Best Math Apps for Students

16 Best Math Apps for Students

Best Math Apps for Students – There are many ways to improve math skills . An understanding of mathematics is required from childhood to adulthood. However, most people need extra help understanding certain mathematical methods. Luckily, there are many ways to do this, one of which is by using the best math apps for your computer or smartphone

This math problem solver app can correct and help solve most math problems with minimal effort. Computers are designed to solve math problems and calculate faster. Using the math answers app makes learning easier. Here are some math programs that can be used.

Best Math Apps for Students

Don’t just collect android games , It also need to have a math application for your computer if one day needs it for school work. 

Compared to math app for smartphones , there are fewer apps for doing math problems for PCs. But a little doesn’t mean anything,. Here are some application recommendations for solving math problems on both your favorite computer and smartphone .


It only need to trust your phone’s camera and you can answer math questions easily and accurately. In addition, the availability of the AutoMath function is quite complete. 

This application provides more than 250 mathematical formulas that can use. AutoMath cannot recognize handwriting. So you can use it to answer questions asked on the computer. 

You can get this application for free from the Google Play Store. AutoMath can solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, inequalities, roots of equations, trigonometry, algebra, simplification, basic algorithms.

Calculator for Kids

This math problem solving application might be more suitable for those who are looking for basic math programs on PC . Calculator for Kids is nothing but an ordinary calculator app, it only has an attractive and colorful user interface (UI) that can attract the attention of young children. At the same time, this program does not have advanced math subjects such as trigonometry, calculus or others.


The math problem solving app that is Cymath really works when are stuck with math homework. Here you can solve various math problems by taking photos with your phone’s camera and entering them into the application. Cymath can also be relied on to solve many subjects such as algebra, calculus and others that are easy to use.


This math program for computer is considered a dynamic math software designed for all math standards. Both beginners and experts can use this app. 

Geogebra combines algebra, geometry, tabulation, graphing, statistics and analysis, calculus in one easy-to-use package. This tool is very popular among students who have problems solving various math problems. 

Helper applications for doing Geogebra math problems are widely available on various platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android. Geogebra was created by Markus Hohenwarter. He started this project in 2001 as a requirement for his master’s thesis. 

Learning Point

This math program for Windows 10 and 8 knows no boundaries in science and all that goes with it. Basically, if there’s a number, this all-in-one app will solve it. 

The different subjects in the program are divided into Science, Mathematics, Computing and History. In math, the app divides it into commonly encountered parts. The videos in each section are designed as didactic learning tools. This math program for PC is a great way to learn if doesn’t understand or missed something in class.


The next application for doing math problems is MalMath, a math problem solving application that helps answer questions for high school and college students. MalMath comes with lots of tutorials on how to use it, especially for beginners who are using this application for the first time. 

A virtual keyboard equipped with various mathematical symbols for entering formulas is also useful here. Then will be told step by step how to solve math problems. It’s easy to understand when you can do it!


The next math answer application is Mathway. You can use this application as an alternative to learning and solving math problems starting from mathematics, algorithms, calculus and others. 

In terms of its user interface, Mathway looks simpler and more systematic. So it may not be suitable for looking for a casual app. But don’t worry, this app is pretty easy to use! To use this math app, simply take a photo of the problem and Mathway will answer it like a private tutor.


Maxima is a free math application for computers created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This software helps solve algebra problems using a computer. 

Maxima is an application used to handle symbolic and numerical expressions such as differentials, Laplace transforms , integrations, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, Taylor series, matrices, polynomials, vectors, and tensors. 

Maxima provides the best and most complete results using precision fractions, arbitrary precision, integers, and variable precision floats. This application can be used on computers running Lisp and all POSIX platforms, namely Linux, Unix, OS X and BSD. 

Gnuplot is used for plotting. Maxima uses a full programming language and has syntax like ALGOL but semantics like Lisp. This software is a complete CAS ( Computer Algebra System ) and can be used for symbolic operations.

Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is a free, open source mathematics application for personal computers developed by Microsoft. This program is an essential tool for those struggling with math problems. 

This software is fast and free and can easily solve even the most complex math problems. Microsoft Math includes features that help users solve problems related to math, science, and other technical subjects. 

This program has a graphing calculator and a unit converter . Apart from that, the software also has an equation and triangle solver that gives you the solution in just a few steps.

MyScript Calculator

Apart from Microsoft Mathematics, there is also a MyScript calculator that helps solve math problems in a very unique way. Here you don’t need to type, just scribble on the smartphone screen to instantly turn your writing into a mathematical equation.

Unfortunately, MyScript Calculator is still limited in its ability to help with math problems. This math problem application can only be used by lovers of basic mathematics, exponentials, trigonometry and algorithms.


Next is Photomath whose reputation is well known among students. The problem is that Photomath helps easily answer math formula questions. Apps that can answer math problems by taking pictures require you to take a picture of the problem to solve and automatically get the answer. 

In addition, It can use Photomath for free and works without an internet connection. Of course, more than 100 million downloads is beyond doubt. Oh yes, for those who are looking for a basic math program, Photomath also offers basic math topics which will certainly be very useful.


Learn and practice mental math easily with QMentat, a free math app for PC designed to help solve all your crazy math problems!

No pen, calculator or pencil needed with QMentat. Sharpen your mental math skills with this program that performs various mathematical operations such as division, multiplication, addition, roots, subtraction and exponents. This free program uses fixed-point arithmetic of arbitrary length that can be run an unlimited number of times and is limited only by screen size.


Compared to other math programs, Socratic developed by Google has the most attractive user interface. Like the others, will get an answer when you photograph the problem you want to solve in this program. 

Uniquely, Socratic is equipped with artificial intelligence technology to help you solve math problems quickly and accurately. Socratic also offers many other subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, History, much like online learning apps.

SpeQ Mathematic

SpeQ is a small but comprehensive math program with a simple and intuitive user interface. All calculations are performed on one sheet. SpeQ is free software with built-in support for math functions, constants and variables. 

This program helps define special variables and functions to help solve trigonometry problems. Apart from that, this tool is also useful for calculating expressions with arithmetic, implicit, logical, and bitwise operations . SpeQ Math has around 60 built-in functions for analysis, arithmetic, complex numbers, hyperbolic, integers, logic, probability, number system, statistics and trigonometry.


TuxMath is a completely different genre from other math programs. This app makes learning math fun with its gaming features. This app is an open source and free math learning app. 

This program is designed for children to help them learn math by heart by playing with flying moonstones, which are actually multiplication, division and subtraction in space. 

They must find the answer and destroy it. This math game software was developed for children between the ages of 7 and 13 and offers a number of tasks that require calculations. 

The higher a student’s level, the more difficult the problems and end up with really hard math problems like dividing negative numbers. The advanced mode gives the problem of dividing fractions in the form of asteroids which must be destroyed by finding common denominators.


For those who are concerned with trigonometry, there is WolframAlpha, an application that has many ways to solve math problems. It can use the help of WolframAlpha for homework or exams.  

Apart from mathematics, WolframAlpha has a database of other subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and many others. Done ! _ Unfortunately, WolframAlpha is a paid program, so will have to spend money to buy apps from Google Play or the App Store.

Those were the recommendations for the best math applications available on Android phones and PCs that can be your friend when answering or working on math problems. Choose your favorite app and enjoy learning your assignments! Hope this helps and adds insight to all!

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