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10 Best Mental Health Apps to Use in 2023

10 Best Mental Health Apps to Use in 2023 – All over the world, already tense political and economic relations between representatives of countries are now growing, therefore, due to constant stress, it is more important than ever for people to maintain their mental health and emotional state. Not everyone has the opportunity to use the services of psychologists to maintain their stable psychological level, so innovative applications come to the rescue to help cope with anxiety and apathy:

10 Best Mental Health Apps to Use in 2023


WYSA is a psychotherapist bot that builds a personal “toolbox” based on your answers, with various exercises “for better concentration if you’re overwhelmed, for controlling aggression, and for relaxing.” Some of these exercises are based on the practice of mindfulness meditation, which is an approach to dealing with various psychological problems, especially stress and anxiety. Also in the set you can see some yoga poses. The monthly subscription price is $29.99.


WYSA for Android:


Calm is a great all-round tool for anyone looking to improve their mental health. The app teaches users how to reduce anxiety and stress, sleep better and control their emotions. You can choose sleep music that will accompany your mind all night, the application helps you fight bad habits and develop new ones that are good for the body. The price of the application is €50, and during the sales season – €30.


CALM for Android:


MindShift is a free app created to provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and anxiety prevention. It contains information about common sources and symptoms of worry, anxiety, and panic, and provides users with a list of stimuli so they can understand why they are feeling a certain emotion. Users can create customized plans for coping with anxiety in typical and atypical situations. In addition, the user is offered motivating quotes for inspiration. MindShift focuses on perfectionism, social anxiety, work anxiety, anxiety, panic and conflict.

MindShift for IOS:

MindShift for Android:

4. Booster Buddy

Free online cartoon character motivator is very useful for people with mental disorders. When the screen loads, he will ask you questions about your well-being, what worries and worries, and will also give small tasks for which you will receive praise. The app has many great tools, such as a “crisis plan” where you can describe your periods of “ups and downs” or a calendar function. 

Booster Buddy for IOS:

Booster Buddy for Android:

5. Daylio

Daylio is arguably the best free mood tracker app out there today. What it is? The application makes it very easy to track your emotional state, and it only takes a couple of minutes a day.

Daylio for IOS:

Daylio for Android:

6. Happify

A free quest app that helps you keep track of your mental health. Users are asked evaluation questions, like a quiz that helps to determine the problem and the degree of its neglect. Based on this factual data, the app offers 60+ exercises designed by experts in the field. Happify is also available for blind and visually impaired people.

Happify for IOS:

Happify for Android:


An alternative audiobook for those who don’t have time to read. There are a large number of books on psychology, self-realization, motivation and success in the public domain, as well as podcasts of famous speakers of psychologists, if you wish, you can listen to them in different languages. The first two weeks the application can be used for free, and after that you will have to subscribe for 549 rubles. per month. No further investment is required. 

Storytel for iOS:

Storytel for Android:

8 AirPano

AirPano is the world’s largest resource for high quality 360-degree panoramas. The application contains more than 50 bird’s eye panoramic photos of sights and wonders of nature. Each one allows you to virtually rotate 360 ​​from a fixed position. The application has several albums: “Beautiful cities”, “Beyond the mountains”, “Historical places” and others. The program is only available for IOS users .

AirPano for IOS:

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9. Find What Feels Good Yoga

Find What Feels Good Yoga or FWFG is a paid popular yoga app, either $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, that invites you to explore the human body and understand what it really means to be healthy. . The application will offer you different types of yoga based on your requests and problems, as there are more than 700 videos in the media library. The only thing is that there may be difficulties with registration, as some users report. 

Find What Feels Good for IOS:

Find What Feels Good for Android:

10. #SelfCare

#Selfcare is a free companion app for both teens and older adults that uses artificial intelligence to interact with users. The main screen is the bedroom, which is a kind of safe space for the user to learn various techniques that promote calm, introspection, awareness, and overall emotional well-being. People can share personal thoughts and feelings, the design of the application is very calm, mostly muted warm colors are used to create the maximum feeling of comfort. The application has a section with tarot cards , although it is not the main part of the application. 

#SelfCare for IOS:

#SelfCare for Android:

The services we have reviewed will appeal to people of different ages and genders, for the most part, they are easy to use and have one big goal – to make you healthier and happier, because the trends of self-enrichment, self-development and motivation have been leading among people for many years, and will not lose their momentum. place in 2023.

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