. 
  • Tradable Assets : Different platforms offer different types of currencies, and some have less supply than others. Make sure you choose one that offers the digital asset or currencies of your choice, so you can get a better return on your investment.
  • News Feed : These features can help you keep up to date with the latest information on the digital asset market, giving you an edge when it comes to making decisions about buying or selling cryptocurrencies. 

TIP : The most downloaded cryptocurrency app to date is the Capex app, as it is suitable for both beginners and professionals and offers high-quality services for trading cryptocurrencies. Perfectly set for iOS and Android, it enjoys excellent reviews from its users. We can download it immediately and activate the demo version of the platform, to test it with virtual money and therefore risk-free:

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

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Among the most popular apps in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is Capex . Globally regulated and authorized platform , it is available on smartphones with a convenient mobile app.

The notoriety of the platform is certainly due to some of the advantages that distinguish it, such as  reliability, security and simplicity . Among the benefits offered by Capex, however, there are some really interesting elements aimed above all at supporting those approaching the world of online trading for the first time.

Among these is certainly that of the partnership with  Trading Central , one of the most famous technical analysis centers in Europe. Thanks to this partnership, Capex is able to offer very useful services and able to guide you in a specific way during your operations.

To make it easier for beginners to enter the world of investments, Capex also provides an Academy. This brings together a vast free training material organized into different courses of lessons such as “Investments for beginners” or “Trading and investment strategies”, as well as tutorials and video lessons useful for learning how to use the platform.

An aspect not to be overlooked is also the possibility of opening a Demo Account before starting to invest real money. Platform and application, in fact, make available to new users a faithful replica of the real platform, on which to make investments in the best cryptocurrencies with virtual money. 

Click here to download the free Capex App


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eToro is one of the best known and most used cryptocurrency apps in the world and represents an excellent choice for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies in a safe and professional way.

Used by over 20 million people, this platform is recognized for its  security . The broker is obviously available on apps for iOS and Android and, among its qualities, there is certainly that of supporting both operations with CFDs and the actual purchase of tokens.

  • Operations with CFDs : they are derivative instruments that allow you to bet on the change in the price of an asset. Trading crypto through CFDs means that you will not directly own the asset but you will be able to earn thanks to its changes in value, whether it rises or falls. With CFDs there are no fixed commissions but you will pay a spread.
  • Actual purchase of the Tokens : to buy the cryptocurrency you are interested in, just enter the specific section, select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and click on “buy”. On eToro, a 1% commission is applied to the actual purchase of cryptocurrency on the transaction.

In addition to the above, eToro also offers its famous Copy Trading service on the App . Let’s talk about one of the most important innovations in the field of online investments of recent times. The function, in fact, allows users to copy the operations of the most capable traders to replicate their results. It follows that it is possible to start investing in cryptocurrencies achieving the same performance as more experienced investors.

XTB Extension

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XTB is one of the best cryptocurrency apps, safe and reliable, which can boast certificates and approvals from control bodies such as Cysec and FCA.

In addition to security, this app guarantees numerous other advantages such as the vast free training offer. In fact, on XTB it is possible to find real training courses that will allow you to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies, do technical and fundamental analysis, discover the main trading strategies and much more.

Among the other particularly appreciated features of the broker, there are the customer service in Italian, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and the possibility of uploading  Expert Advisors to the platform . Through this function it is possible to do automatic trading thanks to a software based on algorithms capable of scanning the market and processing a large amount of data in a few seconds.

Therefore the bot will identify the trading conditions that satisfy its algorithm and will open and close positions automatically on the occasion of every opportunity recognized by its algorithm.

Finally XTB allows its users to practice using the platform by simulating investments through virtual money thanks to the free Demo Account .

Click here to download the free XTB App


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Among the best known cryptocurrency apps in World we find the Plus500 platform . Designed to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to everyone, it is one of the most used in the world of online finance and has millions of active users every month.

One of the most appreciated components of the broker is its operational structure. Also available for smartphones, Plus500 is extremely intuitive and very quick in the necessary operations, this to allow smooth operation and an easy activity for new users.

Among the features that make the app one of the most used, we find the possibility of opening a Demo Account and very low Spreads.

These factors make the instrument practicable and accessible, both from an economic and a technical point of view. In fact, those who have not yet mastered the trading activity are allowed to operate with a Demo Account, accessing a virtual credit of over $10,000.

All this, combined with the not particularly expensive deposit required, makes the platform and its application a useful and highly performing means with which to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Sign up for Plus500 now by clicking here

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One cryptocurrency app we often recommend is the one from . Recognized as one of the most valid and performing brokers, it is also regulated and extremely simple to use.

In fact, making it a particularly efficient tool is the possibility of registering and opening positions in a few minutes even with your own mobile version (downloadable for free from the iOS and Android stores) with extreme transparency and without the unknown factors and technical difficulties that characterize obscure automatic platforms, much promoted on the web.

