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15 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

15 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 – Now photos with swapped faces are becoming a trend on social media such as Instagram . Now, to make face swap photos, you need the best face swap application.

There are many of the best face swap applications that can be used on Android or iPhone cellphones. You can use the application as entertainment material with close friends, family or partner.

With the application you can exchange faces with other people without making edits manually using a photo editing application. Just take a photo with the camera or from the cellphone gallery.

Interested in experiencing the fun of using the best face swap app on Android or iPhone. Here techilu provides some of the best and most popular face swap application recommendations.

15 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Various applications provide many features that allow users to swap someone’s face with their own. In addition, several applications are also used to edit OLD PHOTOS .

Instead of getting more curious about the application application to swap faces with other people on Android and iPhone. So just take a look at the list of the best face swap applications below.

1. Snapchat

The best face swap application on Android and the first iPhone is Snapchat . Because the Snapchat application provides the funniest and most interesting real-time effects , based on online social media.

Interestingly, Snapchat has a face swap feature with friends in 1 frame while recording short clips for Snapchat. So it’s only natural that this face changing application is currently viral.

2. FaceSwap Live

The second best application for swapping faces is Face Swap Live . However, this best application is a paid application. Even so, the FaceSwap Live application provides various face swap features and the results are also smooth and look real. You can swap faces when taking photos together in person.

3. FaceApp

FaceApp – All Face Editor is a versatile Android and iPhone app. The FaceApp application can change faces using 3 presets in 1 application, allowing users to swap artist faces.

In addition, through FaceApp, photo editing, old or young, is very easy. The customization of these applications is quite in-depth, so the results are very similar. So it’s only natural that FaceApp is the best application.

4. Multi Faces Blender

Another application is Multi Face Blender . This best face swap platform can combine 2 photos into 1. You can choose 2 or more different photos and then make 1 different look.

The application can also exchange 3 face photos and the results will be quite smooth. Multi FaceBlender is quite fun to use as a fun material. Download the application right now!

5. Face Changer

Want to swap faces, the results are smooth and very similar. Then, you must download the Face Changer application . This app is perfect for having fun. Because it can change faces to be funny.

In this application, you can change your nose, mustache, hair, lips and so on so that your face becomes unique and funny. The application is downloaded on Google Playstore for free.

6. AgingBooth

AgingBoot is a free aging face swap application that can be accessed offline. It is an easy-to-use and amazing facial aging machine on Android devices.

This age conversion machine works with photos taken from your Android device’s camera or from your photo gallery. In addition, AgingBooth is also equipped with an automatic cropping feature using face detection.

7. Face Switch

The best face swap application on Android and other iPhones is Face Switch . The best platforms allow users to exchange and combine faces using the features in them.

The app is very easy to use and quite unique. Through this application, you can change the nose, eyes, lips and skin color. The 9.1 MB sized application has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.

8. Face Changer Camera

Being the next best application, Face Changer Camera allows its users to drastically change their faces using the most unique and ridiculous face swap effects.

Interestingly, this Android and iPhone application has features for having fun with friends. Among them are the FaceSwap, FaceMask, FaceBlend, ChinFace, FacePuppet features , and others.

9. Reface

Reface is the best and most popular photo and video exchange application. Because Reface features the most advanced, top-rated face editor and face morphing technology.

Not only faces, but Reface is also the best meme maker application that can be accessed on Android and iPhone. Through Reface you can swap the faces of celebrities or movie characters.

10. FaceSwap

The next best face swap app is called FaceSwap . The application can be used to swap other people’s faces in photos and videos. There are many face swap filters on the Android apk.

Through this best application, you can scare your friends with horror face swap. Apart from that, you can also swap photos of your friends’ faces into animals and the results can be used as jokes.

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11. MixBooth

If you want to have fun combining 2 faces, you must download the MixBooth application. The MixBooth application will mix 2 faces at once to produce 1 funny face.

You only need to add 2 photos of different faces. Then MixBooth will automatically combine the two faces to produce 1 photo from the combination of the 2 faces.

12. FaceSwap – Axhunter

The best face swap application on other Android or iPhone is Axhunter . As the name implies, it can work very well to exchange 2 different faces and the results are very smooth and similar.

However, this app is a bit slow in the process of swapping faces. So, you need to be patient in waiting for the application exchange process. You can download Axhunter for free on Playstore (android) and Appstore (iPhone).

13. Face Swap – Wombatica Software

If you want a unique face swap application, download FaceSwap Wombatica Software . The software is equipped with the most unique face swap feature with a variety of interesting pictures.

In addition, the software also features animal face swap templates such as cats and dogs as well as scary Dracula templates. Anyway, there are many uniqueness of this application.

14. FaceSwap Booth

Very supportive to be installed on Android or iPhone, the FaceSwap Boot exchange application will swap One Direction’s face with yours. If you are interested in using the application, you can download it for free.

Through the best FaceSwap Booth application, you can experiment with swapping anyone’s face with your own. FaceSwap Booth is usually used as a medium for fun.


The best face swap application on Android and the last iPhone is called MSQRD. The MSQRD application carries the concept of a short video of your face digitally swapped, so it looks like another face.

This application provides virtual accessories, including masks as well as face swap features with other people. Later you can share the results with your friends via your social media application.

Those are some of the recommendations for the best face swap applications on Android and iPhone that techilu recommends for you. As for how to use it is almost the same, the only difference is in the menu.

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