Best Whatsapp Spy Apps

Best Whatsapp Spy Apps For Android And iPhone

Best Whatsapp Spy Apps For Android And iOS – There are apps to spy on whatsapp that once installed on the phone become invisible and allow you to read messages, see photos and videos sent and received and all incoming and outgoing calls. Let’s see the best and how to spy on whatsapp for free.

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging platform in the world, used by millions of users in every corner of the planet to have conversations and chat with friends, relatives, partners, work colleagues and so on. Over the years WhatsApp has introduced many improvements to meet the needs of an audience that has become increasingly large. Among the many things on which WhatsApp has intervened there is also security : today the app uses a very advanced encryption system, i.e. end-to-end encryption , which makes it really difficult to capture communications via wireless networks.

However, there are apps that once installed on the phone allow you to spy on WhatsApp by tracking activities remotely : in short, these applications allow you to spy on WhatsApp profiles .

It should be noted that spying on another person’s WhatsApp is lawful only in the case of parental control , i.e. monitoring of the profiles of minor children by parents or of necessity for which explicit consent is required without which the risk of crime. These apps, in fact, block access to certain applications and limit the use of other apps, up to the point of monitoring all the activities carried out on the phone.

Therefore, explicit consent is required if you want to spy on the conversations of your partner (boy and girl), or on an employee’s company cell phone from the employer, or friend.

But what can you do with a Spy app?

In addition to the WhatsApp sniffer function that allows you to intercept and read Whatsapp messages remotely, therefore without the victim’s mobile device being within reach, there are also other features that go even beyond the WhatsApp app:

  • Possibility to read messages in real time, even those deleted on Whatsapp;
  • Keylogger that records everything typed on the WhatsApp keyboard;
  • Monitor private messages on Viber, Skype, Facebook, Instagram SnapChat and many more;
  • Control of sent and received emails;
  • Management of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Reading sent and received SMS messages;
  • Web history;
  • Access to the media library to view photos, videos and documents;
  • GPS position in real time and the most frequented areas with the possibility of Geo-Fencing (feature used in GPS car trackers ).

To obtain these functions, it is necessary to be able to install the spy app on the smartphone of your child or of the person to be monitored via QR Code.

These spy apps all work with both Android and iOS, but some functions on the iPhone require a jailbreak. Furthermore, the app will be hidden and will not be visible among the apps installed on the phone.

Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Now let’s see which are the best apps to spy on WhatsApp and not only that, through a free (limited) trial, they allow us to spy on all the activities that a person does with their mobile phone.


We also talked about mSpy in the article on apps for tracking a cell phone , it has some very interesting features, starting with the fact that it can be used on any device: desktop, of course, but also tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, the real ‘gem’ of mSpy is the security system, which makes the app practically invisible .

After installing it on the device, in fact, this application not only will not appear as an icon, but it will not even be present in the list of installed apps.

But what can you do with mSpy? This app allows you to view a long series of information that refers precisely to the WhatsApp profile you want to spy on, starting with the conversations. And that’s not all, because with mSpy you can keep an eye on various social media activities as well. You will be able to view all this data by accessing the mSpy control panel via browser, here you will find a demo dashboard that shows you what you can see and how the data is displayed.

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, mSpy has one drawback: root permissions are required to use all its features.

The trial version is free (it lasts 7 days) , while the paid annual plan costs 9.91 euros per month; the monthly plan costs 41.99 euros instead.



Eyezy is another great app for spying on WhatsApp profiles. Thanks to this solution you will be able to obtain complete monitoring of the telephone and digital activities of the people you want to spy on.

What does Eyezy do in detail? The app collects the data from the monitored cell phone and sends it directly to your account, so you can carry out valid remote monitoring.

Eyezy provides you with a number of very interesting features. These include the keylogger, the tool that detects everything that is typed on the keyboard and sends it to your account, but also the tracker to detect the GPS position, Eye on the web that checks the browsing history and much more.

Eyezy, which works on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, costs 39.99 euros per month: however, if you decide for the annual plan you will pay 8.99 euros per month for 12 months, while with the quarterly plan the expense is 23.99 euros per month.

Even with Eyezy you can take advantage of a free trial . Just go to the official website and click on the button that says “See it in action”.



The third app to spy on WhatsApp profiles that I want to tell you about in this guide is Cocospy, a really effective application that manages to remain invisible just like mSpy. A great feature, which will make it impossible for the owner of the phone to track this app.

Cocospy features are different and all very interesting: just think that with this app you can view the internet history of the profile you want to spy on, but also social media activity, call monitoring and much more.

The monthly plan costs 39.99 euros, while the quarterly plan costs 59.99 euros; finally, the annual plan costs a total of 99.99 euros.

Unfortunately Cocospy is not available in a free trial format : however, on the site it is possible to view a Demo that will help you get an idea of ​​how the app works.


Spy on Whatsapp for free via Whatsapp Web

Another free way to spy on Whatsapp chats without installing apps or activating subscriptions is to use Whatsapp Web .

To do this, you will need to have access to the Whatsapp app on your child’s or consenting person’s mobile phone, and perform these steps:

  • Open the Whatsapp app to check;
  • Go to Settings > Connected devices;
  • Then click on Connect a device (in this phase it will be necessary to re-enter the unlock code or FaceID to proceed);
  • Now on your PC go to and scan the QR code with the smartphone to check;
  • On Whatsapp Web of your PC all the whatsapp conversations present on the whatsapp account you want to check will be shown.

Remember that from now on, on the spied Whatsapp account, always in Settings > Connected devices, a list of devices (Browser + operating system) that access the Whatsapp account will appear. To remove the association, just tap on the device in the list and then on Disconnect.

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