Blurry Aesthetic Filters on Instagram

10 Blurry Aesthetic Filters on Instagram – Blur Effect Instagram Story

Blurry Aesthetic Filters on Instagram – Blur Effect Instagram Story: The Instagram blur aesthetic filter can make the photos or videos that you upload on Instagram Story look cooler. Apart from that, this aesthetic blur effect will also give a faint but beautiful impression.

10 Blurry Aesthetic Filters on Instagram

There are many filters or aesthetic blur effects that you can look for on Instagram to support the appearance of IG (Instagram) Stories. To make it easier for you to search for filters , here are 10 recommendations for aesthetic blur effects that are popular and can make your Story look cool and beautiful:

Golden Hour Blur

Golden Hour Blur

The first recommended blur effect is Golden Hour Blur. As the name suggests, this Instagram effect will display the effect of sunlight while at the same time giving a blur or faint touch around photo or video objects.

If you like the concept of golden hour -style photos that are identical to the orange color of the sun, you can use the Golden Hour Blur effect. This effect can also make your shots look aesthetically pleasing thanks to a touch of blur on the edges.

Nero’s Retro

Nero’s Retro

The next Instagram blur aesthetic filter recommendation is Nero’s Retro. Yup , reading the name of the effect, you must have started to imagine the effect of a photo or video from the 90s era.

Not only blurry , your photos or videos will also be filled with white dots like 1990s-style photo prints, you know .

You can use this effect for free or free by visiting the Instagram account @nero_soares or you can also write the name of the Nero’s Retro filter directly in the special filter search field . 

If you want to practice the second method, you have to open one of the saved filters , then select “find another filter “.

So, for those of you who want their Instagram Story to look aesthetic and vintage like the 90s theme, you can save this one filter effect.



Third, there is the Black&White&Blur effect, which belongs to the Instagram account @caroldsillva. If you like the appearance of black and white photos but have a faint touch, you can rely on this aesthetic effect.

However, you need to know that the faint or blurry effect of this filter is not too strong so that the clarity of the photo is still visible. Even so, the black and white tones of this effect will cover up these deficiencies and make the photo look beautiful and aesthetically vague.

Blurred Faced

Blurred Faced by vafilter

A recommendation for an Instagram blur aesthetic filter that is no less interesting is Blurred Faced. As the effect name suggests, Blurred Faced only works for the face. This is one of the most popular aesthetic photo themes.

The aesthetic impression does not only come from the blur effect on the face, but also from the tone or color of the photo which carries a soft theme . Even though the appearance of a color photo will not change, you don’t need to worry because the saturation and contrast levels are also not excessive.

If you want to add Blurred Faced to your favorite filter collection , you can search for it in the search field specifically for filters with the keyword Blurred Faced. Or if you want it easier, you can visit the Instagram account that owns the effect, namely @vafilter.

Blurred Faced is not only suitable for full body photos , but also suitable for selfie type photos . All you have to do is use this effect so that the selfie photos you upload on Instagram Story become more aesthetic or beautiful.

Gaussian Blur V2

Gaussian Blur V2

Effect one is also often used by Instagram users to make photos look aesthetic. Apart from blurring , Gaussian Blur will also give you a touch of tone like golden hour .

This Gaussian Blur filter will give the final touch a vintage look like films from the 1990s. The combination of aesthetics and vintage will of course make your photos even more charming and cool.

You can try this blur aesthetic Instagram filter by visiting the owner’s Instagram account, namely @ozy635. Look for the Gaussian Blur effect in the Instagram account’s filter collection, then open it and select the save option so that it is automatically saved to your Instagram Story.


Dreamy by Laszy777

You can also use this aesthetic Instagram effect belonging to @lazy777 to make your IG Story look even more beautiful. Dreamy is also one of the popular filters and you shouldn’t miss it.

This Dreamy effect will make your photo or video blurry without changing the original color. Because the contrast is brighter, there will be a change in tone or gradation in the results of the photos or videos that you upload on IG Story.

However, you don’t need to worry. This is because changes in tone or gradation will not spoil the beauty, either in photos or videos. Look for the Dreamy effect in the search field, then save if you feel that this effect suits you.

Soft Blur

Soft Blur by herusugiarta

Soft Blur also includes an Instagram blur aesthetic filter that you can use to enhance the appearance of a photo or video in Story. The blur results with this effect are not too sharp, so the image is still quite visible. Then, the orange tone will give an aesthetic touch that is no less good than similar filters .

This one effect is perfect for those of you who don’t want to look too much when using filters . You can save Soft Blur by visiting the owner’s Instagram account named @herusugiarta.

If the creator allows the filter to be saved and used by anyone, then you can immediately save or try it without following the Instagram account.

Conversely, if you find that you cannot save the Soft Blur effect or try it, then you must follow the creator’s Instagram account so you can use his aesthetic effect.

Motion Blur V3

Motion Blur V3

Then there is another Instagram aesthetic effect called Motion Blur V3. This effect will make your Story look beautiful with a touch of motion blur or faint like slow shadows.

Not only photos, the Motion Blur V3 effect is also very suitable for beautifying IG Stories in video form. You can even use other additional features, such as vintage- style photos to eccentric borders .

Visit the Instagram account @its.bams to save and use the Instagram aesthetic Motion Blur V3 filter so that your Story looks even better.

RB No Face

RB No Face

The next recommendation is RB No Face. This is one of the best face blur effects with a touch of dark which adds to the aesthetic impression. You can visit the Instagram account @robertobrendo so you can use the RB No Face effect and complete the collection of aesthetic effects that you saved before.


Black by Kira.yle

Finally, there is Black, which belongs to the Instagram account @kira.yle. Even though the name is Black, this Instagram effect will also make photos or videos blurry . The combination of a black tone with a opaque touch will make your Story look elegant and different from the others.

IG Story Better with Blur Aesthetic Instagram Filter!

Adding effects to photos or videos in Story will make them more interesting and different from others. Therefore, choose the right blur effect to show an aesthetic impression. Come on, try the Instagram filter recommendations above!

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