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Best DeepFake Apps and Sites You Can Try in 2023

Best DeepFake Apps – Technology is making great strides, especially thanks to artificial intelligence . In fact, AI is introducing a series of solutions that significantly improve user experiences with various devices and allow for an increase in the level of comfort: just think of the smart home , but also of intelligent cars and much more.

But technological evolutions do not only concern the needs of everyday life. Sometimes, in fact, the new solutions based on artificial intelligence are simply ways to have fun , such as the possibility of changing your features as we have seen in the face changer apps , a fun way to change your face, even going so far as to make you say the sentence spoken by another person.

Going into detail, among the many innovations brought by technology in recent years, Deep Fake is undoubtedly one of those that has had the greatest success and which has also sparked a lot of controversy.

What is DeepFake? Technical developments

Deep Fake is a technique, which became famous from 2017 onwards, which allows you to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence to modify human faces .

This technique combines and overlays existing images and videos with original videos or images using machine learning.

The AI-based solution has been so successful as to lead to the creation of many images and videos with this technique, even if many have highlighted the danger of Deep Fake , which can really ruin the lives of unsuspecting subjects who end up victims of the facial modification.

The development of the Deep Fake took place mainly in the academic research field and then also in the amateur field. However, if at first Deep Fake appeared as simple entertainment, over time we realized that the technique opened the doors to fake pornographic videos (and therefore to revenge porn) but also to fake news, hoaxes and scams as we see later with mrdeepfakes.

Through the Deep Fake, in fact, a video can be made where a prominent person – for example a politician – expresses concepts that in reality he has never pronounced . But the most disturbing scenario is precisely the pornographic one: Deep Fake has often been used to make hard videos depicting celebrities and is also a tool used for revenge porn.

It is certainly no coincidence that the Guarantor for the protection of personal data has recently opened an investigation against the company that supplies the FakeYou app, which reproduces text files using false (but realistic) voices of well-known personalities, including Italian VIPs.

If you have everything clear and want to discover the best apps for creating Deep Fakes for your needs, while remaining within the legal field, then all you have to do is follow me: in the next paragraph I will describe everything in detail.

Best DeepFake Apps You Can Try for Fun

The Deep Fake apps are available for Android and iOS, but there are also some sites that can be accessed via the web browser: let’s find out everything together.


If you are a TikTok user, you probably already know Wombo, as this application is very popular on the social platform. Precisely this popularity leads developers to update it very often with new features.

Wombo is one of the best apps for lip-syncing with music and videos in the background. Once you open the app you will be able to select a series of songs and sync them from a single image. You can find it for free on the Google Play Store .


The developers of Reface, another very popular app for creating Deep Fakes, are the same as Doublicat, an app that generates very funny GIFs. Reface uses artificial intelligence that allows you to synchronize the animated GIF with a photo of you that you have imported into the app. Reface will then overlay the image onto the GIF to create a stunning effect.

The application is available for free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store .

My Heritage

My Heritage is another app for making Deep Fakes that you will certainly appreciate, especially since it is able to provide you with a very interesting function. I’m talking about Deep Nostalgia , which allows you to animate even very dated photos: you can therefore ‘bring back to life’, even if only virtually, the memories of your past .

My Heritage is available on both Android and iOS .

Deepfakes Web

As I mentioned to you earlier, there are not only Android and iOS apps to make Deep Fake videos. In fact, on the web you can also find very effective sites that allow you to create movies using artificial intelligence.

One of them is Deepfakes Web , which has an option in the center of the page, Create a Deepfake Video. Click on it and you will find yourself in a registration window: you will need to enter your email and password to continue.

Once you register, all you have to do is upload your picture and the video you want it to sync over. Tap on Convert and within a few seconds you will have the high resolution video available.

Deep Fake on Telegram

Another solution to swap your photo or video with that of a famous actor or singer is to use a telegram bot. This is a quick solution to create free deep fakes.

Just go to the @RoundDFBot channel , start the bot and follow the instructions that appear in the chat.

By doing a search on Telegram you will also be able to find other bots and channels also dedicated to Deep Fake porn, in which case you need to unlock Telegram to access .

Mr Deep Fakes

This site I’m talking about contains pornographic material and therefore prohibited for minors under 18 years of age. On you can clearly see how artificial intelligence is able to replace the face of a porn actress with the face of a famous Hollywood actress far from this kind of film. You can find Deep Fake porn with videos and photos of various celebrities: Scarlett Johansson, Gal Gadot, Dua Lipa, Lacy Lennon, Elizabeth Olsen, Billie Eilish, Emma Watson, Ariana Grande, Jenna Ortega and other celebrities.

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