Also, like the apps we mentioned earlier, also allows you to open a demo account. In this case it is called stock market simulator and allows users to test and operate on the platform in a trial version, very faithful to the original.

Among the best known and most useful benefits of, however, there is the possibility of accessing the support of a  dedicated Account Manager , a trading and cryptocurrency expert at the complete disposal of users about to trade, especially those who are still experts.

All this makes the platform and its  mobile app  a tool to explore and a broker that ranks among the best out there.

Iq Option

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Another notable cryptocurrency app is that of IQ Option . Regulated internationally, the platform is one of the most accessible of those in existence and is very popular among budding traders.

This is due to a series of advantages that the broker offers to those who decide to start trading cryptocurrencies, including a very performing mobile app, a simple and intuitive interface and the possibility of practicing investing in cryptocurrencies via a demo account . without investing real money.  

Among the other features that make this platform particularly popular among budding traders are the initial deposit of only €50 (probably the lowest among the brokers available at the moment) and the extensive educational material made available to users for free (such as video lectures and the official blog).

Register on IQ Option and start investing!


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Kraken , also available as an app, provides users with 72 tokens. It is one of the most popular platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies and this obviously brings advantages (thanks precisely to the large number of users present on the platform with whom to trade).

Added to this advantage is also a site that is easy to use for anyone, also thanks to the Route function, i.e.  targeted routes to follow, based on the type of user we identify with. In addition, the app offers  numerous charts and analysis tools on price, volume and other metrics.

However, it must be emphasized that although Kraken is considered a fairly secure platform and its security protocols are sufficient to protect user activities, since it is an exchange and not a real broker, it does not enjoy the approval of Consob.

Also unlike the brokers we have listed so far, Kraken charges a 0.9% commission for any stablecoin, rising to 1.5% for any other crypto or FX pair.


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Coinbase is one of the most famous exchanges in the world. It is present in 32 countries and has over 50 million users and recently went public. Despite this, however, it has not obtained Consob authorization .

If it were to get the approval of the European bodies responsible for monitoring this type of app, it could prove particularly advantageous for several reasons.

In fact, it provides access to educational resources to deepen your knowledge as well as a clear and easy to monitor dashboard.

In addition, although it applies a commission of $0.90 for each operation, it does not require any minimum deposit and allows you to “earn while learning” thanks to the Coinbase Earn function (thanks to which you can get free tokens every time you pass the quiz at the end of each course).


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Bitpanda is a European Exchange also available on the App, based in Vienna and, unlike those mentioned above, has received the approval of Consob.

Its app, available for both iOS and Android, is considered one of the best cryptocurrency apps due to its security, ease of use and also thanks to the fact that the commissions for buying Bitcoins are very low. In addition to the latter crypto, over 60 virtual coins are available on Bitpanda and for each of them there is an in-depth information sheet with details on its history and a graph that clearly shows the price changes. 

Among the characteristic functions of Bitpanda are:

  • Bitpanda Swap  which allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another instantly and with no transaction limits
  • BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem Token), which is a sort of loyalty program accessible by simply verifying your account and performing at least one transaction on a monthly basis.

The only disadvantage of Bitpanda is that it has fees, although they are very low.

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  • CFD trading: is a cryptocurrency app that presents a wealth of useful information for traders (both novice and more experienced).

What distinguishes it is precisely the completeness of the training material that it makes available to users.

On this platform it is in fact possible to find:

  • A Tools section where there is any useful information for trading (such as holiday calendars or the forex volatility calculator).
  • Technical analysis of numerous assets which also include very useful interactive graphs.
  • News published in real time both written and in video format (the latter are generally insights into hot topics).

On this platform it is not possible to buy or exchange crypto but it is an essential source for obtaining information on brokers, markets and virtual currencies. In fact, here it is possible to obtain information on more than 100 cryptocurrencies, among which the most interesting are:

  • bitcoins
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • cardan
  • Ripple
  • Polkadot
  • Chainlinks

The only point against it is the difficulty in navigating the app experienced by many users. Probably, given the many functions made available, understanding how the platform works is not immediate and it takes a while before being able to fully exploit all its potential.


In this ranking we have included 10 excellent Apps for trading cryptocurrencies , among the best ever on the world scene.

We just have to test the 3 or 4 Apps that have intrigued us through a free demo and start practicing with virtual money. Here is the table where to complete the registration necessary to download the application:


What are the best cryptocurrency apps ?

To date, the most downloaded apps for cryptocurrency trading are Capex and eToro. For up-to-date information, the most popular application is that of Investing.

How to choose a good cryptocurrency app?

The essential requirements to consider are: security, no fixed costs, demo account, low minimum deposit, 24/7 assistance and free training resources.

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