Best Text Editors for Mac

6 Best Text Editors for Mac in 2023

6 Best Text Editors for Mac in 2023 – Windows users are used to having to write texts either in NotePad++ or bulky Word. In macOS, things are much better with this. The developers have created a whole arsenal of text editors for different tasks. I’m talking about my favorite editors. Functionality and convenience guaranteed! 

6 Best Text Editors for Mac in 2023


This is what the editor itself looks like with the finished text Flagship among text editors for macOS. It has a fantastic set of features built into it for anyone whose profession is in any way related to writing texts. It can:

  • Write texts with extended support for Markdown markup (with comments, code insertions, and other markup features).
  • Sort texts according to predefined characteristics.
  • Export texts to HTML, PDF, DOCX formats.
  • You can set the style for the export.
  • Change the theme to your taste (font color and size, background color, syntax highlighting).

Ulysses has an advanced inspector panel. In it, you can enter keywords for further search of texts in the library. Set goals for writing a certain number of characters and deadlines for submitting work. It also has a separate section for comments – this is a kind of analogue of marginal notes.

Folders and subfolders for sorting text Here we look at how long it will take to read our text, how many characters without spaces you wrote, and so on Here we look at the keyboard shortcuts for editing text

Here we indicate the goals: the number of characters, the deadlines for writing them Ulysses has a mobile companion that is equipped with the same features and instantly syncs with the desktop version of the editor. Both apps are available with the same subscription. In the mobile version, we supplement and edit texts, make sketches

Official website: Ulysses

iA Writer

Formerly exclusive to Apple devices, this hard-to-pronounce editor has recently been made cross-platform. He didn’t get any worse than that. iA Writer is still a kind of golden mean for those who write. It has support for Markdown markup, it’s minimalistic, nice looking, and fast. Of the features worth highlighting:

  • Syntax highlighting (prepositions, adjectives, conjunctions, verbs) in a separate color so that you do not mess with any particular part of speech.
  • Two-window mode of operation, when the editor is displayed in one window, and the text is displayed in the other for printing.
  • The ability to enter hashtags directly into the text, so that you can then sort your articles and notes by them.
  • Smart folders that sort texts according to specified criteria.
  • Convenient mobile application with smart search (search not only by letters, but also by the functions of the program itself).
  • Export of texts to DOCX, PDF and HTML.

You can simultaneously edit text in Markdown and see how it will look when exported to DOCX or PDF Here are some of the options that you can specify when creating smart folders

Official website: iA Writer

VS Code

For programmers, there is also a decent editor. Microsoft’s universal product, built on Electron technology, also works under macOS. Its distinguishing features:

  • Support for third-party plugins to extend functionality.
  • Multi-window mode of work with several documents at once.
  • Syntax highlighting for popular programming languages.

Thanks to plugins, VS Code turns into a real monster that can check texts for stylistic and grammatical errors, export documents to DOCX format (all versions), HTML, MD, PDF or even JPG. This is how the program code in the application is highlighted

Official site: VS Code


A more classic version that claims to be Microsoft Word in the Apple product ecosystem. Word and Pages are similar in many ways. They don’t support Markdown, they work with their own unique format, both are quite “sluggish”. Among the advantages of the editor are:

  • Clear interface. Would you like to insert an image? Drag it below the text. Need a table? Click on the corresponding button in the menu. Need to make text bold? Click on the B button in the inspector on the right. Everything is intuitive.
  • Support for DOCX files. If someone sends you a file in Microsoft format, but there is no corporate office suite on your computer, then Pages will be your salvation.
  • Ability to create visually rich documents. Here you have all sorts of footnotes and figures of all sorts. You can at least make an advertising slide, at least write a dissertation.
  • Free.

This is what the workspace looks like in Pages The program has a bunch of blanks for different documents. Useful for those who constantly struggle with a “clean slate”

Official site: Pages


Editor for those who want to be alone with the text. There are no additional features in Focused. You can type letters in it, it supports Markdown markup, and that’s it. Asceticism at its best. All that remains for the user is to customize the virtual canvas to your taste (choose a dark theme, for example) and start creating pen masterpieces.

This is how the finished text with images looks like This is what the text looks like as you work on it. Here is a small number of parameters that can be changed in the application

Official site: Focused


This is for bloggers. MarsEdit connects directly with popular blogging platforms to solve their main problem. This problem is that they do not have offline clients, and bloggers have to work in inconvenient web interfaces that consume a lot of resources and do not work very stably.

MarsEdit takes all blogs offline, where you can write drafts and then publish them directly from the editor. MarsEdit supports:

  • Editing pure text and text with markup.
  • Working with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad and other platforms that support the AtomPub service.
  • Uploading files directly to the editor, bypassing the browser.
  • The ability to write notes and posts without the Internet and publish them after connecting.
  • Convenient content preview mode.

Blogs and categories are displayed in the left panel, drafts are displayed on the right MarsEdit has a full-fledged editor with the ability to tag and insert images.

Official site: MarsEdit

This concludes our review! I hope you have already found the perfect text editor for you. 

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